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  • this thing really hard to sayDatum18.09.2023 05:00
    Thema von GDwood2021 im Forum Wolfblood

    Closing Mu cloud can can really discredit for me.I haven't got married up to now, which come of be wife's son chopped down dead by the other people?That guy makes statements freely without careful t, is getting more beyond the limit."
    Su flies Hong half believe and half doubt:"If the teacher isn't the person of underworld, you can not definitely help me, calculate, I still hurriedly read aloud a meeting to the verse the spot, hear four classes of grade three literature brilliant scholars Lin Heng Li also at.Late could not see a person again."
    "Feed, why is I it the person of underworld that could not help you?We is legal system society the place ground society now, any break the law disorderly Ji of the affairs can not exist, what is up can try to use law to solve.Ha, I this time can figure out to come.Definitely have which bad student want to make track for you, then you aren't willing to promise, does he use illegal means and make you distress and unbearable?Speak, is who, the teacher likes a persuasion in him."
    Su flew Hong to peculiarly see his one eye.Say:"Now that you so want to know, I might as well say, either and went first cafe to sit for a while and drank hot coffee of cup good?"
    "This is that one is good to suggest."
    Toghter come downstairs, on foot arrive in times before the cafe of four eye places.Ordered two cup khaki promise, Su flies Hong to mix blend thick black liquid with the spoon.Say:"The student family that studies at school in mostly very rich, is like Anne in week and closes Mu cloud that kind of after all is minority.Closing Mu cloud to study before is very good, but the class environment wasn't good, so retrogress, afterwards under the Chiu's big strange Cuan Duo, board of directors again cancel we the scholarship system of class, they just more became more bad, I also had no a way change.In fact my the family condition is also very good, father is a Yi benefit to reach a thunder appliance company ground sale manager Bu, the mother is lord in the universal love hospital to cure a doctor, the monthly incomes in every month have the quite a few 10000 pieces, consequently don't worry to eat not sorrow wear, living get carefree."
    Liao learns a soldier to order:"You kid's of course not of this generation know what be called hard homeliness, what be called to struggle a hard working, knew, your family was wrong, so worry, rightness?"
    Su flew Hong to surprisedly see his one eye and said:"Teacher, I discover that you are really intelligent.BE not pretty either you say, the home really has
    Order condition, I are these all very fidgety."
    "Say, speaking the in the mind will be more pleasurable, do the parents want a divorce?"
    "Not yes.My father serves as sale manager Bu of company, the person who get in touch with in the outside is as more as matter, the people of all ways of life almost has no don't know.Sometimes still usually make nuisance for others in the outside, all night don't return, E, pull far, teacher, I have never said the affair of home to the other people, you don't mind?"Su flies Hong settle stop and think, continue to keep on saying:"A few months ago he went to Heng and livinged companies pull business, you also know of, pulled business not is to say, pulled domestic life so in brief, also needed to accompany the guest a person have a meal drink, consume, even still have that service ……in fine the whole can make the customer feel a pleased affair, he will do.I still remember before once, had a customer ground the mother suffered from a strange disease and performed operation an inside body very weak, that customer extremely urgently, my father knew, also made a special trip run several 100 kilometers went to country buy soil living the black bone chicken braised soup for his mother, afterwards that customer moved, heel his label contract ……alas, you saw me be really of, and then pull arrive not know where."
    "Ha ha, Su flies Hong classmate, the peacetime definitely doesn't usually talk with classmate, so just specially have the desire of expression to?Teacher hereafter seeks several individuals to accompany you more to have a chat, discuss heart good."
    "H'm, my father after arriving Heng to living company, the sales manager who knew them accompanied that person to mix several days.Afterwards they invite him to gamble together, my daddy gambles also fierce of, but don't know why to always lose that day.Wager this thing really hard to say, he loses afterwards red eyes, along with take of ten several ten thousand lose everything also even if, incredibly still want back originally, transfer the public funds of company, altogether lose go to 5,000,000 many.My house which have so much money to compensate, seeing the person of company will check down, father is frightened to serve prison term, on doing not do two endlessly, lend usury to compensate debt.But usury which have so easily repay fully of, with interest have already owed 10,000,000 till today many ……"

  • have to me what misunderstandDatum18.09.2023 04:51
    Thema von GDwood2021 im Forum Wolfblood

    Old Liao a foolish:"Listen to who say?, I am excellent one of teacher's ten greatest candidates to wearing teacher Wan's study, do a conflict with bad influence, the underworld has been the object that my deeply bad pain cuts off, some relations all have no."
    "I listen to Fan Xue Ying says of, she says that you mix to open very much on the north city way."
    Old Liao is more foolish:"Fan Xue Ying?She how fabricate these sons without basis is the bad matter of naught falsely?"
    "She listens to receive a soldier to say of, before received a soldier still just outside heel what the big head was blind to mix, afterwards you beat big head elder brother not adult's form, is be not?"Su flies Hong vision brightly shining, be full of expectation.
    Liao learns a soldier to flatly deny and says:"Impossibly, I living to come sincerely small carefully tiny, never provoke what underworld, big head elder brother.Receive a soldier he may be dumped by so-called big head elder brother, the face top and bottom doesn't come, so sought to inferiorly lend, take me to be shield, at the right moment can avoid sneering at of the classmateses."
    Su's flying Hong is disappointment very much, the finger doesn't aware of self ground to wring dress Cape to say:"Are not you really an underworld?That how do you so have a disposition to violence?Is all strange to receive a soldier confused brag, I, I didn't want to be this leader of class."
    "Why?I ain't an underworld you not appropriate leader of class?"
    "?"Su flies Hong to unintentionally speak in the mind words and gives oneself a fright, hurriedly explanation:"Be not be not, I think that you are definitely fierce, the leaf jade tiger so badly also beats however you.Is, I affirmation wants to be earnest be good leader of class of.The teacher sees again."A slip away small run, urgently and in a hurry walk toward the stairs in quick time.
    This Su flies Hong to seem what worry.See her always at ordinary times one vice- cool facial expression, regardless happy worry never to present in the outward appearance.Spoke on the lesson very interesting joke, everyone is smiling, but she is dazing;The lovely pet cat baby whom Chu Xia of the same dormitory keeps died, a few girls cried very sadly, and she is also dazing;The class acquired football league match champion last time, whole class the classmate was several days happy, she still kept being dazing.This girl always likes to hide worry very deeply very deep.
    "Su flies Hong classmate."Liao learns a soldier to hesitate a short moment and call she says:"If you have what annoyed affair, speak probably I can arrange somehow for you, don't become again there are still so many classmates in the class can help yours."
    "True nothing important matter, the teacher didn't want over sensitive."
    "Is it feelings that is subjected to frustrate?Ha ha, isn't my individual's feeling four eyes bad, made an antinomy with classmate?Can't, elder sister head hear that you are among the girl, who dare to ask for you?E, might it not be family reason, the parents fight, can you not have peace of mind study?"Liao learns a soldier to guess each time it's similar, Su flies Hong and then shakes.Just four eyes talk with her, the language takes stammer, the word contains tremolo and said that more than ten minutes didn't say a complete words, oneself finally loses self-confidence and turn round and ran, if make old Liao know, don't lift him well and teach can not.
    Old Liao can not help doubting that he or she judges a mistake, make her make great effort to study as well at this time, like from say for it, Su flying Hong:"Is not the matter that you imagine, this matter you can not help."
    "Say.Speak everyone together three detailed research, ignore what affair, always have the way of solution, you say is be not?"
    "Teacher, you really aren't an underworld, also the person in the incognizant underworld?"
    Liao learns a soldier resolute denial:"Of course not BE, how may I be an underworld, you have to me what misunderstand."
    Su flies Hong to say:"That why you so can fight, I listen to pass Mu cloud say you is what regiment the eldest brother of , afterwards the wife kid all was chopped down to die.Just repent past mistakes school to once be a teacher.Still have, see the vehemence that you walk to talk at ordinary times, being not ordinarily either the teach-book-smith can do come out."
    From beat hooligans and give support, pass Mu cloud more mixs and more opens in the school gradually and often boast the influence of saying he or she with everyone have much big, and then once chopped down a so-and-so person etc. glorious record of events, once then added the oil to teacher Liao's business to add vinegar, the art after integrity processed.Say to receive a soldier to listen to.And receive a soldier is pursuing Fan Xue Ying, 2 people often invite to together play, he and then tell others the story of "the wife ion of teacher Liao spreads", then Su flew Hong to also know.

  • the whole individual looksDatum18.09.2023 04:43
    Thema von GDwood2021 im Forum Wolfblood

    The anti- body jilts a palm, bad ruthlessly take out a jade tiger the face is at the leaf up, "ignore you to proceed from what purpose, arbitrarily trampling character ground the behavior never show me again!The old saving contains speech, the world gentleman father teacher, the teacher's position is a row at the father behind of, teach knowledge, let you learn how to get along with people, you but have no the slightest respect, on the contrary the tool that they consider as to have fun, Lao Tze shows you today what just be called a teacher."
    The leaf jade tiger delivered all of a sudden malicious, raise the feet kick to go to old Liao, long so big he was deeply spoiled by parents, also was never beaten by the elder.
    This the just like is at the authority of rat challenge lion, Liao learns a soldier just a little bit move body to then and lightly avert from, and then give he a record box on the ear.
    Leaf jade tiger once hesitate, charge forward desire to tussle with teacher.
    Is this speed, this posture ability to fight ground to anticipate?Two eye flicker uncertain, don't dare the vision of seeing the other party, body rock, obviously descend dish not that steady be, the shoulders shivers and see take extreme strain.
    Liao learns soldier's palm to press tiny make an effort one Xuan in his top of head, leaf jade tiger immediately and cannot stop and certainly the sub- flat ground turned a turn and got a slap again on the face.
    "Suffer beating but can not strike back, being not painful?The life has no fun, does the life have no target?Is all right, I will make you know that what advanced power is."Liao learns soldier's one feet to trip over he and says:"Is active tomorrow to wear gulf apology, I still can forgive your bad behavior."
    On the face side that plays him the cigarette butt, splashing Mars is hot the face living a pain.Old Liao's hands put into trousers Dou and walk toward the stairs to, and then throw down a words:"Being a men will learn humble, you are too proud, have to be subjected to frustrate."
    Leaf jade tiger again surprised again Nu, soft-voiced way:"Will fight very fantastic?"
    Just went upstairs steps, the figure that saw hide in the corner the ghost ghost 樂樂 , "Su flew Hong classmate, what did you do here?"
    "!The dancing jumped too tiredly, I wanted to listen to the verse read aloud a meeting and hear teacher Mo and teacher Sus all over there."Su flies Hong to lean against a wall to tighten neck to slowly get down the stairs of 1 F to move a step.
    "Just did you see?"
    Su flies a Hong point to nod and immediately after tries very hard to shake head again:"Have no!I what didn't see!The teacher sees again, I descend first go to!"
    "Etc., Su flies Hong classmate, if you just saw, please remember 1:00, respect other people be respect they, don't consider as the simpleton to the other people, everybody has his/her own dignity.Moreover, being on duty will there is the example of leader of class, the masquerade ball sets out very good, this I give public recognition you for five minutes, but behind ground the small episode has a little a problem, never make me know that you also have."Old Liao says that walking the fifth floors to seek is small and blue to fall.
    Su flew Hong to breathe heavily tone, dark Cun:"Definitely right, teacher Liao is an underworld.Don't know as well the Cui government died to have no, could not take care of, going first verse to read aloud will avoid a head, in case according to responsibility the I head top.Just was really surprisingly, incredibly will really dozen Cui government they, Hey Hey, what a suck, always set against with me."
    Hide 2 people's action that turn Cape to silently look about toward the hallway to still depend on on the ground at the stairs ground, the mood just recovered, teacher Liao and then came from the down stairs, the face of that cold Jun almost didn't frighten to death her.
    "Su flies Hong classmate, know you have been aring following me and participated in the whole Gu wears gulf affairs, frightened east window matter hair?See I call leaf the jade tiger and Cui government hurriedly follow behind, to?"Old Liao trembles a leg to say with smile, to top the droop wear Su of head to fly Hong, the whole individual looks to be like the bad guy of flirting the woman of good family.
    Su flies Hong to deny and has to say:"Yes, however ……is Cui government their mastermind, I am to match with for a while."
    ", That for this time only, is remembering you it the leader of class that know?Want to do a model to let the classmates see of, the set oneself up as an example then can stand up a prestige."Old Liao sees her admit on her own initiative, not as so unprogressive as the Cui government, have no excessive pursue:"Their temperament is stupid don't turn, have to use violence first to chase their uniform, hereafter again the feeling of the Xiao, move it with the reason, nature change."

  • the enemy that killDatum18.09.2023 04:27
    Thema von GDwood2021 im Forum Wolfblood

    Descend to the fourth floors, surroundings nobody, Liao's learning a soldier to lie prone is leaning on the wall of hallway to order root smoke, the head doesn't lift as well, " affair of all said with me in detail."
    The Cui government packs crazy make silly, the Nao wears the head ask:"Say what?, To, under the plan of four eye classmates, our victory completed a school to our requests, perfect decoration masquerade ball the spot.Just on the time in entrance, is each teacher full of praise."
    Teacher Liao's voice sounds very icy cold:"Is the leg-pull easy to have fun?Wear the gulf has the enemy that kill the father with you, Duo wife does it hate?"
    The leaf jade tiger tenses the western dress of spreading all over the crease and trembled a leg to grasp to grasp crotch of trousers to say:"Wear teacher and Chiu big strange have enemy, close us what matter?They beat by themselves."
    "Do not think I the schizophrenia has no logic thinking, honesty gives an account process, I forgive you this time."
    Cui government ha ha say with smile:"We what didn't do, how should say?You this not is force good family girl into prostitution?"
    Pa of a , Liao learned soldier's slap to flick in the past, the strength wasn't not lightly heavy, the Cui government immediately changed in to roll a ground of bottle gourd, Wu wear face point the voice shouted:"Teacher Liao hit persons!Everyone come to see quickly, teacher Liao hit persons!"
    Liao learned soldier's one step to step over to hold tight the whole individual of his hair to lift, and then came one big box on the ear, beat the Cui government faint a head to change direction, interjection Ga however, astoundedly looking at old Liao, feel not in the right in the heart, unexpectatively he really descended a malicious hand.
    The leaf jade tiger not and personally witnesses to close the condition that Mu cloud passes water.The true means that hasn't grasped form master, the favour says:"Teacher there are words saying so much.You not afraid do we lodge complaint a board of directors up?Beat°up a student but go against the law!"
    "Educate students not only earnestly kind guide a method, I beat you to have no wrong.Wear gulf since with you have no Yuan have no enemy, and then have no benefits conflict, you are whole he is pure for the sake of the personal joy, the mental state distorts abnormal condition to this, there is no ambition, there is no sympathy.Don't have pity for heart, only for having fun so much.Call you as the Kua drops of the generation still encouraged you on the whole."
    "BE?"The Cui government is hard to support sneer of way:"That you again calculate what?We play ours and close you what matter?Again have no whole arrive you are in the head.Wear gulf, he has only oneself to blame and clamors to resist student bad influence all day long, I let he good lo lo what be called bad influence."
    Liao learns a soldier to deep in sorrowly looking at him:"Thought at first you how much a little bit made progress, had never thought still and originally an appearance.Since grow bad because of, have to bad result.Wore gulf to get mental illness to do obeisance you grant, even if he wants the whole bad influence that cure a student, also similarly for the sake of how are you!"
    "Hey Hey, he is where well, how don't I know at all?"
    "You however living at a better family just, the nothing important can vaunt.If you ground the life is like Anne in week, every day for the sake of three meal Wen Bao but struggle, that you will know that each words that I say are all correct.The first hasn't become the moral qualities of respecting the other people now, will not have a foothold in the society in the future.The second has no cultural knowledge to be used as foundation.Have never also maintained an abundance life ground means, the third, the mental state distorts abnormal condition if still don't rectify quickly, hereafter easily violate law, put in prison oneself."
    The Cui government scolded sentence gutter language:"Dry your Niang!The sky falls down to have me daddy's crest and use wear do you worry?"
    This words just finished saying, Liao learned a soldier to hold tight his hair to once the wall bumped and sent out clear can smell of sound.
    The Cui government is soft to fall down, the nose bottom slowly leaks out a blood.
    Liao learns a soldier to toward his belly and is one feet:"Like, I at enmity with you talk big truth.Although with wear gulf nothing important friendship, expensive at colleague a , also want to make you know to is subjected to the taste that the person bullies.When the Chiu big strange fist falls in wearing a gulf body, whether you feel very satisfactory to stimulate very much?Is too anxious to they Dou do you die me to live to just give up?I tell you, is beaten of the taste also really enjoy!"

  • rises of flower budDatum08.03.2023 05:38
    Thema von GDwood2021 im Forum Wolfblood

    Is straight-tempered on doing not do two coat underwear of taking off for her endlesslies, the hand stretches to the back and unties the back of the brassiere and buttons up, body of Li Xing Hua the complete bareness occur in the moment.If Yuan pure lamb.
    Liao at this time learns a soldier in the mind leaves to appreciate greatly of feeling, permit ice rain with Mu to compare the Huang don't let more and compare with Liu Jing of D too much is as bad as too little, too perfect, good heavens, this absolutely is let a man for of crary body.
    Knead a finger joint, send out to clear and crisply explode to ring, is about to fondle up, Li Xing Hua suddenly asks a way:"Soldier's soldier, have you ever really once liked me?"
    "Good.This problem contains depth, if I say to don't like you how again?Didn't that give to touch?If say to like you, whether connect an underneath can also touch a top together a touch?"
    "Hum!"Li Xing Hua's pouring is a town to quiet down and no longer seem to be so bashful, all since naked meet.Still have what put not to open ground, say:"I ain't this meaning, I want to listen to your sincere talk, are you to still have no girl friend?"
    ……The small girl seem the spring moved, Liao learns a soldier to have no to answer face to face and arrived this situation if say that I have already had girl friend.The person whom I love is a Mu to permit ice rain, the end may become the whole world's none of the last eunuch excessively definitely and very miserably, and at that moment the brains quickly revolves and says with the serious tone of matchless sincerity:"Yes.That's right, you lived my fan.You are thin to settle leisurely of qualities.The fine mind that didn't contend for with a life time, like the look in the eyes of pure water sort in the lake, make me deeply subjugate, but ……"
    "But what?"Once Li Xing Hua change the equanimity in the past days and urgently and urgently ask a way.
    "But I and you the age margin is so old, your family background good, the person is beautiful, there are also so many pursuers, ten thousand ten thousand see not and up me.Often read and, is a heart,such as knife, to mow, from vulgar get ashamed."
    "You how can anyone know did I see not and up you?"Li Xing Hua finishes saying and thinks:"Stupid person, all so, is you it some fellings that all have no?If is to really see not and up you, be give me the whole world, I can't allow you to strip naked ground, either."
    Feels an ice-cold big hand suppress oneself's breast, lightly soft, imitate a Buddha to get an electric shock a sort, a kind of unspeakable and numb and weak feel to flow through heart, that felling is marvellous, stimulate, lifetime have never had, like infant's ages lie among the embracing of mother, safety, warmth, unexpectedly cannot helped but to from nasal cavity hum a , whole body all at tiny tinily shiver.
    She ground the blood accelerate circulation, the adrenaline surges, and the heart is violent to jump about, arouse chest fieriness to rise and fall, almost want to play old Liao's palm to open.
    "Close two Yes, Yue Wang Ye, let at present I am to die also worth."Liao learns soldier's dizziness giddy, and then return to the day of first love, only then the first lover can bring him so strong incitement.
    Straight-tempered hands together up, another hand has already pressed on the zipper of Li Xing Hua's jeans.
    "Do not, don't ……" Li Xing Hua holds tight his hand to say:"Etc., I didn't°yet be mental preparation, can in a couple of days again say?You not is say that plays chest all right?"Under the speech it
    Idea naturally as long as don't touch bottom line, completely allow you to order about.
    "……" She the ground send out very low moan in throat.
    Old Liao has already contained her that is fresh and red and fresh and red, the strong and tough Tu rises of flower bud.
    The doorway rings out a knocking on door of Dong Dong voice at this time, Li Xing Hua frighteneds but rises, pulls a bed sheet cover on the body and nervously calls a way:"Who, is who?"
    "Young lady, the master makes me send dessert beverage to the Gu Ye."Is the voice of maidservant, seem to be with Li Xing Hua to relate to not bad, in addition sentence:"Ascend a medium sea set tonight two sets of fans who broadcast Mu to permit ice rain ground meet meeting, does the young lady want to see?"
    Bring up Mu to permit ice rain four words, just like be a head to sprinkle next ice water to learn Liao a soldier flaming flame of sexual desire to sprinkle to put out.I already promise forever and ice rain love each other and like this and at last derail?Is being regarded as unfaithful to ruler?

  • clothes to touchDatum08.03.2023 05:31
    Thema von GDwood2021 im Forum Wolfblood

    Li Xing Hua ah!1, want to escape but could not take off his control, nine divide frightened medium Wu from hid penny curious, man that place is exactly and how of?Eyes forbid not to live to silently open one thin sew, sees one eye and then and deeply is irritated and immediately explode with rage:"Bad egg have been being fooling me!Wearing so very and basically didn't take off!Kill a person, bad person!"
    Originally Liao learns a soldier to early button up button up, have been being playing with her small and weak mind to say with smile just:"Is all right, since you so hope earnestly me to touch you, that my encouraging be difficult for it to touch for a while like, alas, be like my person of so clean and pure docile incredibly will drive you this Yin child's dissolute woman seduce, does the society still have morals?Do the mankind still have prospect?In the world still has in the future?"
    Li Xing Hua's spirit must almost throw up blood, a foot way:"I ignored you any further!"The Qiao face is tiny to contain thin Nu, Liu Mei pours Shu, and the facial expression is red and very gorgeous to is very good-looking.
    Liao learns a soldier to can not help a fan inebriating and sighs a way:"Star China, you grow really beautiful, don't know which male of marry you, that just true call blessing of cent."
    Li Xing Hua's mind is one Zhan, shut a double eye, proud breast a stand, say:"To touch and then touch quickly give you ten seconds time."
    Old Liao embraces arm before the chest, trembles a leg and occupies vantage points ground to examine her to say all over:"At the beginning say for ten minutes, how cut into ten kinds again?Do you intimidate me?"
    Li Xing Hua's body starts trembling, the forehead drips joss-stick sweat, the breath becomes urgent:"That a minute ……"
    "Ten minutes for ten minutes, which have haggle of, you see the past market buy pork to have who be willing to be lower than 15 pieces to sell to yours?"Old Liao has the last breeze, talking what to carry is in high spirits, like station at world highest point, connect the emperor just mounting the throne's also has no him at the moment mood is so satisfied.
    "I …… the somebody else wasn't pork …… ten minutes ten minutes ……" Li Xing Hua talks to break continuously and continuously, the mood very strain is suffered, anyway touches and then touches, and a minute and ten minutes of differentiation isn't big.While thinking of Liao to learn that time of soldier and melancholy and serious and earnest face, always satisfied contain charming poise, temporarily and unexpectedly mind enchant, rise in the heart a by himself/herself also hard realize of admire greatly.
    Liao learns the Jiao that the soldier looking at that bulges drum drum to stand breast, a round and smooth radius, the dress Jin inside appears the lines of underwear unclearly, canning not helping throat Gu the Long is a , secretly swallowed saliva, the left hand started to hand shoulder, the right hand copies a leg curved, beats her horizontal to start to embrace.The weight is light, probably only more than 90 catties, one meter 68 heights go together with this weight and really call last devil shape.
    Li Xing Hua frighteneds, think old Liao's beastliness greatly delivers and free from tangle eyes try very hard to flounder call way:"Do what, feed, not ability so of!Feed ……"
    Old Liao lightly puts she to the bed and smiles to say:"Since want to touch, stand to touch what mean, come, the little darling doesn't fear, the uncle is painful you."
    The hand and foot is fast, draw back the zipper of coat in being the cartoon long sleeve T-shirt Shan of a pink, drew a small cat pattern of amiability, chase body Lei must tightly, two milk ball very rough seas, up and down rise and fall along with the respiratory frequency.
    Li Xing Hua feels belly a cool, old Liao has already pulled T-shirt Shan to the top, the brassiere that leaves yellow side line small floral pattern pattern of the only that can cover vision.She hurriedly the draw down clothes say:"Do not go, is quasi- to across clothes to touch."
    "I oddness.Can't your eating pork ground time meeting connect pig hair to eat together?At least want to burn the hair clean?OK?"Old Liao's slanting truth is a lot of, take away her hand, still keep drawing back clothes, Li Xing Hua didn't resist again this time.
    Full chest the United States goes to extremity, although acrosses brassiere still can feel that kind of the beauty that is good enough to make people complete prostration to worship, not demand again excessive description, a few ribs that is convex now, flat of lower abdomen.The skin powder is delicate radiant and smooth, a lovely small navel under.The waist is really very thin, not Ying a hold.

  • The leave does trueDatum08.03.2023 04:53
    Thema von GDwood2021 im Forum Wolfblood

    "I industry and thrift economy, carry out a vegetarian food doctrine, also the nothing important isn't right.It is you to pour, stop moving what slanting brains, repay loan quickly is serious."
    "I ……since you have no girl friend, always want to touch the female kid's chest, that I our class ground Huang Yi Fang introduce to how are you?Is that very plump girl just, she usually brings up yours, still just forum in the school up registered a lot of numbered accounts to your vote."
    "Huang Yi Fang is good friends with with you, your unfeeling sacrifice friend, help oneself?Is too mean, say again the so big tonnage of Huang Yi Fang, with I also not the sort go together with."
    If"you since want to touch, she that place enough big, hand good, can not can even satisfy your desire …" Li Xing Hua finish saying this that slightly having a little is cheap and blushes burn like the fire, the family training who accept for more than 10 years finally still keeps putting not to open and turns but says with smile:"Do not talk this, that I make uniform a portrait painting to arrive a debt for you not very good?I now but the winner of gold sunflower prize, still had the painting that the entrepreneur wants to auction off me after personal art exhibition yesterday, result my daddy made me send to him.You guess he at that time how many prices?"
    "Are 50 pieces still 100 pieces?"
    Li Xing Hua digs a small mouth:"Do not despise a somebody else, speak to frighten to death a person, the sale of the autumn will ascend severals together this year white the works of the stone all having no his land price money is so many."
    ", You pour is said to see."
    "Exactly 1,000,000, at that time even the senior clerk and term board directors all stunned.That person look like you also know, also beat to come to grips to shout with you of, the somebody elses all call his vice-president, want to buy that 《the season died with the breeze 》 , afterwards my daddy says to send to him, I Be not willing to, he was also ashamed to want."
    Liao learns a soldier slightly a deliberation then understood, Zhu Xiang that is changing the way try to please himself/herself and probably thought of that that painting is Li Xing Hua and own"the thing pledged love" again afterwards, where dare to also want?"Say so your prestige doubly rises and draw portrait to calculate for me ascend my honor?"
    "Also not is say so, however I ground the painting skill is still worth affirmative of, you say is be not?"
    Liao learns dark Cun of soldier at that time if be not at Li Qing Yuan and education bureau chief the in front was beautiful to talk how many, took a consolation prize to enough steal to smile for you, had what satisfied of, "however at you help to paint and touch your chest among two matters choose a , I still keep choosing the latter, what opinion do you have?"
    "I, I certainly have intention to see!The person being touched isn't you again, can't establishes body place, either the ground want, if is it you that be touched how to do?Say again, so which shames one ……"
    "I am a man, you are a woman, can not use comparative of, that I touch you, you also touch me, doesn't this even off?Come, I let you touch first."Liao learns a soldier to say and then untie blouse ground button, draw back leather belt, to on depending on, bed's a shape that lets people to cut into pieces.
    "Your this dead person, be really of, who want to touch you ah, wear quickly."Li Xing Hua hurriedly makes the face leading the part do not, not dare to see.
    But words said late, mean mean elder brother Bing had already drawn back zipper and peeped out pants and walk on air of say:"How, have never seen, also come over to touch not and quickly?"
    Li Xing Hua Wu lives eyes and calls a way:"Abnormal condition, I just don't !"Seeming feels that he will gather together to come up ground, more think to more is frightened, quickly say:"The somebody else just doesn't touch you, you go away quickly, otherwise I want call."
    "Call and call, you be call break throat don't also use.The persons in the house all know that you are me ground fiance, your father is too anxious to us to early living to him a grandson to embrace."
    "You!Is mean!Know perfectly well a way, we are assumed ……"
    Old Liao this time be get Se very, hippies smiling face's saying:"The leave does true really as well false, take care of how they think.I am taking off pants!Ha ha, really pleasantly cool."
    Li Xing Hua absolutely wants to dig a ground hole hides oneself and closes tightly a pair of eyes and involuntarily present in the brain a Liao learns soldier naked appearance, feels very hard to bear with, powerless, the Nie Ru wears a double, the lips says:"E, E, all right, you wear quickly, I let you touch be."

  • completely neglect a groundDatum24.11.2021 08:53
    Thema von GDwood2021 im Forum Wolfblood

    We see again.See again."The autumn of the leaf stretches hand to want to extrude from the crowd, can those women aren't the arms that hugs him is grasping his collar of dress, the body wants to can not move.
    "Sir, you still have what well hesitant of?Our store is complete with everything.You want what kinds of goods I can find out for you.The Sir is a first time come, I offer a 20% discount for you.Do twice and above and then no longer add another money.How?"
    The autumn of the leaf helplessly sees soar to the fee, this boy nearby of the woman is more.Closely rounding is ram-jam full, who make him long ground of handsome.
    The air suddenly jilts on folding a yarn ticket, those satisfiedly fall in to the leaf similar Fei Fei.
    "Rob money quickly."The fee soars to shout a way.
    Those originally still grasped to solicit customers a ground of women to see ground of ground bill and immediately loosenned to open a hand.Like a swarm of bees run to rob money.
    The autumn of the leaf and fee soar to find out a crevice on the whole, hurriedly to a darkly run in lane son.
    Once walk a narrow street that is dark to combine a companion to have a repeatedly bad bad smell, arrive at a tube son that looks to have some year very much before the building.Soars in the fee of lead under, and then climbed a stairs that declines unbearable feet to trample up to float in the sky for the dust, the voice being getting worse controled a light suddenly clearly suddenly dark, is like the essential lens in the terrible movie.
    "It is here."Fee's soaring to point at 1 has never closed a strict solid room door to say.The host who think of an inside, always brave pack fee had scruples about for having no day soars to talk voices all and can not control feelings seriously for several cents.
    "H'm.Go in."The autumn of the leaf says.
    "The leaf is little-----Still keep working well mental preparation."The fee soars to say.
    "Work well mental preparation?What mean?"The autumn of the leaf asks a way with interrogative look.
    "Hey Hey, the leaf was little to go in and then know."The fee soars open mouth to smile, peep out the tooth of one row pure orderliness.----A see be use black toothpaste in Yunnan.
    The autumn of the leaf is about to push door into of time, from the door sew in spread of the voice let he shakes hands the hand of handle to can not control feelings of a tremble.The action preparing to push door also stopped down and stood on the doorway to quietly listen to.
    "-----The great majority likes a SM female, all at the beginning since the career of tight Fu of.Even can say like this, the childhood has over be bound imagination of female, will appear SM tendency more after becoming adult.The tight Fu passes the tie feeling of giving the body integrity, but satisfies latent stability of slave and the need of the safety.Because normal person is own a freedom, so once drive tight Fu, the person's dignity is deprived, will produce to humiliate naturally or the felling for shaming.This also requests that the tight Fu has to build up at the absolute trust foundation on
    Have the female kid coy voice to spread:"Teacher, we is come out to sell, the customer is also all flowing, sky's knowing those guys is persons are ghosts, how do we trust them?"
    "Leave generation.Be imagine these people into your heart deep place the person who enough believe."A gentle and kind hoarse orotund answer way.
    "I am getting more understand.Thank teacher."The female kid sweetly smiles.
    "Don't mention it."
    Answer to each question successively.Be like of the university teachers and the students like Gao Deng ground problem study.If you will they study ground the contents completely neglect a ground of words.
    "The Fu is most in common usely cotton rope or hemp cordage.It is firm as well as safe.The silk rope can also use.Had better not use electric wire.Several line plait ground the cotton rope easily produce beautifully a rope scar.If don't like that the rope prints a ground of words.Can use a list ground rope.Don't like whitely a cordage.Can choose hemp cordage or dyeing ground silk rope-----"
    "Each rope length is about 7 meters.Growing to bind to reach agreement to open too much is all troublesome.Generally need to prepare 5-6.And bind different part ground the rope is thick thin also different.For example:Loincloth.Whole body tight Fu.Respectively a ground of rope needed is thick thin and then one by one in order let up.Don't wait from the 10-4 mms------These cordages are prepared ground by yourselves by you.The guest comes out to enjoy for a ground of time.It is not likely to still along with take a few cordages."
    "The everyone is differently to the tight Fu ground feeling.Tie up to play with a slave ground private parts will produce shame.

  • have been pressedDatum24.11.2021 08:49
    Thema von GDwood2021 im Forum Wolfblood

    Crazy dog and spider are really two abnormal conditions, at ordinary times no one would like to with their set brigade.They each other is again unpleasant to look at, so all of majority of time is alone activity.
    "I know that you miss early some Luo of winning to fixes.But, also need not seek Nue in front of captain."The camel says."Slowly wait.There is opportunity in the head quarter."
    Is crazy and cold to hum 1, say:"I know that you are just thinking what.But what I wanted above boardly defeats to fix Luo."
    "Ha ha.Up to you.You still keep to harm well now."The Song shrug of the camel doesn't matter Bang.
    Return to oneself simple office, the violet is from the cigarette case of table in draw out a smoke, spark.Then the vomiting of grace is one and other as the butterfly beautifully smoke turn.
    The smoking a ground of women is always a kind of to is decadent and sad to read to the utmost the flavor of world of mortals for person, that ground romantic feeling, and paint the gorgeous nail polish of color clip a high delicate cigarette and allow a cigarette the romantic feeling of combustion is also unusually captivating between each.
    The violet is the master of this aspect, her decadent from inside spread ground.Is decadent and till death, also sexy go to a pole.
    At the smoke curl up, you usually can not see clear her face.So, you can not also recognize her age.20, 30, 40, or a little bit some or younger older.Who know?
    The United States like this has already outstripped the restriction of age.
    While smoking violet.Like to be stunned quietly.What don't think as well.Or say what all is just thinking, but what also record not to live.
    But have some exception today.Don't know what is the row son.The brain inside always starts to present a shadow.
    Or say to is two, can those two shadows in a short while match two to a, in a short while again separate to open, become two equally acquaint with of person.
    They.Why to want to so be like?The violet light tone exclamation way.
    Will just take out the cigarette bud of one mouthful to press the ashtray, the state of mind is fidgety, suddenly didn't even want smokes to take out.
    Can not control feelings of, the right hand Shen arrived underneath in the hip.Where leave a scar formation, drive leaf the autumn is used arrowhead to dig out.
    The original hospital is to can carry on skin transplantation or grow benefit to let with the muscle it recovers, don't know to proceed from what mental state, she unexpectedly refused.
    Probably, she just wants a mark.
    20 year agos didn't get of thing, after 20 years but acquire.Life chance who speak clearly again?
    Think of and leaf the autumn is in the embarrassed scene in the woods.Violet ground body some hot and dries.At that time, he almost touched his own body.
    Is alas, why always think of him?It isn't and loyally to the attitude of feelings so.The violet lightly sighs tone.The time that is about to stand to start, but the doorway rings out to knock on door a voice.
    "Come in."The violet opens to the button that speaks a constitution and says.
    The room door is pushed away, what to come in is the Yan pleasant breeze that has never arrived at her office for a long time.
    On the Yan pleasant breeze face of smile an idea like warm spring breeze, the look in the eyes is fond of on the face Chi of violet of after seeing several eyes, and then fall on the ashtray on the table.See that heap of greater half urn ground cigarette bud, blame and scold of say:"Say an excessive little time.How to take out less some smokes don't listen to?"
    "Do you come to occupy?"The violet title looking at Yan pleasant breeze, the facial expression coolly asks a way.Be like don't hear the words of Yan pleasant breeze concern.
    The inhospitality is also a 1 F protection film.She has already habitually treated any man who approach her with this attitude.However O.K., these years are less and less, now also just only one left Yan pleasant breeze.
    The Yan pleasant breeze is early used to violet the attitude like this isn't angry either, says with a smile:"Can having no the matter not see you?"
    The violet doesn't talk.The way that she doesn't is used to this kind of conversation.
    "Ha ha, is busy for this period of time, have been pressed for time to come over to see you.Today at the right moment passes by, so comes over and sees.Is there time tonight?Have meal together?""Have no time."
    "Ha ha, that next time.Do you know six businesses of occurrence?"The Yan pleasant breeze looking at violet to ask a way.
    "Once hearing is some."The violet simultaneously considers the meaning that he asks words.Simultaneously answer a way.
    The Yan pleasant breeze point nods and asks a way:"Do you have connection with him recently?"
    "Which he?"The violet pretends not to know.
    The Yan pleasant breeze smiled to see her one eye and said:"The autumn of the leaf."
    "Ever since that time after the Xuan Yuan would hunt to get hurt last time, we had never seen."

  • big ground breatherDatum24.11.2021 08:46
    Thema von GDwood2021 im Forum Wolfblood

    After closing the door of office, the leaf autumn connected the telephone of the assistant thunder-storm of president.
    The thunder-storm hears a leaf for autumn from the report family and passionately say:"Leaf's director, you how sometimes does make a phone call for me?I but be overwhelmed by special favor."
    "Your Class can be much taller than me."The autumn of the leaf says with a smile.
    "Hey, I am to give the president the errand-boy.You are different."The thunder-storm words have deep idea ground to say.
    The autumn of the leaf is silent for a while, ask a way:"It is said that ten thousand clear manager Yuns resigned from the company?"
    "Ha ha, isn't a resignation.Drive Tang Dong to kick out." The thunder-storm Hao doesn't conceal of answer a way.
    "Kick out?Isn't he the person whom the president draws together?"The autumn of the leaf asks a way with interrogative look.Be because this reason, the leaf autumn just worry his/her own the game that the plan will can't influence Tang Guo in the upper level.
    "Yes.Before BE.But recent he and then walk the nearestly with Wang Fu Dong.Tang Dong has no good will to this kind of person who bends with the wind, have been worrying how to beat to deliver him.Unexpectedly but someone deliver one photograph of folding-
    "Photograph?What photograph?"Asking of leaf autumn oddness way.
    "Ha ha, photograph ground contents I don't say.However, is one to make Chu Chu's woman deliver.She you should know?Tang Dong after getting hold of those photographs make ten thousand clear cloud get to office.The second day ten thousand clear cloud active delivered to a resignation to Tang Dong."
    The thunder-storm knows some leaves autumn relationship with Tang Guo, so ask words to his ground to have no mental reservation.If he really walks to arrive with Tang Dong together, after, who know that Tang Shi Hui can't be said by him to calculate?
    Chu Chu sends of photograph?He and didn't the bargain of ten thousand clear clouds talk?
    Thunder-storm at there the Luo Luo ground say with smile:"The autumn of the leaf, Tang Dong knows that this matter is what you manipulate in the behind.Always appreciate very much to you.You but sent Tang Dong Yi big gift."
    The leaf autumn is one face wry smile.He at the beginning just wants to pick and get rid of Zhang Zhan's this cancer from the Tang.Very convenient oneself develops a work.The unexpectedly slanting dozen is wearing, but also solves a vexed noble-minded matter son for Tang Guo.
    This is to so-calledly mind act as upon mind some?
    "Again come."The violet looking at to pour on the ground of crazy, apathetically say.
    Is black close fitting fur-lined jacket skin trousers, wrap up the whole body with lovely curve tightly.Wear black to peep out the skin gloves of the back of the hand joint on the hand, this kind of gloves can protect a wrist, the but again can be used a joint to the most cruelty stroke for person.It is a pair of hard skin of head Xue in same blacks on the feet.Wildly body up have already been worn quite a few small hole for Chuo by that nozzle heel of shoe.
    The look in the eyes is apathetic, looking at the inferiority of a ground of top oneself, be like looking at will be sent to slaughter a place to live a pig general, don't take one silk the mankind's feelings.
    The blood that wildly wiped a corner of mouth, stuffy roar a , again climb from the ground, madness of rush toward to pass by to the violet.
    The body of violet also quickly springs up, a beautiful air puts tail, and a feet score goal crazy cheeks.Just again and very heavily dropped into from the man who climbed of ground.The body falls silvery floor at this steel manufacturing ground up, send out the sound of Mao.
    "Did not you grow brain?Homicidal is a kind of technique, only pretty the dint has what use?If you are still so reckless to have no general situation of the words of view.You aren't the opponent that fixs Luo in the blood during a lifetime."Saying of violet voice iciness.The words,such as sharp knife sort, stab medium crazy of heart, let him lie prone the big is on the ground big ground breather.
    "Drag along him to get up."The violet orders a , immediately two people run to come over him to the medical room.
    Camel's lookinging at is similar to be wildly from the ground dragged along to the dead dog and connected to move of energy all have no, ran up to say with a smile:"You this guy's returning is really you to seek dead, whom beat not good, don't want to seek captain.Don't you know that the captain's recent mood isn't very good?"
    "Does this have what relation with you?"It is wildly cold face to say.
    "Hey Hey, I am to concern you.There is seldom a match tacit understanding ground taking to block, if you drive captain to dismantle.I be not again afresh and others team brigade?Change crazy dog and spider are those two abnormal conditions, be not really have no interesting?"

  • director pieceDatum24.11.2021 08:42
    Thema von GDwood2021 im Forum Wolfblood

    Ten thousand clear clouds are wrinkly to knit the brows, say:"A shameless woman just, using can not make so?Do you want a woman?Like, I tomorrow seek ten several 20 for you.All of woman full avenues BE, want ~only rich, what kind of the woman can find out for you.But work?You don't that director's work want?"
    Ten thousand clear cloud sees Zhang Zhan Lian on the hesitant facial expression and continue temptation way:"I am still just fighting for Anne to protect a director for you ground job, don't you want as well?"
    "Does Anne protect a director?Hum, you can contend for lead Xing Tang Di?"Zhang Zhan sneers at.He thinks that ten thousand clear cloud takes words to receive him.
    "At the beginning I stand on Xing Tang's that direction, so not contend for.Now, I relate to with Wang Fu Dong quite good, his promising will emulate to try ground for me.Say again, don't go to adjust you to the business section.Unlike Anne protects one there strong?Wang Fu Dong's son isn't to enter a big business section, if you can make a good relation with him, hereafter still have no woman with the sorrow?"
    Zhang Zhan obviously some ideas move, can again would not like to concede defeat so.The momentary unexpectedly didn't know what.Chu Chu is big of sit in seat of honor from the bed.Also ignore the Rong be slipped down to peep out greater half chest be seen, cold say with a smile:"Hey, does the company measure?What about me?Always have to there is the result of a processing?"
    "You are still a secretary.Is noisy what?"Ten thousand clear cloud stared Chu Chu's one eye and scolded a way.
    "Hey, roar to me?The time that just entered my body said what?Ten thousand clear cloud, I don't care that how you are the company measure.But I want to tell you.I want to be general manager's assistant.Otherwise, I give° your scandals to tremble out.Who don't also want to thoroughly make a living."Relentless the Chu Chu look in the eyes sees come over and scold a way.
    Talk for a ground of time, unexpectedly and nakedly climb from the bed.From the bag in find out a cellular phone, then toward persons, such as oneself and ten thousand clear cloud Zhang Zhan...etc. to take photograph to get up.Prepare to use the evidence that considers as threat.
    Zhang Zhan is going to rob, Chu Chu scream way:"You if the words that dare to rob, I am naked to run to go out now.I see you returning hereafter how to have a face to have a foothold at the Tang."
    Ten thousand clear cloud facial expression a cold, still keep temporarily promising Chu Chu's request first.
    The affair temporarily reached agreement, originally should make all over the place scandal be covered up down.
    Ten thousand clear cloud condition of the injuries are serious.And all harm on the face, about was tantamount to disfigure, so asking for leave didn't go to company.
    Chu's Chu's head breaks a blood.It is also with cuts and bruises all over on the face, equally ask for leave half month.
    Zhang Zhan's pouring is to come to company and continue and go to work, originally is to want to keep a low profile, wait until leaf the autumn rush through and come off stage, while sitting Anne and protecting the position of a director and adjusting high again hard but always feel the atmosphere that Anne protects a department some not in the right sons.
    Whenever he arrives at company, will see a group of employees 35 meet together a together small voice to joke in groups.Their speaking abouts while waiting until him to walk over Ga however.
    Sometimes he and some familiar persons say "hello", although those people are superficially passionate.But the despising of look in the eyes inside is a completely naked earth's surface to appear, root of don't add dissimulation.
    Zhang Zhan is guilty, don't dare to find out to the other people as well.Have to again own confident Li Jun shout oneself ground office.
    Jilt a root the smoke is to Li Jun Yi after, Zhang Zhan asks a way:"Li Jun, what action does the company have recently?"
    "Ha ha, nothing important action."Li Jun beats ha ha say.
    "Li Jun, have what matter you don't deceive me.Do I see all day long those guys being saying what to get together to say small words?"
    Li Jun raised head to sweep Zhang Zhan Yi's eye and said with a smile:"Do not also say what.Be speak some sons."
    "Li Jun.Does your his mama want to fuck off from the Tang?"Zhang Zhan's spirit shouts of scold a way.This guy always at beat for him ha ha, also make him lose patience.
    "Alas!, director piece, you even if the in the mind suppresses to bend, also not ability dynasty I become angry.You girl friend ground matter-----And I am some to relate to also have no?Or I first to you remind of, otherwise, you can catch crafty"Li Jun, your his mama of------Burst-----"The Nu psychological attack of Zhang Zhan Ji, the one mouthful blood sprays on the table.
    Manipulate in the leaf autumn under.Zhang Zhan finally accepts to can not stand the pressure of the language of gossip Fei.Left the Tang.

  • how to torment youDatum24.11.2021 08:38
    Thema von GDwood2021 im Forum Wolfblood

    Being blue can the heart isn't clear why just once had lunch, the leaf autumn took her to drink coffee to this place again.When is only ability and leaf autumn together, she is very happy.
    Drink coffee is also the affair that the lovers should do?
    The whole ideas all put in leaf's autumn body up of blue can the heart see his view often looking at opposite through a transparent showroom, puzzle that the ground asks a way:"What good-looking?How to always see you stretch overdo hope?Want to wait a person?"
    The autumn of the leaf smiles to shake head, closed lightly the Latte of in front and said with a smile:"I am waiting to enjoy a play."
    Enjoy a play?
    Being blue can heart one face is vacant.Took a look to the opposite, which have what good play can see?
    Leaf autumn inconvenience to blue can the heart speak clearly, say nothing but smile, wait until to see two cars come to a stop in the ocean hotel doorway, after there being among them also one being a police car.The autumn of the leaf then squinted Jing to smile.
    The good play is beinging.
    Zhang Zhan really comes to grasp crafty.
    Although he knows so may he ground the future prospects also finished,the affair since has been already got abroad, is pain and sufferings that man can not bear with to cuckold son.
    And be still respected to trust most most by oneself of person to wear on the head.He has a kind to grasp a crazy felling.
    He know that Chu Chu followed an uncle to enter ocean hotel, but didn't know which room they entered.Have no a proper of reason, the hotel isn't likely to provide ground room is to your guest.
    Hesitated along while, still kept being the police's friend to make a phone call in the city bureau for oneself.Full head anyway already green.Throwing a person again is also canned throw where go?
    Zhang Zhan of the hasty Nu psychological attack has already had the kind the meaning for breaking jar to break to fall off at this time.If calm down, probably he will be getup penitence like this.
    But, calm down now those two words to seem to be with him to insulate.And the colleague of the company person that's sympathizing with a commiserative look in the eyes is also the ache that lets his in the mind,such as needle, tie a sort.
    In the name of legal case that the police investigates, and provide friend ground work certificate, stage in the hotel this just provided Chu Chu and ten thousand clear clouds room to them.Good at their default of is a common, not ground president's suite in hotel.Otherwise treat so of honored guest class guest, the hotel is impossibly and so easy and then would like to match with.
    Zhang Zhan and friends arrive at room doorway, Zhang Zhan and friend back a part and come over to match with the attendant that they act to shiver to begin according to rang the door bell of room.
    "Who?"A voice that man watches out for spreads.
    Zhang Zhan's head is red-blooded to up flow out.What he listenned to comes out, this is his uncle's voice.
    "Sir, how are you.I am a staff member from ground in hotel.There is a tenant that say that his thing fell in the room.We come over to seek for a while.Is sorry, bother you."The attendant attitude kindly says.
    "Mama of, this what break a hotel?You early some stems what go to?Don't go now, come again after an hour."Ten thousand clear cloud scolds the ground say a reason.
    "Sir bothers to give allowance.This tenant urgently wears and rushes through an airplane.Would you mind helping to open a door?"
    "Mama of, I say not to go or not.After an hour again come.He rushes through an airplane pass I what matter?"Ten thousand clear cloud opens a room door, want to guard a gate bother their person to kick out.
    The facial expression changes very peculiarly a while while waiting until to see a station at metal gray Zhang Zhan from facial expression in doorway.The time that is about to close the door, but be opened for Chuai by the one feet of Zhang Zhan Di's friend.Hold tight his hands to press he to pour on the ground, scold a way:"Kill a fatty, dare to move the woman of my brothers.See Lao Tze how to torment you."
    Zhang Zhan didn't tell friend and girl friend to open the man of building is his uncle, so the friend just presses he to pour on the ground, and claim to be Lao Tze.
    When Zhang Zhan walked to inside in the room, mouth Zhang Di was huge.
    His girl friend Chu Chu is naked body, the hands are tie~upped in the bedside by the tie, double feet also drive towel to bind together, fill her black underwear in mouth.The hair is in great disorder.Breast and chest other part part sides touch eyes shocking purple red.
    Mama forces, unexpectedly is playing SM.
    Grandmother's ground, with Lao Tze together the time have never worked harder so as well.Thought of this, Zhang Zhan is more burning with anger.Grasp the desk lamp on the table dynasty Chu Chu ground head up hit to pass by.

  • performance of this womanDatum24.11.2021 08:35
    Thema von GDwood2021 im Forum Wolfblood

    After 2 people's feelings stabilizes gradually, Chu Chu puts forward to want into the Tang.This is all who do a part-time job ground dream.Salary the Tang'sly and liberally the welfare treatment is all very well-known outside the industry.
    Certainly, the job advertisement ground is also very strict.If the ability isn't enough, have no enough the person who measures introduce for you, you basically have no an opportunity to enter
    On Zhang Zhan's help, Chu Chu has the wish fulfilled of get into the Tang and became the full-time secretary of ten thousand clear clouds.Original Chu Chu also has no excessive viewpoint, but waits until her to go to for two days.When the vision that sees ten thousand clear clouds always had intention to not intentional ground of hip and the thigh that stares at oneself the occupation set under the skirt, her center of earth thought then an activity to open.
    She is an outstanding dry mold body, own advantage where she is very clear.
    Once while pretending to carry coffee she carelessly sprinkled coffee on ten thousand clear cloud ground bodies, then quickly wiped for him in the past.Ten thousand clear cloud sees she bend body before the chest peep out come of big slice of pure white, the index finger greatly moves, a while hug for her at bosom.
    She pretended to struggle several bottoms, then drive ten thousand clear cloud to picked clean, press to pour large marble table to ascend over there to do.
    After having first time, behind of the business is then in clear and ordered pattern.She in every possible way promises.Ten thousand clear cloud also really enjoys this woman to the alternative incitement that he brings.
    Ten thousand clear clouds and Chu Chu are really to talk the business of cooperation with a customer today, to have time of lunch, the customer has already answered a telephone to leave.Hence 2 people then and alone eat of lunch.
    The satisfied Ai thinks Yin desire.This words aren't indeed as expected false.When 2 people eat satisfied drink enough, red wine that specially urges after feeling function come up, ten thousand clear cloud looking at fine occupation suited to wrap up the next my daughter person to more and more have flavor in front.Hence 2 people then sought hotel in the house nearby and fixed to go to moderate the hormone that floats in the sky inside two human bodies all of a sudden.
    Close a room door, cultured Er Ya Xiang Ge's university teaches of ten thousand clear cloud then and suddenly became an animals.A hug Chu Chu's soft body, then Be crowded to wildly kiss in top in the door she.
    Simultaneously block up the red lips that she takes red wine breathing, the hand also gropes for in her thigh root.Then tear apart her D word pants, by hand point to beat circle at her edge of tide cave.
    Press the truth to speak, occupation set skirt the inside can not wear D son trousers.Because like this and easily walk to expose spring breeze.Can this is ten thousand special request.
    They usually want to make love in the office, and want to pay attention to soon a war soon definitely.When ten thousand clear cloud properties came, the meeting Be a to press Chu Chu on the office desk, bring about skirt and then can stand a gun but go into.Two compare nexter, loincloth more triangle than the other's pants convenience of many.Isn't easy dirty, and also more of sex appeal.
    Ten thousand clear cloud feels that oneself's private parts rises badly, a hold tight Chu Chu's head, her body to across to press.
    Chu Chu knows that he simultaneously unties his pants zipper what mean.Simultaneously raise head charmingly femininely white his one eye, use tip of the tongue slightly strong and tough at him such as iron male root the top added 1 turn and said:"I am your nephew ground woman, you how capable I?"
    Ten thousand clear cloud hears this sentence, the brain inside subterranean heat blood pulls down ground a while dynasty to together flow out.The pubic region is scorching hot, the Jing pass greatly opens and almost gives so to shoot out.
    He likes a this dissolute performance of this woman, that kind of commit incest a ground of pleasant sensation to also make him realize a different feeling each time.
    "I compare with Zhang Zhan who more badly some?"
    "Certainly is you.His have no this trick of yours thick, there is no the enrichment feeling that you come in."Chu Chu one face seriously says.
    "Lascivious woman.Hurry son.Bind a little bit tight son."Ten thousand clear cloud ruthlessly pulls Chu Chu's hair.Her head to own belly according to go.Then that is then whole of be lived for package by a place of damp warmth.

  • ever had goodDatum23.11.2021 03:51
    Thema von GDwood2021 im Forum Wolfblood

    Own bodyguard has already been also held for ransom by them, connected a persons who send secret message to all have no.This time, is really need to let people to cut into pieces.
    6,000 suddenly jumped from the chair.Because his thigh top suddenly drive to put one knife.So the Hao have no omen of, don't interrogate, don't extract confession, got one knife on the thigh.
    Shout oneslef hoarse the ground yell, the body ground ache pluses heart of fear, his spirit soon collapse.
    He can't see, fearing the next knife will appear in own neck or other of important part.
    Is very quick, 6,000 again be from the ground pulled, another time presses on the chair that he just once sat.
    Again is have no omen.6,000 another thighs are again put one knife.
    This time.6,000 because the nerve has been collapsing ground tightly, is getting knife ground for split second.Unexpectedly fainting is past.
    The autumn of the leaf looking at obfuscation not to come to ground 6,000, signaled hint a piece to win to clap him to again be in use to bite a soul ring to him after coming to.
    Six ground men, always should know some outsiders hard understand of secret.
    Start a two ring in a row, the leaf autumn feels a brain if want to blast open generally ache.Spirit Wei Mi, if the body infused a lead sort of heavy.
    "Cast away his avenue up.Wipe off trace, so as not to bring calamity a body.Other persons handle like."Ye Qiu finishes saying, walked to go out.
    After driving to return to the small area doorway that oneself lives, the leaf autumn takes out a cellular phone and dials a shell gram loose telephone.Didn't contact with him for a long time very much, have never thought this time but can use ground he.
    "Feed, is the leaf little, how can have carefree feeling to make a phone call for me?"The shell gram was greatly loose laughter to spread to come over.
    "The gram is loose and have a little the son affair want to measure with your company.Convenience?"
    "The leaf is little to be getting more polite.You make a phone call to come over in person, can I not also immediately rush through to pass by?I at the right moment in the Yan city, does the leaf rare matter order?"The shell gram is loose to modestly say.
    Although the autumn of the leaf is a bit exhausted,thought of 6,000 drive Tong two knives, affirmation will arouse six controversy.Affair early some solution drop just good.
    "Good.After 30 minutes, the Yi tea agency in sky sees."The autumn of the leaf after hanging up the telephone moves car hair again.
    Storm still arrives in advance.
    Yan city the total hospital of first staff, six many people in the come together in a door of operating room
    A few men stand together, silent not language, but smoke one by one.6,000 mothers and aunts put on to fix attention on tears in a side and call down those completely lawless and godlesses have no moral of scoundrel, unexpectedly hurt them pure feeling lovely docile honesty sky have no a ground of baby of top a head of 6,000.
    "There is news that have no?"Wear to fix attention on on a bridge mirror eyes cast away the smoke in the hand as the man of eagle keenness ground up, then a feet trampled up.The Ka Ca Ka Ca makes to ring, even can hear that cigarette bud limb leaving broken up voice.
    The refreshing brand that side hangs to kindly refrain from smoking, but these people obviously didn't obey of meaning.Doctor nurse coming to come and go also all pretend don't see.
    Is all such at any time, everything of all of law and regulation systems is a little part artificial most personses do a ground of tight hoop to curse.Have when you are more linear at them an is above board to punish you of lend.
    "It still is checking.Everyone's noodles all beat to come to grips to shout, there was temporarily no news."A a little younger man answer way.
    "What do those people are a stem to eat?Yan capital city not so greatly order a son place?Till now didn't°yet some news?A group of discards.Six cloud, you know 6,000 recent whom have ever conflicted with?"
    "Brother-in-law, this I not say."Make the ground say, in the mind but some gloat over the disaster of others.He 6,000 don't encounter today's retribution be have ghost.At ordinary times, he again have He Chang ever had good facial expression to us?
    "What mean?"6,000 fathers six medium hall the dark wear a face to ask a way.
    Although six clouds are scared, still small voice explanation way:"6,000------He will go out every day, or many or many of will be in some conflict with others."
    Six one Lengs, ruthlessly staring six cloud is one eye, but no longer talk.His son is what character.He knows.
    "No matter is that the whose is wrong.Should not descend this malicious hand, either.Thus, is tantamount to at stir up us six faces."Is moreover a hasn't been uttering a word a ground of men to say with serious look.

  • ground of answer wayDatum23.11.2021 03:42
    Thema von GDwood2021 im Forum Wolfblood

    6,000 know the Ran background winter night, doesn't dare as well to above boardly snuff out her, can again swallow not next at heart that bad spirit.There is sky and while chewing the fat, the friend speaks of Korean star that a notorious reputation wears Zhao to come to China, at organize the spot that the square reports an activity be in public thrown an urine ground affair.Hence then his in the mind activity opened.
    Winter night of Ran now so fire, if she meets a matter like this, is that it the face that sweep floor?
    He originally didn't think ground what complications of this matter as well and just gave an account that the under charge seeks an individual to sprinkle muck when the Ran label sells a meeting winter night.Make a matter.Make his fame smelly and then become.Unexpectedly the excrement has never thrown Ran the winter night is in the head and on the contrary caused the extensive concern of the medium.
    This time, 6,000 just know that this matter makes big.
    His beginning concerns this matter in person and sent a person to do to depend on small Feng, and ruined to actually put out a vestige.Originally he thinks to at present can't was in Dutch again, the party concerneds all died, who doubt in his head again?
    Opening the bow didn't turn head arrows.The affairs more plays more strong, his heart also less and less Anne.
    He knows an affair if explode bare result.Willing be subjected to a Ran every family clan is afraid of with all strength stroke.And he knows Ran winter night ground elder sister the Ran stars is a severe person.Think this matter thoroughly to put on.
    He originally thinks Wu Da Dun Bao and another a participates in this matter of belong to under also kill off.But by so doing, hopeless situation the person is too many.On the contrary and more will draw the other people's attention.Hence he makes Wu Da Dun Bao and that little star Anne Yu who has grudge winter night with Ran reach statement, if someone investigates them are in the head.They one mouthful affair to undertake down.
    Small star because envy Ran winter night but sprinkle muck, match feeling very much reasonable.Should no one will doubt?
    For preventing their 2 people from breaking an agreement, 6,000 still controled Wu Da Dun Bao and Anne Yu have to get to take life to guard of some things.
    No one is perfect, everybody has blemish.
    After working well these careful and attentive arrangements, 6,000 think this matter couldn't embroiled oneself's body to come up again.But have never thought, he ground the opponent is leaf autumn this kind of can trail and discover other people to remember Haiti abnormal condition.
    The exhaustion scheming ground calculates and finally still keeps exposing invisible.
    On the chair, the leaf's autumn facial expression's dark ground's meeting's in the mind cuts and polishes how Yan pleasant breeze this member brave general give to do.
    The words that directly make moves, affirmation is ground in the line not.6,000 uncles have some energy very much in the Yan city.If know oneself give°ed his nephew to do, will bring some otiose loss.
    Can don't do anything at all, the leaf autumns all feel that he or she can't give an account winter night to the Ran.
    She is while paying an emotion toward herself.But whole heartedly.
    The autumn of the leaf shuts eyes, the finger has lightly pounding of the rhythm chair-back, suddenly, the finger stopped down and towarded an outside to shout a way:"You come in."
    Those people whom Zhang Sheng took to just go out again come in and walk to the leaf autumn in front, respectully say:"What order does the eldest brother have?"
    The autumn of the leaf would not like to expose he or she ground identity, he also can shout a leaf the eldest brother for autumn.
    "6,000 bind to come over."The autumn of the leaf says.
    "6,000?Is six that 6,000?"Zhang Sheng 's facial expression is astounded.He early non- incapable person, although can not get into that turn son.But to active at six childe's elder brothers of Yan city 6,000 still have certain understand.Kidnap this person, will undertake what kind of result?
    Although he blindly follows to the leaf autumn and has to again confirm, either this time.
    "It is him.Now."The autumn of the leaf affirms a ground of answer way.
    "Eldest brother, this person's figure is remarkable.Can't the meeting be asked for to bother?"Zhang Sheng gingerly reminds a way.
    "Meeting."The autumn of the leaf affirms ground to say very much."You need to press I to say that the ground does be.Remember, don't expose your identities.Take while coming over, he receive his eyes.I want to walk an one step insurance chess."
    "I am getting more understand."Zhang Sheng answer way."This matter I visit relatives from took person to do."
    Zhang Sheng says, walk to the outside.Be walking and making a phone call to let the nether brothers start finding out 6,000 grounds of figures.

  • applauds of nodDatum23.11.2021 03:38
    Thema von GDwood2021 im Forum Wolfblood

    "You once took place with him what not quick?"The autumn of the leaf says with a smile.
    The telephone there has a short moment of silent, then is a Ran winter night dignified voice, ask a way:"Whether sprinkling the muck affairs is what he directs?"
    The autumn of the leaf wishes, this wench indeed as expected isn't a light of province oil.Looking at ordinary times is silly, meet the time of affair respond to still is really quick.
    "H'm.Just doubt."The autumn of the leaf unclearly says.He can not also make sure that Anne Yu is an end backstage an instigator person now.
    The autumn of the leaf always feels that the affair isn't so simple.So just make a phone call first to understand some circumstances winter night toward the Ran.
    "While taking an advertisement.I once had a cooperation with him.His this person harbors evil designs.I at that time again Be just a small mold especially.He makes physical advances to me.I in public stired up him one box on the ear.Afraid is he from now on the bosom hate in the heart.This man.Return is really a coarse spirit."The Ran exclamation ground says winter night.
    "H'm.It Be getting more understand.Celebrate an achievement.Had news me to call you again."The autumn of the leaf smiled to hang a telephone.
    Wu Da Dun Bao is bound on a chair.Nose the green face is swollen.Corner of mouth still at constantly bloodshed.Eyes extravasated blood.Hear a step voice.Want to open eyes very diligently.But not the ability is fulfill a wish.
    "This boy is bound to an empress still overbearingly haughty air.Have to some precepts to him."Zhang Sheng beside explains to say.
    The leaf autumn point nods.Ask a way:"Is depending on the small Feng it you that kills ground?"
    "Who are you ?"Wu Da Dun Bao hears the voice of a stranger, the vigilance ground asks a way.
    Flank of baldheaded one box on the ear stir up in the past and scolded a way:"Is calculating of your his mama what things?Also entitle to ask a question?"
    "It is what I kill."Wu Da Dun Bao drive this ground brain Weng Weng the ground ring, a good half-day just answer way.
    Self-ridicule way:This year financial crisis, the farmer wants to earn some money flower to return be really difficulty.Depended on small Feng to want to make money to be killed by oneself, oneself wants to make money but falls such an end.Being also fraught with grim possibilities this time was afraid.
    "Why to kill him?"The autumn of the leaf continues to cross-examine a way.
    "Because the another matter feeling didn't do, but want to want more money."Wu Da Dun Bao says.
    "Do what affair?"
    "When the Ran label sells winter night, sprinkled in the past muck to make her fame smelly."
    The autumn of the leaf squints Jing to say with smile:"Are you bought by Anne Yu?Then direct to depend on small Feng again?"
    "How much does Anne Yu give you?Do you give to depend on small Feng how much again?"The autumn of the leaf suddenly asks a way.
    The detail decides success or failure, because he has a doubt to this result.So want to pass some details to verify his/her own guess.Foolish meeting son Anne Yu pleases come after, again ask him this problem, see if their numbers are to the ground.
    "Anne Yu gives me 300,000.I give to depend on small Feng 200,000.The before the event pays a half.The after the event pays a half.The another matter feeling didn't do, but want to be another 100,000.I different idea, give° him to kill."The answer way of Wu Da Dun Bao.
    The autumn of the leaf no longer asks and once turned face to say to Zhang Sheng :"Tonight, can I ask Anne Yu to come over?"If he is in the ground words in Yan city, should have no problem."Zhang Sheng affirms ground to say.
    The positive confabulation wears, piece the cellular phone for winning rang.
    Zhang Sheng after connecting said a few words smiles to say to the leaf autumn:"Anne Yu just in the villa of oneself Yan city.Our person has already invited he, now just on the road."
    "Do quite goodly."The autumn of the leaf applauds of nod.
    Anne Yu was very quick and then was brought.Bring at the same time of still have a dress Shan not the whole ground of women.The long hair blocks a face, but bare come out of shape but very sex appeal.The chemisette body constantly trembles and returns a companion to have to in whisper cry, it is nervously an appearance to look very.
    Leaf autumn the inquiry ground see past and immediately have younger brother to come up to make collective report a way:"We go to of time, this boy is hugging the romantic air of cheerfulness of this woman.We take her also come back."
    Anne Yu is a handsome boy, long ground of some be like hot idol Pan Wei Pa.Just the lips are weak thin, look like is the person of fickle few righteousness.He one looking at leaf persons,

  • female the in frontDatum23.11.2021 03:33
    Thema von GDwood2021 im Forum Wolfblood

    It is unlucky.How to like to say that the trouble of talk in a dream hasn't changed oneself?
    "Once shout.Still have what sugar sugar elder sister----Anyway I listen to ground not that clear.You still cry a ground of sparse Li Hua that evening ground,----I----I sit on the bedside-----Still wiped for you very tears for a while."Zhang Min Xiao's voice says in case 2 people's dialogue is behind inspected of the military instructor hear.
    "You how early some don't tell me?"Lin Bao Er's big eyes stare ground very round of, the utter darkness ground eye pupil is like a black beading son.
    "My mama says----None of persons who says talk in a dream likes----The other people know----He says talk in a dream.And, I knew your secret----It is afraid that you will blame me."
    Lin Bao Er's big eyes turned to turn and said:"H'm.Is quick, hereafter I if say the words of talk in a dream again, you want to immediately tell me.Still having is spreading to go to."
    "Okay.I know."
    "Lin Bao Er, you and then say what in the whispers ground?Want me to give° the mouth to sew with the needle?"The cold face military instructor of behind drinks to scold a ground of voice to spread.
    "How to scold me each time?"Lin Bao Er injustice ground Du Rang way.Isn't a person of oneself to talk again, did Zhang Min also said?
    Along with the development of science and technology.Network safety day by day is subjected to concern nationally.211 special talented persons this time train a plan be for the sake of the network of the development nation safe talented person, do preparation in the days to come for network war.
    Science and technology is a first productivity, science and technology is also a first fighting strength.If the network fights thoroughly failure ground words, so 1,000,000 battalion without the supervision and conductor of network system, as if a flock of blind person that flees indiscriminately everywhere.Only drive other people ground the gunfire bombard of.
    On recruiting to lose, recruit to lose.This is a modern military, big country disallows to see of miserable sight.
    Aim at China country present condition, and with day the United States and south china sea the nervous situation of etc. ground, 211 special talented persons training plan is put forward by the national security department, soon pass in the military committee.And accept order immediately implementation.
    The talented person this time trains a plan and are different from the sort that the other people think be divided to put after graduating other of each military section, but belong to in the country Anne's subordinate, the set sets up 1 to gather to guard against with attack and integral whole ground special network elite section.But this section will take over the network system of nation and carry to resist foreign enemy a hit of heavy responsibility.Its power will also outstrip some like country Anne, country especially of type ground solid power section.
    The network has no place not at, the power of this section also has no place not at.
    Lin Jia sharply realizes the benefits of my noodles, the Hao doesn't hesitate ground to receive great favors household most loving Lin Bao Er to sent into this talented person to train a plan.
    This is also that Lin Bao Er is so quick and then leaveses the reason in the Yan city.
    Lin Bao Er pulls back Zhang Min as dragging along to kill a dog, still keep being last 3.
    Zhang Min lies prone on the ground, the big big ground breathes heavily spirit, also with sorry and ashamed look to Lin Bao Er's apology:"-Treasure son-all once said----Don't tube-I.I harmed again this time-you."
    "It doesn't matter.Don't have a meal or not."Lin Bao Er craftily sees on all sides, the small voice says:"I there are still two hams in the bag.Return to a 1 of our one person."
    Piece quickly eyes Be immediately bright to get up.Let the fatty don't have a meal.Than Tong she two knives are still suffered.
    Lin Bao Er ground the physical strength want than Zhang Min well ascend many, at the beginning leaf although the autumn hasn't come yet and teach her the true war technique, church she squats down some small techniques that horse and breath vomit Na.These things are easy, but very practical.
    Original Lin Jia still can adapt to the training environment here to Lin Bao Er some worry, from underneath made collective report past data to see, she at these peacetime the otaku who know to sit before computer house female the in front is still very outstanding.Thus they trusted, hereafter competition the superior of first term this special section also many some counters.
    And, she unexpectedly the academic association helped a person.Treasure son.Really grow up.
    Last 3 didn't eat for rice.Lin Bao Er and Zhang mins return to bedroom, pass ground in the room door tightly behind.Lin Bao Er is from the bag in take out a packet to retail.

  • whole body deeplyDatum23.11.2021 03:22
    Thema von GDwood2021 im Forum Wolfblood

    See a leaf come over for autumn, Zhang Sheng faced to come up and said:"The person is dead.Is medium on the head one gun."
    Pointed to point to fall to sit on the part again, the body Se Se dither ground middle age, say:"It is what he discovers first.He comes over to hunt and sees have a car to open to come over, two black dress persons are from the car in lifted a thing to run to come over to cover up.Then he hides in the part and waits until them to after walking far just run to come over to give° the soil to push aside.Unexpectedly is a dead person, hence run to outside run to the mountain."
    "Our person runs into him on the road, cut down for him.Ask to know is what is the row after, and then give°ed him to take back.Unexpectedly return is really this boy.----You see that hat.If not that this hat, I still really recognize not to come out him."
    There is a sored cap by the side of the corpse, and sprinkle winter night toward the Ran the man head of muck up wear of that looks exactly alike.May be those two guys are presumptuous, want to cover up hat and corpse together.Unexpectedly and on the contrary became to prove the evidence of this boy identity.
    The autumn of the leaf squatted down body to see the gun muzzle that the eye depend on small Feng head and said:"See to a circumstance and Be different from we imagine so in brief."
    When get up Shao relentless laceration night sky, Lin Bao Er quickly turns over the bed in body, and at under spread of Zhang Min bedside Chuai two feet, then be like one fat of the rabbit generally hurtled in to wash a Shu.
    After a many months of militarized training, Lin Bao Er more and more has the soldier the manner.But the lovely infant of that face is fatty but have no the least bit drive this tough training to do to turn, still keep sweetly being different from appearance while smiling.There is the small face that the ghost of a military instructor makes the absolute being badly and unexpectedly knead to knead her while rectifying her soldier Zi.
    Made Lin Bao Er is greatly surprised at that time, even was that military instructor all not understand by himself/herself to why will do one action like this.
    Luckily that military instructor is a women, if the words of the male military instructor, will definitely drive with sexually harass class military officer of the criminal charges be sent military tribunal.
    Is 40, Lin Bao Er washes face to brush teeth to complete and runs to wash time between Shus and sees Zhang Min still be whetting Ceng ground to button up armed to take.She is a big fatty, would not° until use very for a long time wrap the baggage to the back on the body each time.There is a some times urgently gathering, Lin Bao Er all accompanies her to be late together.
    "Treasure son, you say, we aren't soldiers again, stem always want to toss about so us?"Zhang Min Ku wears a face to say.
    She although body breadth the body is fat, the looks isn't astonishing,is a black a genius ground computer guest.She at national and red guest net up well-known, be scooped out to take part in to belong to a national security department this time of 211 special talented person training plan.
    "Who say that we weren't soldiers?Wait until this training be over.Would we be assigned to each military section, wasn't a soldier that time?"Lin Bao Er's at the back starts to drag along a shoulder bag for her and be convenient for her to button up up armed take behind.2 people run and then outside run over there to the drill ground.
    Because the piece quickly implicates, 2 people are what the last sets arrive at drill ground.The chilly sea breeze blows to kiss, pitch darkly drill ground up to a tee stand more than 20 figures.These figures are both male and female, but equally young.Owner all the vision firmly see forward square and breathe even, the spot is as silent as a stagnant water.
    The military instructor wears whole body deeply and greenly camouflage.The body outstandingly marks a pole such as one.After orderanying member of team to number off.Loudly drink a way:"Five kilometers are cross-country.Last 3 didn't eat for rice.Prepare.Run."
    It was scathingly clear and crisp words sound to just fall.Stand on the in front ground troops to then and in a twinkling spread out.Lin Bao Er trails a piece quickly hand.Try very hard to sort ground to run forward.
    "Treasure son.Have you ever originally once served as soldier?-How-----How so severe?"Zhang Min just runs several steps to pant noisily.
    She is an admiration very much to Lin Bao Er.They are same period students.Walk into this secret military base together.But Lin Bao Er's earth's surface now but basically Be different from is an egg son of a new soldier.

  • him to wave handDatum23.11.2021 03:16
    Thema von GDwood2021 im Forum Wolfblood

    First is dare with oneself crest Gang, then again puzzling of and president assistant thunder-storm acquaint with.Immediately after is a president to criticize especially, this boy sits rocket connecting and rising six classes.More strange BE, he unexpectedly knows big star Ran winter night, and that woman calls his husband.
    Zhang Zhan's pouring is to don't believe that the Ran really is a wife of leaf autumn winter night, because he once checked the file in leaf autumn, this boy till now is still an end marriage.But, he sees the ground coming out.The Ran looking at a leaf for autumn winter night of the look in the eyes really have much of good will.
    He once heard some hearsays.Say the Ran fairly has the backing winter night.If leaf autumn with her relate to closely, does oneself still have necessity to keep on refusing to budge so with him?
    Let Zhang Zhan immediately go to a leaf and apologize for autumn.He also has some to can not stand.Drill an office, fix to go the uncle who seek oneself has a chat of time, but see uncle and Chu Chu shoulder to shoulder walk to the underground garage.2 people say to smile, relate to abnormality intimate, Hun however don't discover station at not distance ground Zhang Zhan.
    While getting on the car, the uncle has no forerunner to go, but run first to copilot's room to draw back a car door and signals hint to make the Chu Chu forerunner go.Chu Chu charmingly femininely swept uncle's one eye, the Jue wore a bottom to get on the car.At a concealmently angle, the uncle unexpectedly stretched hand on her bottom to clap a----Stand in the corner of Zhang Zhan this 30 degrees can see just.
    Zhang Zhan Di's head is a bit dizzy, he even doubts whether himself/herself sees spend an eye.
    How can and so?
    That man is his/her owns uncle, that woman but own girl friend.What plot do they have?
    It is impossible.Must be oneselfs to think more.The uncle wants chemisette words, what kind of can the woman not get?How can rob oneself ground woman?
    Zhang Zhan in an absent sort of way returns to office and diligently wants to make oneself fall calm.Combine sought more than 100s to open to take off for the their ground behavior of lend.
    "Leaf's director why doesn't go the 16th floors and see?"The Lyu Biao doubt ground asks a way.A few ground Anne protected a director before and occupied to have no matters to all visit relatives from ran to the 16th floors to turn.Because there is president in that floor at, if can be lucky be run into by the president of words, also ability Bo diligence in earnest good impression.
    Can this leaf's director is different, he goes around and inspects each time of time, all beat just on the 15th floor, then backed to return to.Always can't across into the 16th floor one step.
    Company insides' all spreading leaf's director is president Tang's person and see now, be not so return to matter son.
    "Why to want to go the 16th floors?"The autumn of the leaf says with a smile.He knows that Lyu Biao is some kind of good intentionses, remind that he wants to notice and top of the person stay a good impression.
    "1 brigade at, isn't our going up superfluous?"
    "H'm.But ex- several Anne of protect a director to also often go up to turn."What about Lyu Biao opened mouth to smile.He now to leaf autumn but admire sincerely to take orally.
    This Yes really too cow, even the oneself chemisette idols all gave bubble to walk.
    "Leave.Return to."The autumn of the leaf doesn't want to talk more the business concerning Tang Guo and flicks to say.
    In the elevator, the cellular phone of leaf autumn rang.
    The autumn of the leaf stays calm and collecteds the ground connect, in spread the voice that the piece wins:"The leaf is little, find out where boy."
    "H'm?"The autumn of the leaf is inconvenient to ask him is a hopeless situation to live ground and just mean with the voice.
    Indeed as expected, Zhang Sheng is personal Jing person, immediately understand leaf autumn nearby someone, say:"The person is dead."
    "Where?I go over and have a look."The autumn of the leaf says.
    "The south hill path."
    The autumn of the leaf and Lyu Biao after giving an account several voices open car to run over there to the south mountain.When car arrived the south hill path, had a men station to beside towarded him to wave hand.
    The autumn of the leaf comes to a stop the car and asks a way:"What about person?"
    "In the forest."The bare-headed for waving hand respectully says.Although he doesn't know leaf for autumn is what identity, eldest brother gives an account the person of respect again and again, the nature isn't a simple person.
    The autumn of the leaf stops car in the wayside and follows bare-headed to to forest walk together.
    The south mountain doesn't mean a mountain, but one mountain.The mountain peak rises and falls, continuous one.

  • suddenly rings outDatum22.11.2021 08:30
    Thema von GDwood2021 im Forum Wolfblood

    Thank ambition Gao Huan to drop the way of the Tae Kwon Do building on the body and put on bearing of whole body black gram to move.BE about to go out for a ground of time, think of a younger brother to say that boy real strenght quite goodly words, steady rise to see, and then ran to shout severals to relate to a quite good Tae Kwon Do teacher with him.
    Even that is considered as Anne of the treasure of building in the town to bless He to hear that the jollification can see since Korea pleased, also on one's own initiative follow them Be getting paster.
    You not ability because of frightened card arrive don't eat fish.You can not fear to choke, either not to have a meal.The autumn of the leaf although doubt Xie Zhi far and just appear at the door and bought a ticket but would not like to enter a field to go to the movie with girl friend for preparing hand revenge oneself, but when the movie is over, he still pulls blue can the hand of heart came out.
    Those bit parts still really isn't put in the eye by him, he just worries if the person is many he or shes can't protect very blue can heart.
    After that evening listenned to blue can deplore greatly the moan voice of marrow inside, leaf the autumn cant not bear to let again this kindly the female kid bear just a tiny bit injury.
    "Let's return to by bus ?"The autumn of the leaf says with a smile.If canning not ask for is troublesome, the leaf autumn doesn't think as well at blue can the heart in front and others get into nasty fight.
    Don't know what is the row son, leaf autumn now whenever started to beat with others, was always full of in the heart foul atmosphere.The means that deals with a person also more and more of terror cruelty.
    Sometimes he doubts is be subjected to bite a soul ring ground influence, because this thing is uncanny too much.The absorption ground is also that kind of gloomy and brutal spirit.Can have no definite evidence again, also can be a guess.Dismantle it to throw away him and really don't give up.
    Being blue can ground for heart to took a look come road, say:"The autumn of the leaf.Let's walk to return ?Anyway the road isn't far either, take bus much wasted."
    In fact she hopes to be many with leaf the autumn walk, doesn't the lovers once watching cinematic all not walk to return to ground?
    "Go, that walks to return to."The autumn of the leaf nods to say.If the leaf autumn also want to understand, if the their ground target really deals with own, that will give them one life long difficult forget a ground of precept.Otherwise, be their detection can't deal with own of time, may hurt oneself innocently person.
    The autumn of the leaf and blue can heart together the words are few, because of blue can the heart is awkward and shy too much.And the temperament is gentle and soft, so sometimes the leaf autumn feel with her is the best while doing not talk together.This son and winter son are a bit different.
    But even if and so in quiet walk, but the heart feels a matchless sweet.The brain of high-speed operation can also a little bit stop and rest a short while
    The way home wants after Lin Yin Dao, Lin Yin Dao's the left side is an artificial lake, that is the real estate to develop a company for sell the humanities landscape that building dish but artificial construct.Green jade water while just starting the green lotus, the fish drama water, is a beauty very much.Time is getting longer, building dish all sell go to behind.Water not green jade, lotus how all, the fish also died, again no one cleans up, become a ground of ozone smoked sky.
    The left side is recreational square to small scaled citizen, the time in summer usually can see some old people train for physical fitness here.Can now is winter, no one would like to drink northwest breeze in this time.So, this road seems to be some disconsolate.
    The dusky street lamp shines in glory bottom, two silently the shadow be pulled a ground of old long.
    "Two of you stop for me."A men's voice suddenly rings out.
    The autumn of the leaf smiles to turn round.These guys' pouring is to sink ground to live spirit.At behind heel along while.Just dare to jump out till now.
    "Occupy?"The autumn of the leaf turns head to looking at the man who all wears sportswear shape burliness to ask a way.
    "All hand in for me money on your body.Otherwise, rest strange big Ye to move knife."A men towarded a leaf ratio to row the knife of starting the inside for autumn.It is harsh voice to say.
    Being blue can the heart looking at these people with frightened look, the in the mind regrets ground wants to die, why want to let the leaf accompany he or she to walk for autumn?If sit to rent a car to return to where will have these matters
    The autumn of the leaf's pouring is the Leng absolute being with a short moment, originally think these guys come to look for enemy.

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