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have to me what misunderstand

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Old Liao a foolish:"Listen to who say?, I am excellent one of teacher's ten greatest candidates to wearing teacher Wan's study, do a conflict with bad influence, the underworld has been the object that my deeply bad pain cuts off, some relations all have no."
"I listen to Fan Xue Ying says of, she says that you mix to open very much on the north city way."
Old Liao is more foolish:"Fan Xue Ying?She how fabricate these sons without basis is the bad matter of naught falsely?"
"She listens to receive a soldier to say of, before received a soldier still just outside heel what the big head was blind to mix, afterwards you beat big head elder brother not adult's form, is be not?"Su flies Hong vision brightly shining, be full of expectation.
Liao learns a soldier to flatly deny and says:"Impossibly, I living to come sincerely small carefully tiny, never provoke what underworld, big head elder brother.Receive a soldier he may be dumped by so-called big head elder brother, the face top and bottom doesn't come, so sought to inferiorly lend, take me to be shield, at the right moment can avoid sneering at of the classmateses."
Su's flying Hong is disappointment very much, the finger doesn't aware of self ground to wring dress Cape to say:"Are not you really an underworld?That how do you so have a disposition to violence?Is all strange to receive a soldier confused brag, I, I didn't want to be this leader of class."
"Why?I ain't an underworld you not appropriate leader of class?"
"?"Su flies Hong to unintentionally speak in the mind words and gives oneself a fright, hurriedly explanation:"Be not be not, I think that you are definitely fierce, the leaf jade tiger so badly also beats however you.Is, I affirmation wants to be earnest be good leader of class of.The teacher sees again."A slip away small run, urgently and in a hurry walk toward the stairs in quick time.
This Su flies Hong to seem what worry.See her always at ordinary times one vice- cool facial expression, regardless happy worry never to present in the outward appearance.Spoke on the lesson very interesting joke, everyone is smiling, but she is dazing;The lovely pet cat baby whom Chu Xia of the same dormitory keeps died, a few girls cried very sadly, and she is also dazing;The class acquired football league match champion last time, whole class the classmate was several days happy, she still kept being dazing.This girl always likes to hide worry very deeply very deep.
"Su flies Hong classmate."Liao learns a soldier to hesitate a short moment and call she says:"If you have what annoyed affair, speak probably I can arrange somehow for you, don't become again there are still so many classmates in the class can help yours."
"True nothing important matter, the teacher didn't want over sensitive."
"Is it feelings that is subjected to frustrate?Ha ha, isn't my individual's feeling four eyes bad, made an antinomy with classmate?Can't, elder sister head hear that you are among the girl, who dare to ask for you?E, might it not be family reason, the parents fight, can you not have peace of mind study?"Liao learns a soldier to guess each time it's similar, Su flies Hong and then shakes.Just four eyes talk with her, the language takes stammer, the word contains tremolo and said that more than ten minutes didn't say a complete words, oneself finally loses self-confidence and turn round and ran, if make old Liao know, don't lift him well and teach can not.
Old Liao can not help doubting that he or she judges a mistake, make her make great effort to study as well at this time, like from say for it, Su flying Hong:"Is not the matter that you imagine, this matter you can not help."
"Say.Speak everyone together three detailed research, ignore what affair, always have the way of solution, you say is be not?"
"Teacher, you really aren't an underworld, also the person in the incognizant underworld?"
Liao learns a soldier resolute denial:"Of course not BE, how may I be an underworld, you have to me what misunderstand."
Su flies Hong to say:"That why you so can fight, I listen to pass Mu cloud say you is what regiment the eldest brother of , afterwards the wife kid all was chopped down to die.Just repent past mistakes school to once be a teacher.Still have, see the vehemence that you walk to talk at ordinary times, being not ordinarily either the teach-book-smith can do come out."
From beat hooligans and give support, pass Mu cloud more mixs and more opens in the school gradually and often boast the influence of saying he or she with everyone have much big, and then once chopped down a so-and-so person etc. glorious record of events, once then added the oil to teacher Liao's business to add vinegar, the art after integrity processed.Say to receive a soldier to listen to.And receive a soldier is pursuing Fan Xue Ying, 2 people often invite to together play, he and then tell others the story of "the wife ion of teacher Liao spreads", then Su flew Hong to also know.

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