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completely neglect a ground

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We see again.See again."The autumn of the leaf stretches hand to want to extrude from the crowd, can those women aren't the arms that hugs him is grasping his collar of dress, the body wants to can not move.
"Sir, you still have what well hesitant of?Our store is complete with everything.You want what kinds of goods I can find out for you.The Sir is a first time come, I offer a 20% discount for you.Do twice and above and then no longer add another money.How?"
The autumn of the leaf helplessly sees soar to the fee, this boy nearby of the woman is more.Closely rounding is ram-jam full, who make him long ground of handsome.
The air suddenly jilts on folding a yarn ticket, those satisfiedly fall in to the leaf similar Fei Fei.
"Rob money quickly."The fee soars to shout a way.
Those originally still grasped to solicit customers a ground of women to see ground of ground bill and immediately loosenned to open a hand.Like a swarm of bees run to rob money.
The autumn of the leaf and fee soar to find out a crevice on the whole, hurriedly to a darkly run in lane son.
Once walk a narrow street that is dark to combine a companion to have a repeatedly bad bad smell, arrive at a tube son that looks to have some year very much before the building.Soars in the fee of lead under, and then climbed a stairs that declines unbearable feet to trample up to float in the sky for the dust, the voice being getting worse controled a light suddenly clearly suddenly dark, is like the essential lens in the terrible movie.
"It is here."Fee's soaring to point at 1 has never closed a strict solid room door to say.The host who think of an inside, always brave pack fee had scruples about for having no day soars to talk voices all and can not control feelings seriously for several cents.
"H'm.Go in."The autumn of the leaf says.
"The leaf is little-----Still keep working well mental preparation."The fee soars to say.
"Work well mental preparation?What mean?"The autumn of the leaf asks a way with interrogative look.
"Hey Hey, the leaf was little to go in and then know."The fee soars open mouth to smile, peep out the tooth of one row pure orderliness.----A see be use black toothpaste in Yunnan.
The autumn of the leaf is about to push door into of time, from the door sew in spread of the voice let he shakes hands the hand of handle to can not control feelings of a tremble.The action preparing to push door also stopped down and stood on the doorway to quietly listen to.
"-----The great majority likes a SM female, all at the beginning since the career of tight Fu of.Even can say like this, the childhood has over be bound imagination of female, will appear SM tendency more after becoming adult.The tight Fu passes the tie feeling of giving the body integrity, but satisfies latent stability of slave and the need of the safety.Because normal person is own a freedom, so once drive tight Fu, the person's dignity is deprived, will produce to humiliate naturally or the felling for shaming.This also requests that the tight Fu has to build up at the absolute trust foundation on
Have the female kid coy voice to spread:"Teacher, we is come out to sell, the customer is also all flowing, sky's knowing those guys is persons are ghosts, how do we trust them?"
"Leave generation.Be imagine these people into your heart deep place the person who enough believe."A gentle and kind hoarse orotund answer way.
"I am getting more understand.Thank teacher."The female kid sweetly smiles.
"Don't mention it."
Answer to each question successively.Be like of the university teachers and the students like Gao Deng ground problem study.If you will they study ground the contents completely neglect a ground of words.
"The Fu is most in common usely cotton rope or hemp cordage.It is firm as well as safe.The silk rope can also use.Had better not use electric wire.Several line plait ground the cotton rope easily produce beautifully a rope scar.If don't like that the rope prints a ground of words.Can use a list ground rope.Don't like whitely a cordage.Can choose hemp cordage or dyeing ground silk rope-----"
"Each rope length is about 7 meters.Growing to bind to reach agreement to open too much is all troublesome.Generally need to prepare 5-6.And bind different part ground the rope is thick thin also different.For example:Loincloth.Whole body tight Fu.Respectively a ground of rope needed is thick thin and then one by one in order let up.Don't wait from the 10-4 mms------These cordages are prepared ground by yourselves by you.The guest comes out to enjoy for a ground of time.It is not likely to still along with take a few cordages."
"The everyone is differently to the tight Fu ground feeling.Tie up to play with a slave ground private parts will produce shame.

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