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After 2 people's feelings stabilizes gradually, Chu Chu puts forward to want into the Tang.This is all who do a part-time job ground dream.Salary the Tang'sly and liberally the welfare treatment is all very well-known outside the industry.
Certainly, the job advertisement ground is also very strict.If the ability isn't enough, have no enough the person who measures introduce for you, you basically have no an opportunity to enter
On Zhang Zhan's help, Chu Chu has the wish fulfilled of get into the Tang and became the full-time secretary of ten thousand clear clouds.Original Chu Chu also has no excessive viewpoint, but waits until her to go to for two days.When the vision that sees ten thousand clear clouds always had intention to not intentional ground of hip and the thigh that stares at oneself the occupation set under the skirt, her center of earth thought then an activity to open.
She is an outstanding dry mold body, own advantage where she is very clear.
Once while pretending to carry coffee she carelessly sprinkled coffee on ten thousand clear cloud ground bodies, then quickly wiped for him in the past.Ten thousand clear cloud sees she bend body before the chest peep out come of big slice of pure white, the index finger greatly moves, a while hug for her at bosom.
She pretended to struggle several bottoms, then drive ten thousand clear cloud to picked clean, press to pour large marble table to ascend over there to do.
After having first time, behind of the business is then in clear and ordered pattern.She in every possible way promises.Ten thousand clear cloud also really enjoys this woman to the alternative incitement that he brings.
Ten thousand clear clouds and Chu Chu are really to talk the business of cooperation with a customer today, to have time of lunch, the customer has already answered a telephone to leave.Hence 2 people then and alone eat of lunch.
The satisfied Ai thinks Yin desire.This words aren't indeed as expected false.When 2 people eat satisfied drink enough, red wine that specially urges after feeling function come up, ten thousand clear cloud looking at fine occupation suited to wrap up the next my daughter person to more and more have flavor in front.Hence 2 people then sought hotel in the house nearby and fixed to go to moderate the hormone that floats in the sky inside two human bodies all of a sudden.
Close a room door, cultured Er Ya Xiang Ge's university teaches of ten thousand clear cloud then and suddenly became an animals.A hug Chu Chu's soft body, then Be crowded to wildly kiss in top in the door she.
Simultaneously block up the red lips that she takes red wine breathing, the hand also gropes for in her thigh root.Then tear apart her D word pants, by hand point to beat circle at her edge of tide cave.
Press the truth to speak, occupation set skirt the inside can not wear D son trousers.Because like this and easily walk to expose spring breeze.Can this is ten thousand special request.
They usually want to make love in the office, and want to pay attention to soon a war soon definitely.When ten thousand clear cloud properties came, the meeting Be a to press Chu Chu on the office desk, bring about skirt and then can stand a gun but go into.Two compare nexter, loincloth more triangle than the other's pants convenience of many.Isn't easy dirty, and also more of sex appeal.
Ten thousand clear cloud feels that oneself's private parts rises badly, a hold tight Chu Chu's head, her body to across to press.
Chu Chu knows that he simultaneously unties his pants zipper what mean.Simultaneously raise head charmingly femininely white his one eye, use tip of the tongue slightly strong and tough at him such as iron male root the top added 1 turn and said:"I am your nephew ground woman, you how capable I?"
Ten thousand clear cloud hears this sentence, the brain inside subterranean heat blood pulls down ground a while dynasty to together flow out.The pubic region is scorching hot, the Jing pass greatly opens and almost gives so to shoot out.
He likes a this dissolute performance of this woman, that kind of commit incest a ground of pleasant sensation to also make him realize a different feeling each time.
"I compare with Zhang Zhan who more badly some?"
"Certainly is you.His have no this trick of yours thick, there is no the enrichment feeling that you come in."Chu Chu one face seriously says.
"Lascivious woman.Hurry son.Bind a little bit tight son."Ten thousand clear cloud ruthlessly pulls Chu Chu's hair.Her head to own belly according to go.Then that is then whole of be lived for package by a place of damp warmth.

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