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The leave does true

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"I industry and thrift economy, carry out a vegetarian food doctrine, also the nothing important isn't right.It is you to pour, stop moving what slanting brains, repay loan quickly is serious."
"I ……since you have no girl friend, always want to touch the female kid's chest, that I our class ground Huang Yi Fang introduce to how are you?Is that very plump girl just, she usually brings up yours, still just forum in the school up registered a lot of numbered accounts to your vote."
"Huang Yi Fang is good friends with with you, your unfeeling sacrifice friend, help oneself?Is too mean, say again the so big tonnage of Huang Yi Fang, with I also not the sort go together with."
If"you since want to touch, she that place enough big, hand good, can not can even satisfy your desire …" Li Xing Hua finish saying this that slightly having a little is cheap and blushes burn like the fire, the family training who accept for more than 10 years finally still keeps putting not to open and turns but says with smile:"Do not talk this, that I make uniform a portrait painting to arrive a debt for you not very good?I now but the winner of gold sunflower prize, still had the painting that the entrepreneur wants to auction off me after personal art exhibition yesterday, result my daddy made me send to him.You guess he at that time how many prices?"
"Are 50 pieces still 100 pieces?"
Li Xing Hua digs a small mouth:"Do not despise a somebody else, speak to frighten to death a person, the sale of the autumn will ascend severals together this year white the works of the stone all having no his land price money is so many."
", You pour is said to see."
"Exactly 1,000,000, at that time even the senior clerk and term board directors all stunned.That person look like you also know, also beat to come to grips to shout with you of, the somebody elses all call his vice-president, want to buy that 《the season died with the breeze 》 , afterwards my daddy says to send to him, I Be not willing to, he was also ashamed to want."
Liao learns a soldier slightly a deliberation then understood, Zhu Xiang that is changing the way try to please himself/herself and probably thought of that that painting is Li Xing Hua and own"the thing pledged love" again afterwards, where dare to also want?"Say so your prestige doubly rises and draw portrait to calculate for me ascend my honor?"
"Also not is say so, however I ground the painting skill is still worth affirmative of, you say is be not?"
Liao learns dark Cun of soldier at that time if be not at Li Qing Yuan and education bureau chief the in front was beautiful to talk how many, took a consolation prize to enough steal to smile for you, had what satisfied of, "however at you help to paint and touch your chest among two matters choose a , I still keep choosing the latter, what opinion do you have?"
"I, I certainly have intention to see!The person being touched isn't you again, can't establishes body place, either the ground want, if is it you that be touched how to do?Say again, so which shames one ……"
"I am a man, you are a woman, can not use comparative of, that I touch you, you also touch me, doesn't this even off?Come, I let you touch first."Liao learns a soldier to say and then untie blouse ground button, draw back leather belt, to on depending on, bed's a shape that lets people to cut into pieces.
"Your this dead person, be really of, who want to touch you ah, wear quickly."Li Xing Hua hurriedly makes the face leading the part do not, not dare to see.
But words said late, mean mean elder brother Bing had already drawn back zipper and peeped out pants and walk on air of say:"How, have never seen, also come over to touch not and quickly?"
Li Xing Hua Wu lives eyes and calls a way:"Abnormal condition, I just don't !"Seeming feels that he will gather together to come up ground, more think to more is frightened, quickly say:"The somebody else just doesn't touch you, you go away quickly, otherwise I want call."
"Call and call, you be call break throat don't also use.The persons in the house all know that you are me ground fiance, your father is too anxious to us to early living to him a grandson to embrace."
"You!Is mean!Know perfectly well a way, we are assumed ……"
Old Liao this time be get Se very, hippies smiling face's saying:"The leave does true really as well false, take care of how they think.I am taking off pants!Ha ha, really pleasantly cool."
Li Xing Hua absolutely wants to dig a ground hole hides oneself and closes tightly a pair of eyes and involuntarily present in the brain a Liao learns soldier naked appearance, feels very hard to bear with, powerless, the Nie Ru wears a double, the lips says:"E, E, all right, you wear quickly, I let you touch be."

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