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It is unlucky.How to like to say that the trouble of talk in a dream hasn't changed oneself?
"Once shout.Still have what sugar sugar elder sister----Anyway I listen to ground not that clear.You still cry a ground of sparse Li Hua that evening ground,----I----I sit on the bedside-----Still wiped for you very tears for a while."Zhang Min Xiao's voice says in case 2 people's dialogue is behind inspected of the military instructor hear.
"You how early some don't tell me?"Lin Bao Er's big eyes stare ground very round of, the utter darkness ground eye pupil is like a black beading son.
"My mama says----None of persons who says talk in a dream likes----The other people know----He says talk in a dream.And, I knew your secret----It is afraid that you will blame me."
Lin Bao Er's big eyes turned to turn and said:"H'm.Is quick, hereafter I if say the words of talk in a dream again, you want to immediately tell me.Still having is spreading to go to."
"Okay.I know."
"Lin Bao Er, you and then say what in the whispers ground?Want me to give° the mouth to sew with the needle?"The cold face military instructor of behind drinks to scold a ground of voice to spread.
"How to scold me each time?"Lin Bao Er injustice ground Du Rang way.Isn't a person of oneself to talk again, did Zhang Min also said?
Along with the development of science and technology.Network safety day by day is subjected to concern nationally.211 special talented persons this time train a plan be for the sake of the network of the development nation safe talented person, do preparation in the days to come for network war.
Science and technology is a first productivity, science and technology is also a first fighting strength.If the network fights thoroughly failure ground words, so 1,000,000 battalion without the supervision and conductor of network system, as if a flock of blind person that flees indiscriminately everywhere.Only drive other people ground the gunfire bombard of.
On recruiting to lose, recruit to lose.This is a modern military, big country disallows to see of miserable sight.
Aim at China country present condition, and with day the United States and south china sea the nervous situation of etc. ground, 211 special talented persons training plan is put forward by the national security department, soon pass in the military committee.And accept order immediately implementation.
The talented person this time trains a plan and are different from the sort that the other people think be divided to put after graduating other of each military section, but belong to in the country Anne's subordinate, the set sets up 1 to gather to guard against with attack and integral whole ground special network elite section.But this section will take over the network system of nation and carry to resist foreign enemy a hit of heavy responsibility.Its power will also outstrip some like country Anne, country especially of type ground solid power section.
The network has no place not at, the power of this section also has no place not at.
Lin Jia sharply realizes the benefits of my noodles, the Hao doesn't hesitate ground to receive great favors household most loving Lin Bao Er to sent into this talented person to train a plan.
This is also that Lin Bao Er is so quick and then leaveses the reason in the Yan city.
Lin Bao Er pulls back Zhang Min as dragging along to kill a dog, still keep being last 3.
Zhang Min lies prone on the ground, the big big ground breathes heavily spirit, also with sorry and ashamed look to Lin Bao Er's apology:"-Treasure son-all once said----Don't tube-I.I harmed again this time-you."
"It doesn't matter.Don't have a meal or not."Lin Bao Er craftily sees on all sides, the small voice says:"I there are still two hams in the bag.Return to a 1 of our one person."
Piece quickly eyes Be immediately bright to get up.Let the fatty don't have a meal.Than Tong she two knives are still suffered.
Lin Bao Er ground the physical strength want than Zhang Min well ascend many, at the beginning leaf although the autumn hasn't come yet and teach her the true war technique, church she squats down some small techniques that horse and breath vomit Na.These things are easy, but very practical.
Original Lin Jia still can adapt to the training environment here to Lin Bao Er some worry, from underneath made collective report past data to see, she at these peacetime the otaku who know to sit before computer house female the in front is still very outstanding.Thus they trusted, hereafter competition the superior of first term this special section also many some counters.
And, she unexpectedly the academic association helped a person.Treasure son.Really grow up.
Last 3 didn't eat for rice.Lin Bao Er and Zhang mins return to bedroom, pass ground in the room door tightly behind.Lin Bao Er is from the bag in take out a packet to retail.

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