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Own bodyguard has already been also held for ransom by them, connected a persons who send secret message to all have no.This time, is really need to let people to cut into pieces.
6,000 suddenly jumped from the chair.Because his thigh top suddenly drive to put one knife.So the Hao have no omen of, don't interrogate, don't extract confession, got one knife on the thigh.
Shout oneslef hoarse the ground yell, the body ground ache pluses heart of fear, his spirit soon collapse.
He can't see, fearing the next knife will appear in own neck or other of important part.
Is very quick, 6,000 again be from the ground pulled, another time presses on the chair that he just once sat.
Again is have no omen.6,000 another thighs are again put one knife.
This time.6,000 because the nerve has been collapsing ground tightly, is getting knife ground for split second.Unexpectedly fainting is past.
The autumn of the leaf looking at obfuscation not to come to ground 6,000, signaled hint a piece to win to clap him to again be in use to bite a soul ring to him after coming to.
Six ground men, always should know some outsiders hard understand of secret.
Start a two ring in a row, the leaf autumn feels a brain if want to blast open generally ache.Spirit Wei Mi, if the body infused a lead sort of heavy.
"Cast away his avenue up.Wipe off trace, so as not to bring calamity a body.Other persons handle like."Ye Qiu finishes saying, walked to go out.
After driving to return to the small area doorway that oneself lives, the leaf autumn takes out a cellular phone and dials a shell gram loose telephone.Didn't contact with him for a long time very much, have never thought this time but can use ground he.
"Feed, is the leaf little, how can have carefree feeling to make a phone call for me?"The shell gram was greatly loose laughter to spread to come over.
"The gram is loose and have a little the son affair want to measure with your company.Convenience?"
"The leaf is little to be getting more polite.You make a phone call to come over in person, can I not also immediately rush through to pass by?I at the right moment in the Yan city, does the leaf rare matter order?"The shell gram is loose to modestly say.
Although the autumn of the leaf is a bit exhausted,thought of 6,000 drive Tong two knives, affirmation will arouse six controversy.Affair early some solution drop just good.
"Good.After 30 minutes, the Yi tea agency in sky sees."The autumn of the leaf after hanging up the telephone moves car hair again.
Storm still arrives in advance.
Yan city the total hospital of first staff, six many people in the come together in a door of operating room
A few men stand together, silent not language, but smoke one by one.6,000 mothers and aunts put on to fix attention on tears in a side and call down those completely lawless and godlesses have no moral of scoundrel, unexpectedly hurt them pure feeling lovely docile honesty sky have no a ground of baby of top a head of 6,000.
"There is news that have no?"Wear to fix attention on on a bridge mirror eyes cast away the smoke in the hand as the man of eagle keenness ground up, then a feet trampled up.The Ka Ca Ka Ca makes to ring, even can hear that cigarette bud limb leaving broken up voice.
The refreshing brand that side hangs to kindly refrain from smoking, but these people obviously didn't obey of meaning.Doctor nurse coming to come and go also all pretend don't see.
Is all such at any time, everything of all of law and regulation systems is a little part artificial most personses do a ground of tight hoop to curse.Have when you are more linear at them an is above board to punish you of lend.
"It still is checking.Everyone's noodles all beat to come to grips to shout, there was temporarily no news."A a little younger man answer way.
"What do those people are a stem to eat?Yan capital city not so greatly order a son place?Till now didn't°yet some news?A group of discards.Six cloud, you know 6,000 recent whom have ever conflicted with?"
"Brother-in-law, this I not say."Make the ground say, in the mind but some gloat over the disaster of others.He 6,000 don't encounter today's retribution be have ghost.At ordinary times, he again have He Chang ever had good facial expression to us?
"What mean?"6,000 fathers six medium hall the dark wear a face to ask a way.
Although six clouds are scared, still small voice explanation way:"6,000------He will go out every day, or many or many of will be in some conflict with others."
Six one Lengs, ruthlessly staring six cloud is one eye, but no longer talk.His son is what character.He knows.
"No matter is that the whose is wrong.Should not descend this malicious hand, either.Thus, is tantamount to at stir up us six faces."Is moreover a hasn't been uttering a word a ground of men to say with serious look.

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