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Crazy dog and spider are really two abnormal conditions, at ordinary times no one would like to with their set brigade.They each other is again unpleasant to look at, so all of majority of time is alone activity.
"I know that you miss early some Luo of winning to fixes.But, also need not seek Nue in front of captain."The camel says."Slowly wait.There is opportunity in the head quarter."
Is crazy and cold to hum 1, say:"I know that you are just thinking what.But what I wanted above boardly defeats to fix Luo."
"Ha ha.Up to you.You still keep to harm well now."The Song shrug of the camel doesn't matter Bang.
Return to oneself simple office, the violet is from the cigarette case of table in draw out a smoke, spark.Then the vomiting of grace is one and other as the butterfly beautifully smoke turn.
The smoking a ground of women is always a kind of to is decadent and sad to read to the utmost the flavor of world of mortals for person, that ground romantic feeling, and paint the gorgeous nail polish of color clip a high delicate cigarette and allow a cigarette the romantic feeling of combustion is also unusually captivating between each.
The violet is the master of this aspect, her decadent from inside spread ground.Is decadent and till death, also sexy go to a pole.
At the smoke curl up, you usually can not see clear her face.So, you can not also recognize her age.20, 30, 40, or a little bit some or younger older.Who know?
The United States like this has already outstripped the restriction of age.
While smoking violet.Like to be stunned quietly.What don't think as well.Or say what all is just thinking, but what also record not to live.
But have some exception today.Don't know what is the row son.The brain inside always starts to present a shadow.
Or say to is two, can those two shadows in a short while match two to a, in a short while again separate to open, become two equally acquaint with of person.
They.Why to want to so be like?The violet light tone exclamation way.
Will just take out the cigarette bud of one mouthful to press the ashtray, the state of mind is fidgety, suddenly didn't even want smokes to take out.
Can not control feelings of, the right hand Shen arrived underneath in the hip.Where leave a scar formation, drive leaf the autumn is used arrowhead to dig out.
The original hospital is to can carry on skin transplantation or grow benefit to let with the muscle it recovers, don't know to proceed from what mental state, she unexpectedly refused.
Probably, she just wants a mark.
20 year agos didn't get of thing, after 20 years but acquire.Life chance who speak clearly again?
Think of and leaf the autumn is in the embarrassed scene in the woods.Violet ground body some hot and dries.At that time, he almost touched his own body.
Is alas, why always think of him?It isn't and loyally to the attitude of feelings so.The violet lightly sighs tone.The time that is about to stand to start, but the doorway rings out to knock on door a voice.
"Come in."The violet opens to the button that speaks a constitution and says.
The room door is pushed away, what to come in is the Yan pleasant breeze that has never arrived at her office for a long time.
On the Yan pleasant breeze face of smile an idea like warm spring breeze, the look in the eyes is fond of on the face Chi of violet of after seeing several eyes, and then fall on the ashtray on the table.See that heap of greater half urn ground cigarette bud, blame and scold of say:"Say an excessive little time.How to take out less some smokes don't listen to?"
"Do you come to occupy?"The violet title looking at Yan pleasant breeze, the facial expression coolly asks a way.Be like don't hear the words of Yan pleasant breeze concern.
The inhospitality is also a 1 F protection film.She has already habitually treated any man who approach her with this attitude.However O.K., these years are less and less, now also just only one left Yan pleasant breeze.
The Yan pleasant breeze is early used to violet the attitude like this isn't angry either, says with a smile:"Can having no the matter not see you?"
The violet doesn't talk.The way that she doesn't is used to this kind of conversation.
"Ha ha, is busy for this period of time, have been pressed for time to come over to see you.Today at the right moment passes by, so comes over and sees.Is there time tonight?Have meal together?""Have no time."
"Ha ha, that next time.Do you know six businesses of occurrence?"The Yan pleasant breeze looking at violet to ask a way.
"Once hearing is some."The violet simultaneously considers the meaning that he asks words.Simultaneously answer a way.
The Yan pleasant breeze point nods and asks a way:"Do you have connection with him recently?"
"Which he?"The violet pretends not to know.
The Yan pleasant breeze smiled to see her one eye and said:"The autumn of the leaf."
"Ever since that time after the Xuan Yuan would hunt to get hurt last time, we had never seen."

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