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the enemy that kill

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Descend to the fourth floors, surroundings nobody, Liao's learning a soldier to lie prone is leaning on the wall of hallway to order root smoke, the head doesn't lift as well, " affair of all said with me in detail."
The Cui government packs crazy make silly, the Nao wears the head ask:"Say what?, To, under the plan of four eye classmates, our victory completed a school to our requests, perfect decoration masquerade ball the spot.Just on the time in entrance, is each teacher full of praise."
Teacher Liao's voice sounds very icy cold:"Is the leg-pull easy to have fun?Wear the gulf has the enemy that kill the father with you, Duo wife does it hate?"
The leaf jade tiger tenses the western dress of spreading all over the crease and trembled a leg to grasp to grasp crotch of trousers to say:"Wear teacher and Chiu big strange have enemy, close us what matter?They beat by themselves."
"Do not think I the schizophrenia has no logic thinking, honesty gives an account process, I forgive you this time."
Cui government ha ha say with smile:"We what didn't do, how should say?You this not is force good family girl into prostitution?"
Pa of a , Liao learned soldier's slap to flick in the past, the strength wasn't not lightly heavy, the Cui government immediately changed in to roll a ground of bottle gourd, Wu wear face point the voice shouted:"Teacher Liao hit persons!Everyone come to see quickly, teacher Liao hit persons!"
Liao learned soldier's one step to step over to hold tight the whole individual of his hair to lift, and then came one big box on the ear, beat the Cui government faint a head to change direction, interjection Ga however, astoundedly looking at old Liao, feel not in the right in the heart, unexpectatively he really descended a malicious hand.
The leaf jade tiger not and personally witnesses to close the condition that Mu cloud passes water.The true means that hasn't grasped form master, the favour says:"Teacher there are words saying so much.You not afraid do we lodge complaint a board of directors up?Beat°up a student but go against the law!"
"Educate students not only earnestly kind guide a method, I beat you to have no wrong.Wear gulf since with you have no Yuan have no enemy, and then have no benefits conflict, you are whole he is pure for the sake of the personal joy, the mental state distorts abnormal condition to this, there is no ambition, there is no sympathy.Don't have pity for heart, only for having fun so much.Call you as the Kua drops of the generation still encouraged you on the whole."
"BE?"The Cui government is hard to support sneer of way:"That you again calculate what?We play ours and close you what matter?Again have no whole arrive you are in the head.Wear gulf, he has only oneself to blame and clamors to resist student bad influence all day long, I let he good lo lo what be called bad influence."
Liao learns a soldier to deep in sorrowly looking at him:"Thought at first you how much a little bit made progress, had never thought still and originally an appearance.Since grow bad because of, have to bad result.Wore gulf to get mental illness to do obeisance you grant, even if he wants the whole bad influence that cure a student, also similarly for the sake of how are you!"
"Hey Hey, he is where well, how don't I know at all?"
"You however living at a better family just, the nothing important can vaunt.If you ground the life is like Anne in week, every day for the sake of three meal Wen Bao but struggle, that you will know that each words that I say are all correct.The first hasn't become the moral qualities of respecting the other people now, will not have a foothold in the society in the future.The second has no cultural knowledge to be used as foundation.Have never also maintained an abundance life ground means, the third, the mental state distorts abnormal condition if still don't rectify quickly, hereafter easily violate law, put in prison oneself."
The Cui government scolded sentence gutter language:"Dry your Niang!The sky falls down to have me daddy's crest and use wear do you worry?"
This words just finished saying, Liao learned a soldier to hold tight his hair to once the wall bumped and sent out clear can smell of sound.
The Cui government is soft to fall down, the nose bottom slowly leaks out a blood.
Liao learns a soldier to toward his belly and is one feet:"Like, I at enmity with you talk big truth.Although with wear gulf nothing important friendship, expensive at colleague a , also want to make you know to is subjected to the taste that the person bullies.When the Chiu big strange fist falls in wearing a gulf body, whether you feel very satisfactory to stimulate very much?Is too anxious to they Dou do you die me to live to just give up?I tell you, is beaten of the taste also really enjoy!"

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