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rises of flower bud

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Is straight-tempered on doing not do two coat underwear of taking off for her endlesslies, the hand stretches to the back and unties the back of the brassiere and buttons up, body of Li Xing Hua the complete bareness occur in the moment.If Yuan pure lamb.
Liao at this time learns a soldier in the mind leaves to appreciate greatly of feeling, permit ice rain with Mu to compare the Huang don't let more and compare with Liu Jing of D too much is as bad as too little, too perfect, good heavens, this absolutely is let a man for of crary body.
Knead a finger joint, send out to clear and crisply explode to ring, is about to fondle up, Li Xing Hua suddenly asks a way:"Soldier's soldier, have you ever really once liked me?"
"Good.This problem contains depth, if I say to don't like you how again?Didn't that give to touch?If say to like you, whether connect an underneath can also touch a top together a touch?"
"Hum!"Li Xing Hua's pouring is a town to quiet down and no longer seem to be so bashful, all since naked meet.Still have what put not to open ground, say:"I ain't this meaning, I want to listen to your sincere talk, are you to still have no girl friend?"
……The small girl seem the spring moved, Liao learns a soldier to have no to answer face to face and arrived this situation if say that I have already had girl friend.The person whom I love is a Mu to permit ice rain, the end may become the whole world's none of the last eunuch excessively definitely and very miserably, and at that moment the brains quickly revolves and says with the serious tone of matchless sincerity:"Yes.That's right, you lived my fan.You are thin to settle leisurely of qualities.The fine mind that didn't contend for with a life time, like the look in the eyes of pure water sort in the lake, make me deeply subjugate, but ……"
"But what?"Once Li Xing Hua change the equanimity in the past days and urgently and urgently ask a way.
"But I and you the age margin is so old, your family background good, the person is beautiful, there are also so many pursuers, ten thousand ten thousand see not and up me.Often read and, is a heart,such as knife, to mow, from vulgar get ashamed."
"You how can anyone know did I see not and up you?"Li Xing Hua finishes saying and thinks:"Stupid person, all so, is you it some fellings that all have no?If is to really see not and up you, be give me the whole world, I can't allow you to strip naked ground, either."
Feels an ice-cold big hand suppress oneself's breast, lightly soft, imitate a Buddha to get an electric shock a sort, a kind of unspeakable and numb and weak feel to flow through heart, that felling is marvellous, stimulate, lifetime have never had, like infant's ages lie among the embracing of mother, safety, warmth, unexpectedly cannot helped but to from nasal cavity hum a , whole body all at tiny tinily shiver.
She ground the blood accelerate circulation, the adrenaline surges, and the heart is violent to jump about, arouse chest fieriness to rise and fall, almost want to play old Liao's palm to open.
"Close two Yes, Yue Wang Ye, let at present I am to die also worth."Liao learns soldier's dizziness giddy, and then return to the day of first love, only then the first lover can bring him so strong incitement.
Straight-tempered hands together up, another hand has already pressed on the zipper of Li Xing Hua's jeans.
"Do not, don't ……" Li Xing Hua holds tight his hand to say:"Etc., I didn't°yet be mental preparation, can in a couple of days again say?You not is say that plays chest all right?"Under the speech it
Idea naturally as long as don't touch bottom line, completely allow you to order about.
"……" She the ground send out very low moan in throat.
Old Liao has already contained her that is fresh and red and fresh and red, the strong and tough Tu rises of flower bud.
The doorway rings out a knocking on door of Dong Dong voice at this time, Li Xing Hua frighteneds but rises, pulls a bed sheet cover on the body and nervously calls a way:"Who, is who?"
"Young lady, the master makes me send dessert beverage to the Gu Ye."Is the voice of maidservant, seem to be with Li Xing Hua to relate to not bad, in addition sentence:"Ascend a medium sea set tonight two sets of fans who broadcast Mu to permit ice rain ground meet meeting, does the young lady want to see?"
Bring up Mu to permit ice rain four words, just like be a head to sprinkle next ice water to learn Liao a soldier flaming flame of sexual desire to sprinkle to put out.I already promise forever and ice rain love each other and like this and at last derail?Is being regarded as unfaithful to ruler?

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