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this thing really hard to say

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Closing Mu cloud can can really discredit for me.I haven't got married up to now, which come of be wife's son chopped down dead by the other people?That guy makes statements freely without careful t, is getting more beyond the limit."
Su flies Hong half believe and half doubt:"If the teacher isn't the person of underworld, you can not definitely help me, calculate, I still hurriedly read aloud a meeting to the verse the spot, hear four classes of grade three literature brilliant scholars Lin Heng Li also at.Late could not see a person again."
"Feed, why is I it the person of underworld that could not help you?We is legal system society the place ground society now, any break the law disorderly Ji of the affairs can not exist, what is up can try to use law to solve.Ha, I this time can figure out to come.Definitely have which bad student want to make track for you, then you aren't willing to promise, does he use illegal means and make you distress and unbearable?Speak, is who, the teacher likes a persuasion in him."
Su flew Hong to peculiarly see his one eye.Say:"Now that you so want to know, I might as well say, either and went first cafe to sit for a while and drank hot coffee of cup good?"
"This is that one is good to suggest."
Toghter come downstairs, on foot arrive in times before the cafe of four eye places.Ordered two cup khaki promise, Su flies Hong to mix blend thick black liquid with the spoon.Say:"The student family that studies at school in mostly very rich, is like Anne in week and closes Mu cloud that kind of after all is minority.Closing Mu cloud to study before is very good, but the class environment wasn't good, so retrogress, afterwards under the Chiu's big strange Cuan Duo, board of directors again cancel we the scholarship system of class, they just more became more bad, I also had no a way change.In fact my the family condition is also very good, father is a Yi benefit to reach a thunder appliance company ground sale manager Bu, the mother is lord in the universal love hospital to cure a doctor, the monthly incomes in every month have the quite a few 10000 pieces, consequently don't worry to eat not sorrow wear, living get carefree."
Liao learns a soldier to order:"You kid's of course not of this generation know what be called hard homeliness, what be called to struggle a hard working, knew, your family was wrong, so worry, rightness?"
Su flew Hong to surprisedly see his one eye and said:"Teacher, I discover that you are really intelligent.BE not pretty either you say, the home really has
Order condition, I are these all very fidgety."
"Say, speaking the in the mind will be more pleasurable, do the parents want a divorce?"
"Not yes.My father serves as sale manager Bu of company, the person who get in touch with in the outside is as more as matter, the people of all ways of life almost has no don't know.Sometimes still usually make nuisance for others in the outside, all night don't return, E, pull far, teacher, I have never said the affair of home to the other people, you don't mind?"Su flies Hong settle stop and think, continue to keep on saying:"A few months ago he went to Heng and livinged companies pull business, you also know of, pulled business not is to say, pulled domestic life so in brief, also needed to accompany the guest a person have a meal drink, consume, even still have that service ……in fine the whole can make the customer feel a pleased affair, he will do.I still remember before once, had a customer ground the mother suffered from a strange disease and performed operation an inside body very weak, that customer extremely urgently, my father knew, also made a special trip run several 100 kilometers went to country buy soil living the black bone chicken braised soup for his mother, afterwards that customer moved, heel his label contract ……alas, you saw me be really of, and then pull arrive not know where."
"Ha ha, Su flies Hong classmate, the peacetime definitely doesn't usually talk with classmate, so just specially have the desire of expression to?Teacher hereafter seeks several individuals to accompany you more to have a chat, discuss heart good."
"H'm, my father after arriving Heng to living company, the sales manager who knew them accompanied that person to mix several days.Afterwards they invite him to gamble together, my daddy gambles also fierce of, but don't know why to always lose that day.Wager this thing really hard to say, he loses afterwards red eyes, along with take of ten several ten thousand lose everything also even if, incredibly still want back originally, transfer the public funds of company, altogether lose go to 5,000,000 many.My house which have so much money to compensate, seeing the person of company will check down, father is frightened to serve prison term, on doing not do two endlessly, lend usury to compensate debt.But usury which have so easily repay fully of, with interest have already owed 10,000,000 till today many ……"

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