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"You once took place with him what not quick?"The autumn of the leaf says with a smile.
The telephone there has a short moment of silent, then is a Ran winter night dignified voice, ask a way:"Whether sprinkling the muck affairs is what he directs?"
The autumn of the leaf wishes, this wench indeed as expected isn't a light of province oil.Looking at ordinary times is silly, meet the time of affair respond to still is really quick.
"H'm.Just doubt."The autumn of the leaf unclearly says.He can not also make sure that Anne Yu is an end backstage an instigator person now.
The autumn of the leaf always feels that the affair isn't so simple.So just make a phone call first to understand some circumstances winter night toward the Ran.
"While taking an advertisement.I once had a cooperation with him.His this person harbors evil designs.I at that time again Be just a small mold especially.He makes physical advances to me.I in public stired up him one box on the ear.Afraid is he from now on the bosom hate in the heart.This man.Return is really a coarse spirit."The Ran exclamation ground says winter night.
"H'm.It Be getting more understand.Celebrate an achievement.Had news me to call you again."The autumn of the leaf smiled to hang a telephone.
Wu Da Dun Bao is bound on a chair.Nose the green face is swollen.Corner of mouth still at constantly bloodshed.Eyes extravasated blood.Hear a step voice.Want to open eyes very diligently.But not the ability is fulfill a wish.
"This boy is bound to an empress still overbearingly haughty air.Have to some precepts to him."Zhang Sheng beside explains to say.
The leaf autumn point nods.Ask a way:"Is depending on the small Feng it you that kills ground?"
"Who are you ?"Wu Da Dun Bao hears the voice of a stranger, the vigilance ground asks a way.
Flank of baldheaded one box on the ear stir up in the past and scolded a way:"Is calculating of your his mama what things?Also entitle to ask a question?"
"It is what I kill."Wu Da Dun Bao drive this ground brain Weng Weng the ground ring, a good half-day just answer way.
Self-ridicule way:This year financial crisis, the farmer wants to earn some money flower to return be really difficulty.Depended on small Feng to want to make money to be killed by oneself, oneself wants to make money but falls such an end.Being also fraught with grim possibilities this time was afraid.
"Why to kill him?"The autumn of the leaf continues to cross-examine a way.
"Because the another matter feeling didn't do, but want to want more money."Wu Da Dun Bao says.
"Do what affair?"
"When the Ran label sells winter night, sprinkled in the past muck to make her fame smelly."
The autumn of the leaf squints Jing to say with smile:"Are you bought by Anne Yu?Then direct to depend on small Feng again?"
"How much does Anne Yu give you?Do you give to depend on small Feng how much again?"The autumn of the leaf suddenly asks a way.
The detail decides success or failure, because he has a doubt to this result.So want to pass some details to verify his/her own guess.Foolish meeting son Anne Yu pleases come after, again ask him this problem, see if their numbers are to the ground.
"Anne Yu gives me 300,000.I give to depend on small Feng 200,000.The before the event pays a half.The after the event pays a half.The another matter feeling didn't do, but want to be another 100,000.I different idea, give° him to kill."The answer way of Wu Da Dun Bao.
The autumn of the leaf no longer asks and once turned face to say to Zhang Sheng :"Tonight, can I ask Anne Yu to come over?"If he is in the ground words in Yan city, should have no problem."Zhang Sheng affirms ground to say.
The positive confabulation wears, piece the cellular phone for winning rang.
Zhang Sheng after connecting said a few words smiles to say to the leaf autumn:"Anne Yu just in the villa of oneself Yan city.Our person has already invited he, now just on the road."
"Do quite goodly."The autumn of the leaf applauds of nod.
Anne Yu was very quick and then was brought.Bring at the same time of still have a dress Shan not the whole ground of women.The long hair blocks a face, but bare come out of shape but very sex appeal.The chemisette body constantly trembles and returns a companion to have to in whisper cry, it is nervously an appearance to look very.
Leaf autumn the inquiry ground see past and immediately have younger brother to come up to make collective report a way:"We go to of time, this boy is hugging the romantic air of cheerfulness of this woman.We take her also come back."
Anne Yu is a handsome boy, long ground of some be like hot idol Pan Wei Pa.Just the lips are weak thin, look like is the person of fickle few righteousness.He one looking at leaf persons,

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