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6,000 know the Ran background winter night, doesn't dare as well to above boardly snuff out her, can again swallow not next at heart that bad spirit.There is sky and while chewing the fat, the friend speaks of Korean star that a notorious reputation wears Zhao to come to China, at organize the spot that the square reports an activity be in public thrown an urine ground affair.Hence then his in the mind activity opened.
Winter night of Ran now so fire, if she meets a matter like this, is that it the face that sweep floor?
He originally didn't think ground what complications of this matter as well and just gave an account that the under charge seeks an individual to sprinkle muck when the Ran label sells a meeting winter night.Make a matter.Make his fame smelly and then become.Unexpectedly the excrement has never thrown Ran the winter night is in the head and on the contrary caused the extensive concern of the medium.
This time, 6,000 just know that this matter makes big.
His beginning concerns this matter in person and sent a person to do to depend on small Feng, and ruined to actually put out a vestige.Originally he thinks to at present can't was in Dutch again, the party concerneds all died, who doubt in his head again?
Opening the bow didn't turn head arrows.The affairs more plays more strong, his heart also less and less Anne.
He knows an affair if explode bare result.Willing be subjected to a Ran every family clan is afraid of with all strength stroke.And he knows Ran winter night ground elder sister the Ran stars is a severe person.Think this matter thoroughly to put on.
He originally thinks Wu Da Dun Bao and another a participates in this matter of belong to under also kill off.But by so doing, hopeless situation the person is too many.On the contrary and more will draw the other people's attention.Hence he makes Wu Da Dun Bao and that little star Anne Yu who has grudge winter night with Ran reach statement, if someone investigates them are in the head.They one mouthful affair to undertake down.
Small star because envy Ran winter night but sprinkle muck, match feeling very much reasonable.Should no one will doubt?
For preventing their 2 people from breaking an agreement, 6,000 still controled Wu Da Dun Bao and Anne Yu have to get to take life to guard of some things.
No one is perfect, everybody has blemish.
After working well these careful and attentive arrangements, 6,000 think this matter couldn't embroiled oneself's body to come up again.But have never thought, he ground the opponent is leaf autumn this kind of can trail and discover other people to remember Haiti abnormal condition.
The exhaustion scheming ground calculates and finally still keeps exposing invisible.
On the chair, the leaf's autumn facial expression's dark ground's meeting's in the mind cuts and polishes how Yan pleasant breeze this member brave general give to do.
The words that directly make moves, affirmation is ground in the line not.6,000 uncles have some energy very much in the Yan city.If know oneself give°ed his nephew to do, will bring some otiose loss.
Can don't do anything at all, the leaf autumns all feel that he or she can't give an account winter night to the Ran.
She is while paying an emotion toward herself.But whole heartedly.
The autumn of the leaf shuts eyes, the finger has lightly pounding of the rhythm chair-back, suddenly, the finger stopped down and towarded an outside to shout a way:"You come in."
Those people whom Zhang Sheng took to just go out again come in and walk to the leaf autumn in front, respectully say:"What order does the eldest brother have?"
The autumn of the leaf would not like to expose he or she ground identity, he also can shout a leaf the eldest brother for autumn.
"6,000 bind to come over."The autumn of the leaf says.
"6,000?Is six that 6,000?"Zhang Sheng 's facial expression is astounded.He early non- incapable person, although can not get into that turn son.But to active at six childe's elder brothers of Yan city 6,000 still have certain understand.Kidnap this person, will undertake what kind of result?
Although he blindly follows to the leaf autumn and has to again confirm, either this time.
"It is him.Now."The autumn of the leaf affirms a ground of answer way.
"Eldest brother, this person's figure is remarkable.Can't the meeting be asked for to bother?"Zhang Sheng gingerly reminds a way.
"Meeting."The autumn of the leaf affirms ground to say very much."You need to press I to say that the ground does be.Remember, don't expose your identities.Take while coming over, he receive his eyes.I want to walk an one step insurance chess."
"I am getting more understand."Zhang Sheng answer way."This matter I visit relatives from took person to do."
Zhang Sheng says, walk to the outside.Be walking and making a phone call to let the nether brothers start finding out 6,000 grounds of figures.

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