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Three Types of PET Blowing Machine Processes

PET Blowing machine is the process of forming a molten tube (referred to as the parison or preform) of thermoplastic material (polymer or resin) and placing the parison or preform within a mold cavity and inflating the tube with compressed air, to take the shape of the cavity and cool the part before removing from the mold.The world of plastics and manufacturing is multifaceted and quite complex, featuring a large number of different process that can be used to produce plastic items. One of the methods available today is that of blow moulding. Blow moulding is a plastic manufacturing process commonly used to create hollow plastic parts, like liquid containers, plastic drums and storage tanks. Blow moulding enables companies to mass-produce plastic items quickly and effectively.The manufacturing process for blow moulding involves the melting of raw material, which is generally a thermoplastic. Thermoplastics include polyethene, polypropylene and polyvinyl chloride. The thermoplastic used starts off the form of small granules or pellets, which are melted before being formed.Blow Molding ProcessesBlow molding is a manufacturing process that creates hollow plastic parts. There are three unique processes for creating blow molded parts, they include the following:Stretch Blow MoldingThis blow molding process involves the production of hollow objects, such as bottles, having biaxial molecular orientation. Biaxial orientation provides enhanced physical properties, clarity, and gas barrier properties, which are all important in products such as bottles for carbonated beverages.There are two distinct stretch blow molding techniques. In the one-stage process, preforms are injection molded, conditioned to the proper temperature, and blown into containers—all in one continuous process. This technique is most effective in specialty applications, such as wide-mouthed jars, where very high production rates are not a requirement.In the two-stage process, preforms are injection molded, stored for a short period of time (typically 1 to 4 days), and blown into containers using a reheat-blow (RHB) machine. Because of the relatively high cost of molding and RHB equipment, this is the best technique for producing high volume items such as carbonated beverage bottles.Injection blow moldingThe process of injection blow molding (IBM) is used for the production of hollow glass and plastic objects in large quantities. In the IBM process, the polymer is injection molded onto a core pin; then the core pin is rotated to a blow molding station to be inflated and cooled. This is the least-used of the three blow molding processes, and is typically used to make small medical and single serve bottles. The process is divided into three steps: injection, blowing and ejection.The injection blow molding machine is based on an extruder barrel and screw assembly which melts the polymer. The molten polymer is fed into a hot runner manifold where it is injected through nozzles into a heated cavity and core pin. The cavity mold forms the external shape and is clamped around a core rod which forms the internal shape of the preform. The preform consists of a fully formed bottle/jar neck with a thick tube of polymer attached, which will form the body. similar in appearance to a test tube with a threaded neck.The preform mold opens and the core rod is rotated and clamped into the hollow, chilled blow mold. The end of the core rod opens and allows compressed air into the preform, which inflates it to the finished article shape.After a cooling period the blow mold opens and the core rod is rotated to the ejection position. The finished article is stripped off the core rod and as an option can be leak-tested prior to packing. The preform and blow mold can have many cavities, typically three to sixteen depending on the article size and the required output. There are three sets of core rods, which allow concurrent preform injection, blow molding and ejection.Extrusion Blow MoldingThe extrusion blow molding process begins with the conservative extrusion of a parison or tube, using a die like those used for making plastic pipe. The parison is then extruded downward between the two halves of an open blow mold. When the parison reaches the proper length, the mold closes, catching and holding the neck end open and pinching the bottom end closed. A rod-like blow pin is inserted into the neck end of the hot parison to simultaneously form the threaded opening and to inflate the parison inside the mold cavity. After the bottle cools, the mold opens to eject the bottle. The excess plastic is trimmed from the neck and bottom pinch-off areas.Master Packing Co.,Ltd focus on PET Blowing Machine, if you interested in petblowingmachine , please visit PET Blowing Machine Manufacturer

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Insharefurniture Rattan Lounge Set Is Ideal for You

Even if you have a small balcony, deck, or patio, you can still have a beautiful arrangement of patio furniture. Planning how to fit your Rattan Lounge Set into a tight space is a matter of choosing the right number of pieces and opting for space-saving designs. Whether you're creating an outdoor dining area or a place to lounge and relax, here are some small-patio furniture ideas to help you create the perfect arrangement.

Consider Your Weather

Is your weather hot and dry, or do you live near the coast? Does it rain often? All these are important questions to answer before selecting outdoor furniture.

Here's why. Hot, dry conditions can make some wood splinter and crack. Strong winds can send aluminum furniture flying, and wicker will not withstand constant exposure to moisture.

Measure Your Space

Consider how much space you have, and how it is shaped. Is it a long and narrow balcony or a broad and wide deck? Use the area and shape of your balcony, patio or porch to determine the size of your outdoor furniture. Make sure to leave enough space around your furniture to be able to walk comfortably. Apply the same principles for traffic flow that you would use indoors.

For a small space, a bar table set may work better than a regular dining set, because bar tables are narrower, and stools take up less room than chairs. You can also take a look at cafe or bistro tables and chairs as they have a smaller profile.

Determine Where You Will Place Your Furniture

Is your patio or outdoor space exposed to the elements or do you have any overhead covering? Will your furniture rest on soft ground and grass or on a hard surface such as a wooden deck or a paved patio? This helps you choose materials that are a good match for your environment and surroundings.

Do not place soft woods such as pine on a grassy surface and in an exposed area. The moisture from the ground can cause the wood to rot. Moisture can also cause some metals to corrode.

Consider patio umbrellas for shade if you get too much sun.

Decide on Material

What kind of materials do you like for outdoor furniture? The three factors can help you decide are weather, the amount of care required, and how it looks. As mentioned above, your weather plays a big role in determining if a material is ​a good fit. You obviously don't want a material that won't stand up to your weather conditions.

The amount of care that a material needs is also something you want to consider. Some outdoor materials such as aluminum, teak or resin do not need too much care. Wrought iron can last for a really long time and can take heat and moisture.

Resin furniture is also impervious to damp conditions and is available in many different looks and finishes.

Pay Attention to Comfort

You will be using your outdoor furniture to relax, so make it comfortable. Even if your chairs don’t come with cushions, you can buy or make your own cushions and pillows. Just make sure to use good quality outdoor fabric that is fade and mildew resistant. Your pillows will stay looking their best if you store them when you no longer use them outdoors in cooler months.

Chaise lounges, rockers, ​and recliners are also great for relaxing outdoors. Make sure to try out your furniture before you buy it. For stretching out you may also want to look at hammocks and daybeds.

For your complete guide to rattan in all shapes, sizes, and colors including where and how to use Garden Lounge Set successfully be sure to check out

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Tutorial for Beginners Growtopia Building Worlds

A pretty effective way to farm. Say that we are making bricks which are grass+rock. It's better to make a farm. Start by getting a rock and dirt farm ready to make some grass. An important part of farming is to make a farm for every needed ingredient. This is so that if you fail to make a farm, you can make it quicker instead of going through the whole chain.

Now, make sure you have multiple dirt and rock seeds from farming. Continue farming them, but use 1 dirt and 1 rock seed to start your grass farm. Grass farms rarely fail, since grass trees can give around 10 grass each. Now you should have a farm for rock, dirt and grass. Use another rock seed and splice it with grass.

You have gotten a brick tree. Continue this farming technique to succeed.

Rule: Make a farm for every needed ingredient

Now, let's move on to another way of farming.

Use the previous farming technique to get some good Growtopia Items . Say you now have a block of steel. This technique is more risky but will prove more useful.

Pretend you broke your steel tree and got 3 blocks of steel. The reason this is more risky is because there is about a 60% of failure. Break your blocks 1-at-a-time. If you got a steel seed on your last block, try again. If you have extra blocks, build stuff with them. Continue this technique. The longer you use it, the smaller the chance of failure. If you get no steel seeds from you blocks, break your current blocks. After you get more and more blocks of steel, you will have more tries for a seed!

Rule: Plant, Build, might need to break, and repeat(basically)



· Don't be messy

· Get a worldlock before releasing to public

· Don't give untrusted people access

· Don't stalk your visitors

· Don't worldban everyone

This section isn't just about building, but making your world good and a world people like to visit.

To keep them, you need to be entertaining.

· Include parkours:Not too easy, not to hard

· Host giveaways, etc

· Have a shop

Game ideas:

· A secret passage maze

· Parkour

· Spleef

· Boxing--Probably heaven for all the punch-happy people

· Door maze--Lost in rooms with doors

So yeah.

A good builder knows that decoration and pixelart is what's needed to best amuse people.

The key is decoration and materials. There's not much more than

· Adding decoration

· Being prepared in materials and blocks

Don't even try opening a good place up to public without a worldlock. Getting a worldlock is better than wasting gems on small locks--It's unofficial looking and ugly. No one likes looking at a ton of lock borders. And a world full of locks. Seriously. There's a ton of unlocked spots for griefing and escaping.

Keep your world hidden until you have a worldlock.

Now more and more people are playing Growtopia, if you want to learn more information or game methods, please pay attention to igvault, you can also buy Growtopia World Locks from us, is the most secure place to buy and sell MMO game assets. Our proprietary security technology,PlayerGuardian, keeps you, your payments, and your trades protected and private. The protections below are provided to all iGVault buyers.

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How to Use a Washing Machine Motor

The Washing Machine Motor: This electric motor is called universal motor. The universal motor is a type of electric motor that can operate on either AC or DC power. It is a commutated series-wound motor where the stator's field coils are connected in series with the rotor windings through a commutator.

It is often referred to as an AC series motor. The universal motor is very similar to a DC series motor in construction, but is modified slightly to allow the motor to operate properly on AC power. This type of electric motor can operate well on AC because the current in both the field coils and the armature (and the resultant magnetic fields) will alternate (reverse polarity) synchronously with the supply

Washing Machine Motor Tach Coil: In the back side of the motor you can find the tacho coil with we will not use but is good to know if you need to replace it with a spare parts if this one is gonna break.By the name i am guessing that with this component the washing machine controller is sensing the rpm of the motor and it regulates the speed accourding to the faze of the programm.

Washing Machine Motor Specs: Universal motors have high starting torque, can run at high speed, and are lightweight and compact. They are commonly used in portable power tools and equipment, as well as many household appliances. They're also relatively easy to control, electromechanically using tapped coils, or electronically. However, the commutator has brushes that wear, so they are much less often used for equipment that is in continuous use. In addition, partly because of the commutator, universal motors are typically very noisy, both acoustically and electromagnetically.

Universal Motor Wiring Diagram: This picture is from a washing machine motor indesit repurposed in a dc operated motor by watching the original connection we will find that is got 8 pins starting with the tacho coil 8+7 that i showed previously we will not use in this configuration.Moving down 6 is not connected 5+4+3 are the stator connection wich loochs like a single coil with 2 connection and another aditional center tap connection.The last 2+1 pins are the brushes that you will find on the side a carbon road incastrated in a black plastic cover.

Washing Machine Motor Direct Wire: Even when used with AC power these types of motors are able to run at a rotation frequency well above that of the mains supply, and because most electric motor properties improve with speed, this means they can be lightweight and powerful. However, universal motors are usually relatively inefficient: around 30% for smaller motors and up to 70-75% for larger ones. The connection of this motor for direct drive using it for a period of time with no controller in low application like belt sander,electric bike,electric boat,wood splitter and more. We will connect one terminal of the stator 3 with one of the brush 2 then the ends 1 will be connected to the plus therminal of the battery or AC power source and then the last stator terminal 5 to the minus therminal of the battery or the other connector of AC 220v/120v source.

Washing Machine Motor Uses: Operating at normal power line frequencies, universal motors are often found in a range less than 1000 watts. Their high speed makes them useful for appliances such as blenders, vacuum cleaners, and hair dryers where high speed and light weight are desirable. They are also commonly used in portable power tools, such as drills, sanders, circular and jig saws, where the motor's characteristics work well. Many vacuum cleaner and weed trimmer motors exceed 10,000 RPM, while many Dremel and similar miniature grinders exceed 30,000 RPM.

Universal motors also lend themselves to electronic speed control and, as such, were an ideal choice for domestic washing machines. The motor can be used to agitate the drum (both forwards and in reverse) by switching the field winding with respect to the armature. The motor can also be run up to the high speeds required for the spin cycle. Nowadays, variable-frequency drive motors are more commonly used instead.

More information about How to Use a Washer Motors , please click the professional Motor Manufacturers - NanYang , we have a professional R&D team which has rich experience cooperated with international brands. and we can develop and produce products according to the drawings or samples the customers offered.

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Die Symptome einer Verwandlung (Jegliche Art Wolfswandler)

Man merkt ziemlich gut, wenn man sich verwandelt.

Die ersten Merkmale auf eine Verwandlung sind:
Schwindel, pulsierendes/schmerzendes Zahnfleisch, Gelenke/Muskel schmerzen

Wenn man soweit ist, wird wortwörtlich alles schmerzen.

Der ganze Körper, bis die Verwandlung vollendet ist.

Bei der ersten kann es schon bis zu mehreren Stunden dauern, bei den meisten ist es aber nicht länger als 80 Minuten.

Es kann auch passieren, dass man in Ohnmacht tritt, was völlig normal ist/wäre.

Noch was wichtiges zu beachten:
Wenn ihr eine Zahnspange habt, wird es noch viel schmerzhafter, da sie nicht an ein Wolfsgebiss geformt ist, und daher entweder zersprengen oder rausspicken.

Alpha Bonnie

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Die Symptome eines Wolfswandlers

Die Symptome eines Wolfswandlers sind folgende:


1. Schneller als ein Mensch (Reflexe, rennen usw.)
2. Bessere und stärkere Sinne (riechen, hören)
5. Sehr gute Ausdauer
4. Man spürt starke Ausstrahlungen/Auren
5. Man hat eine gewisse Beziehung zu Wölfen
6. Eine gewisse starke Verbindung zur Natur
7. Aus unerklärlichen Gründen Aussenseiter
8. Meiden von Menschenmengen oder Menschen
9. Gutes Verhältnis zu Tieren (Meist Hunde und Wölfe)
10. Augenfarbe ändert sich gelblich/orange oder rötlich

Es gibt noch einige mehr, wenn man die alle besitzt, und mehrere hat, ist man höchstwahrscheinlich ein Wolfswandler.

Und nebenbei: Es gibt auch vegetarische Wolfswandler...


Alpha Bonnie

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because be injected an anaesthetic

The Yan flies extrication six Ping pings and arrives him to jump to leave that hydroplane, just the anything that vanishes completed.That black dress woman just just responded come over, passenger compartment the inside lost Yan fly and the figure of six Ping pings.This is also to have something to do with hydroplane's being broken plane wing by the shot, appearing the vacillating circumstance of abnormality, otherwise with the terrible real strenght of the black dress woman, the Yan flies even if drew on her attention, six Ping pings a common run of people can not also flounce holding for ransom of black dress woman.Certainly, this also and six Ping pings can comprehend that the allusion flying Yan is relevant, 2 people friend of many years, has much of tacit understanding, unite to begin, incredibly turned over situation, thoroughly escaped from danger.
Six Ping pings are flown by the Yan to embrace in the bosom, the beginning freely falls body sport from Gao Kong Zuo, rapid landings plus nipping low temperature and strong breeze, she is frightenned shout loudly, the dead dead embraces Yan to fly, completely don't dare to see a nether circumstance.The Yan flies and six Ping pings just whereabouts 200 meters were high, the unmanned machine divided time and then again appeared under their body, the cockpit hatch opened, and the Yan flew to embrace to land Ping Ping to at the right moment drop to in the seat in the cockpit, then the cockpit hatch re- closed and isolated the extreme low temperature and wild Gang breeze of outside.
The Yan flies to embrace to land Ping Ping to sit in the unmanned machine cockpit and immediately lets go of heart.In the unmanned machine bridge house, Be not afraid of other people to rend away six Ping pings any further, six Ping pings thoroughly safety.But six Ping pings then because be injected an anaesthetic, wholesale Plantation shutters although just awake under the high empty strong incitement came over in ten thousand meters,passed by this a burst of toss about, again collapsed and fainted right away pass by.The Yan flies one breath of six Ping pings of exploring, discover that she breathes steady, just collapsed and fainted past, this just lets go of heart.
Although six Ping pings are in the obfuscation,be flown by the Yan to embrace in the bosom, immediately feel very safe.She embraces Yan to fly and seems to find out a safe place, original worry anxiously of the facial expression slowly become to fall calm.The Yan flies dead dead to also embrace six Ping pings, don't dare to release and fear her again be rent away.
The Yan flies a body top in one gun, with his real strenght, originally is can't the quilt play to shoot, but for the sake of attraction black dress woman attention, just intentionally hit by bullet, finally created for six Ping pings to flounce the opportunity of tie.And he also controled to hit by bullet part, so although he is shot by the big caliber bullet, under his skillful control, his body didn't be subjected to what serious injury.The muscle that sees him a burst of peristalsis, incredibly pushed for that bullet to come out, then the warhead fallen off in the cockpit.And bleed part under the function of the muscle, also quickly stop bleeding and expressed marvelous treatment level.
The Yan flies to attack this time, finally saves to return to six Ping pings and lets him thoroughly has no a worry.But the enemy hasn't finished exterminating, hence the unmanned machine quickly flies, very quick catch up an anterior hydroplane.Hydroplane want for part the plane wing , just in the rapid whereabouts, sooner or later will crash, in of the person Be a to also can not escape.But these assassins kidnap six Ping pings, is a Yan to fly the object that the deeply bad pain cuts off, the nature can't make them sink into naturally like this, hence machine head place god of fire the cannon turn and start attackstoning a hydroplane.
That black dress woman and moreover a pilot are just preparing to bail out, see behind a huge f 15 fight suddenly made track for to come up, then launched a sail cannon attack to their hydroplanes.They get a shock and jump up, left a hydroplane.But when they just jumped a hydroplane, hydroplane drive unmanned machine 30 millimeters of sail cannon beat soared to the skies an explosion. wooden shutters blinds

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Fragen zu Wesen/Wolfbloods

Ihr könnt jede frage stellen wobei ihr hilfe oder antwort braucht. Alles unklare soll klar gestellt werden.

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Die Rangordnung


Das Leittier des Rudels ist der Alpha-Wolf und der Alpha bestimmt was das Rudel zu tun hat und der Alpha hat die Verantwortung von dem Rudel


Die Beta-Wölfe . Sie sind diejenigen die wenn das Alpha nicht da ist, die Führung übernehmen. Oder wenn der Alpha was passiert oder nicht mehr die Führung übernehmen kann dann bist du automatisch der Alpha


Die Gamma-Wölfe Die passt meistens auf die Welpen auf wenn es im Rudel keine Welpen gibt dann befolgen der Gamma-Wölfe alles was der Alpha sagt Die Gamma-Wölfe sind meistens jüngere Wölfe. Sie stehen in der Rangordnung der Erwachsenen Wölfe ganz unten. Tiefer steht falls vorhanden nur noch der Omegawolf.


In einem Rudel befindet sich auch immer wieder ein Omega-Wolf und steht mit Abstand in der Rangordnung ganz unten. Dies ist in der Regel das schwächste Tier und fungiert als "Prügelknabe" und ein Omega Verlässt fast immer das Rudel und ein Omega kommt meistens im Rudel wenn er Hilfe braucht


Unter der normalen Rangordnung stehen die ein bis zwei Jahre alten Wölfe die sind. Unter Ihnen gibt es meistens auch eine Rangordnung wie bei den Erwachsenen Wölfen. Diese Rangordnung resultiert aus den Erfahrungen die sie schon als Welpen spielerisch erarbeitet haben. Sie dürfen teilweise auch noch über die Stränge schlagen, ohne gleich dafür bestraft zu werden. Und
Bei Wolfsblut ist es von 6 bis 11 Jahren ist man noch ein Jungwölfe


Ganz unten schliesslich stehen die Welpen. Diese haben noch keine Rangordnung, aber erspielen schon Ihre zukünftige Stellung im Rudel. Ebenfalls geniesen sie Narrenfreiheit im Rudel und Ihnen wird fast alles vergeben und Bei Wolfsblut ist es von 0 bis 5 Jahren ist man noch ein Welpen

1 Kommentar Autorin: Lia 30.09.2019 15:06

Ich habe gehört dass einige meinen das man auch anders zum wolfsblüter werden kann

Ich habe gehört dass einige meinen das man nicht alt wolfsblüter geboren werden muss
Dass man auch anders zum wolfsblüter werden kann wie mit Ritualen oder mit anderen Sachen
Man kann nicht durch Rituale oder anderen Sachen zum wolfsblüter werde und man kann nicht anders zu ein wolfsblüter werde mann wird als wolfsblüter geboren und wenn man anders zum Wolf werden möchte dann heißt das nicht Wolfsblut sondern Werwolf und wolfsblüter werden geboren und durch Rituale oder durch anderen Sachen wird man nur zum Werwolf

Und egal was für ein Wesen mann ist mann wird immer geboren und man kann sein Wesen nicht verändern oder durch Rituale so ein Wesen werden

5 Kommentare Autorin: Lia 30.07.2019 01:05

Man wird als wolfsblüter geboren

Versteck dich nicht du bist ein Wolf

1. Man wird als wolfsblüter geboren

2. Als Wolf kannst du sehr gut hören riechen sehen und in einer Vollmondnacht Sind die sine viel stärker

3. Du reagierst auf Vollmondnächten und auf Neumondnächten dann merkst du dass du ein wolfsblüter bist

4. Das Wichtigste bei allen wolfsblüter braucht man ein rudel suche Leute die genauso sind wie du und gründet ein Rudel und das wichtigste ist verrate ni das du ein wolfsblüter bist

5. Man geht gerne nach draußen und treibt viel Sport und Man rent gerne und Man rent viel in der Vollmondnacht

6. Man knurren nur wenn Gefahr ist oder wenn du mit dem Rudel spielst darfst du knurren und Du darfst bei einer Vollmondnacht den mond an heulen

7. Während einer Vollmondnacht und Neumondnacht kriegt man Hunger auf Fleisch

8. Wenn du wütend wirst du zum Wolf Wenn du wütend wirst musst du dich kontrollieren sonst passiert noch was schlimmes

wolfsblüter Haben große Angst vor groß Feuer 🔥🔥

Vollmond Wolf

In einer Vollmondnacht sind deine Sinne viel stärker die Sinne sind hören riechen sehen und wann geht in einer Vollmondnacht gerne nach draußen und Mann treibt viel Sport und mann ist in einer Vollmondnacht sehr hibbelig und man kriegt großen Hunger auf Fleisch


Bei Neumond kann man sich nicht verwandeln bei Neumond ist Mann kein Wolfsblut für den Tag ist man ein voller Mensch Man ist bei Neumond sehr müde Oder man ist bei Neumond sehr aggressiv oder Man kriegt großen Hunger auf Fleisch .

Anzeichen dass man ein wolfsblüter sein kann sind als Kleinkind ging man gerne nach draußen und als Kleinkind eine starke Bindung so der Natur und Tiere und als Kleinkind ist egal was für ein Wetter nach draußen gegangen und Als Kleinkind oder Jugendliche kann man gut hören riechen sehen und man kann sehr schnell rennen und wenn man deine dir gelben Augen sieht oder deine Adern zu sehen sieht und man hat große Angst vor Feuer und man kann bei Vollmond nicht schlafen und wenn du die Anzeichen hattest dan bist du ein geborenes wolfsblüter

3 Kommentare Autorin: Lia 29.07.2019 12:00

mondfinsternsi 16.7.2019

Heute ist die mondfinsternsi Für alle wolfsblüter ist die mondfinsternsi Sehr gefährlich und pass auf eure Sinne auf die spielen verrückt und ihr könnt Kopfschmerzen bekommen oder dir wird sehr schwindelig oder ihr werdet ser aggressiv oder ihr kriegt großen Hunger auf Fleisch werden es kann passieren dass es euch noch schlechter geht passt auf und strengt euch nicht an und passt auf euch auf der Mond spielen mit euch

Jetzt kommentieren Autorin: Lia 16.07.2019 00:45

Ich bin zurück

Hey Leute, ich bin es Pi, die damalige Alpha des Mondrudels,
das ich hier aktiv war ist mittlerweile fast 2 jahre her und es hat sich einiges verändert.
Ich habe gesehen das wir hier auch einige neue haben und ich heiße euch alle herzlich wilkommen.

falls ihr fragen oder ähnliches habt könnt ihr gerne fragen,
tut mir leid das ich jetzt erst wieder da bin,

3 Kommentare Autorin: MoonPi 20.06.2019 17:58

Shadow Luna's Blog


Ich bin Shadow Luna.

Dieser Blog ist für andere Wesen außer Mensch und Wolfsblut.
Da ich sehe das es hier nicht nur von Wolfsblütern ( und Menschen ) wimmelt, sondern auch von anderen Unmenschen oder Hybrid- Wesen, dachte ich mir ich erstelle mir und euch diesen Blog.
Es sind natürlich auch Wolfsblüter und Menschen erwünscht. Wer nicht weiß was er ist - so wie ich- kann auch gerne in denn Kommentaren mitschreiben. Ich habe sehr viel wissen von solchen Dingen. ( Ja, sagt eine die nicht mal weiß was sie ist.) Aber ich meine es Ehrlich! Ich werde eurem , nennen
wir das mal Schatten, zuhören und versuchen zu helfen. Ihr könnt mich auch gern Privat anschreiben.

Herzliche Grüße
Shadow Luna.

4 Kommentare Autorin: Luna_Shadow 07.06.2019 16:13



Neumond am 03.06
Vollmond am 17.06
Neumond am 02.07
Vollmond am 16.07
Neumond am 01.08
Vollmond am 15.08
Vollmond am 14.09
Neumond am 28.09
Vollmond am 13.10
Neumond am 28.10
Vollmond am 12.11
Neumond am 26.11
Vollmond am 12.12
Neumond am 26.12

Vollmond am 10.01
Neumond am 24.01
Vollmond am 09.02
Neumond am 23.02
Vollmond am 09.03
Neumond am 24.03
Vollmond am 08.04
Neumond am 23.04
Vollmond am 07.05
Neumond am 22.05
Vollmond am 05.06
Neumond am 21.06
Vollmond am 05.07
Neumond am 20.07
Vollmond am 03.08
Neumond am 19.08
Vollmond am 02.09
Neumond am 17.09
Vollmond am 01.10
Neumond am 16.10
Vollmond am 31.10
Neumond am 15.11
Vollmond am 30.11
Neumond am 14.12
Vollmond am 30.12

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