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The anti- body jilts a palm, bad ruthlessly take out a jade tiger the face is at the leaf up, "ignore you to proceed from what purpose, arbitrarily trampling character ground the behavior never show me again!The old saving contains speech, the world gentleman father teacher, the teacher's position is a row at the father behind of, teach knowledge, let you learn how to get along with people, you but have no the slightest respect, on the contrary the tool that they consider as to have fun, Lao Tze shows you today what just be called a teacher."
The leaf jade tiger delivered all of a sudden malicious, raise the feet kick to go to old Liao, long so big he was deeply spoiled by parents, also was never beaten by the elder.
This the just like is at the authority of rat challenge lion, Liao learns a soldier just a little bit move body to then and lightly avert from, and then give he a record box on the ear.
Leaf jade tiger once hesitate, charge forward desire to tussle with teacher.
Is this speed, this posture ability to fight ground to anticipate?Two eye flicker uncertain, don't dare the vision of seeing the other party, body rock, obviously descend dish not that steady be, the shoulders shivers and see take extreme strain.
Liao learns soldier's palm to press tiny make an effort one Xuan in his top of head, leaf jade tiger immediately and cannot stop and certainly the sub- flat ground turned a turn and got a slap again on the face.
"Suffer beating but can not strike back, being not painful?The life has no fun, does the life have no target?Is all right, I will make you know that what advanced power is."Liao learns soldier's one feet to trip over he and says:"Is active tomorrow to wear gulf apology, I still can forgive your bad behavior."
On the face side that plays him the cigarette butt, splashing Mars is hot the face living a pain.Old Liao's hands put into trousers Dou and walk toward the stairs to, and then throw down a words:"Being a men will learn humble, you are too proud, have to be subjected to frustrate."
Leaf jade tiger again surprised again Nu, soft-voiced way:"Will fight very fantastic?"
Just went upstairs steps, the figure that saw hide in the corner the ghost ghost 樂樂 , "Su flew Hong classmate, what did you do here?"
"!The dancing jumped too tiredly, I wanted to listen to the verse read aloud a meeting and hear teacher Mo and teacher Sus all over there."Su flies Hong to lean against a wall to tighten neck to slowly get down the stairs of 1 F to move a step.
"Just did you see?"
Su flies a Hong point to nod and immediately after tries very hard to shake head again:"Have no!I what didn't see!The teacher sees again, I descend first go to!"
"Etc., Su flies Hong classmate, if you just saw, please remember 1:00, respect other people be respect they, don't consider as the simpleton to the other people, everybody has his/her own dignity.Moreover, being on duty will there is the example of leader of class, the masquerade ball sets out very good, this I give public recognition you for five minutes, but behind ground the small episode has a little a problem, never make me know that you also have."Old Liao says that walking the fifth floors to seek is small and blue to fall.
Su flew Hong to breathe heavily tone, dark Cun:"Definitely right, teacher Liao is an underworld.Don't know as well the Cui government died to have no, could not take care of, going first verse to read aloud will avoid a head, in case according to responsibility the I head top.Just was really surprisingly, incredibly will really dozen Cui government they, Hey Hey, what a suck, always set against with me."
Hide 2 people's action that turn Cape to silently look about toward the hallway to still depend on on the ground at the stairs ground, the mood just recovered, teacher Liao and then came from the down stairs, the face of that cold Jun almost didn't frighten to death her.
"Su flies Hong classmate, know you have been aring following me and participated in the whole Gu wears gulf affairs, frightened east window matter hair?See I call leaf the jade tiger and Cui government hurriedly follow behind, to?"Old Liao trembles a leg to say with smile, to top the droop wear Su of head to fly Hong, the whole individual looks to be like the bad guy of flirting the woman of good family.
Su flies Hong to deny and has to say:"Yes, however ……is Cui government their mastermind, I am to match with for a while."
", That for this time only, is remembering you it the leader of class that know?Want to do a model to let the classmates see of, the set oneself up as an example then can stand up a prestige."Old Liao sees her admit on her own initiative, not as so unprogressive as the Cui government, have no excessive pursue:"Their temperament is stupid don't turn, have to use violence first to chase their uniform, hereafter again the feeling of the Xiao, move it with the reason, nature change."

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