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clothes to touch

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Li Xing Hua ah!1, want to escape but could not take off his control, nine divide frightened medium Wu from hid penny curious, man that place is exactly and how of?Eyes forbid not to live to silently open one thin sew, sees one eye and then and deeply is irritated and immediately explode with rage:"Bad egg have been being fooling me!Wearing so very and basically didn't take off!Kill a person, bad person!"
Originally Liao learns a soldier to early button up button up, have been being playing with her small and weak mind to say with smile just:"Is all right, since you so hope earnestly me to touch you, that my encouraging be difficult for it to touch for a while like, alas, be like my person of so clean and pure docile incredibly will drive you this Yin child's dissolute woman seduce, does the society still have morals?Do the mankind still have prospect?In the world still has in the future?"
Li Xing Hua's spirit must almost throw up blood, a foot way:"I ignored you any further!"The Qiao face is tiny to contain thin Nu, Liu Mei pours Shu, and the facial expression is red and very gorgeous to is very good-looking.
Liao learns a soldier to can not help a fan inebriating and sighs a way:"Star China, you grow really beautiful, don't know which male of marry you, that just true call blessing of cent."
Li Xing Hua's mind is one Zhan, shut a double eye, proud breast a stand, say:"To touch and then touch quickly give you ten seconds time."
Old Liao embraces arm before the chest, trembles a leg and occupies vantage points ground to examine her to say all over:"At the beginning say for ten minutes, how cut into ten kinds again?Do you intimidate me?"
Li Xing Hua's body starts trembling, the forehead drips joss-stick sweat, the breath becomes urgent:"That a minute ……"
"Ten minutes for ten minutes, which have haggle of, you see the past market buy pork to have who be willing to be lower than 15 pieces to sell to yours?"Old Liao has the last breeze, talking what to carry is in high spirits, like station at world highest point, connect the emperor just mounting the throne's also has no him at the moment mood is so satisfied.
"I …… the somebody else wasn't pork …… ten minutes ten minutes ……" Li Xing Hua talks to break continuously and continuously, the mood very strain is suffered, anyway touches and then touches, and a minute and ten minutes of differentiation isn't big.While thinking of Liao to learn that time of soldier and melancholy and serious and earnest face, always satisfied contain charming poise, temporarily and unexpectedly mind enchant, rise in the heart a by himself/herself also hard realize of admire greatly.
Liao learns the Jiao that the soldier looking at that bulges drum drum to stand breast, a round and smooth radius, the dress Jin inside appears the lines of underwear unclearly, canning not helping throat Gu the Long is a , secretly swallowed saliva, the left hand started to hand shoulder, the right hand copies a leg curved, beats her horizontal to start to embrace.The weight is light, probably only more than 90 catties, one meter 68 heights go together with this weight and really call last devil shape.
Li Xing Hua frighteneds, think old Liao's beastliness greatly delivers and free from tangle eyes try very hard to flounder call way:"Do what, feed, not ability so of!Feed ……"
Old Liao lightly puts she to the bed and smiles to say:"Since want to touch, stand to touch what mean, come, the little darling doesn't fear, the uncle is painful you."
The hand and foot is fast, draw back the zipper of coat in being the cartoon long sleeve T-shirt Shan of a pink, drew a small cat pattern of amiability, chase body Lei must tightly, two milk ball very rough seas, up and down rise and fall along with the respiratory frequency.
Li Xing Hua feels belly a cool, old Liao has already pulled T-shirt Shan to the top, the brassiere that leaves yellow side line small floral pattern pattern of the only that can cover vision.She hurriedly the draw down clothes say:"Do not go, is quasi- to across clothes to touch."
"I oddness.Can't your eating pork ground time meeting connect pig hair to eat together?At least want to burn the hair clean?OK?"Old Liao's slanting truth is a lot of, take away her hand, still keep drawing back clothes, Li Xing Hua didn't resist again this time.
Full chest the United States goes to extremity, although acrosses brassiere still can feel that kind of the beauty that is good enough to make people complete prostration to worship, not demand again excessive description, a few ribs that is convex now, flat of lower abdomen.The skin powder is delicate radiant and smooth, a lovely small navel under.The waist is really very thin, not Ying a hold.

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