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how to torment you

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Being blue can the heart isn't clear why just once had lunch, the leaf autumn took her to drink coffee to this place again.When is only ability and leaf autumn together, she is very happy.
Drink coffee is also the affair that the lovers should do?
The whole ideas all put in leaf's autumn body up of blue can the heart see his view often looking at opposite through a transparent showroom, puzzle that the ground asks a way:"What good-looking?How to always see you stretch overdo hope?Want to wait a person?"
The autumn of the leaf smiles to shake head, closed lightly the Latte of in front and said with a smile:"I am waiting to enjoy a play."
Enjoy a play?
Being blue can heart one face is vacant.Took a look to the opposite, which have what good play can see?
Leaf autumn inconvenience to blue can the heart speak clearly, say nothing but smile, wait until to see two cars come to a stop in the ocean hotel doorway, after there being among them also one being a police car.The autumn of the leaf then squinted Jing to smile.
The good play is beinging.
Zhang Zhan really comes to grasp crafty.
Although he knows so may he ground the future prospects also finished,the affair since has been already got abroad, is pain and sufferings that man can not bear with to cuckold son.
And be still respected to trust most most by oneself of person to wear on the head.He has a kind to grasp a crazy felling.
He know that Chu Chu followed an uncle to enter ocean hotel, but didn't know which room they entered.Have no a proper of reason, the hotel isn't likely to provide ground room is to your guest.
Hesitated along while, still kept being the police's friend to make a phone call in the city bureau for oneself.Full head anyway already green.Throwing a person again is also canned throw where go?
Zhang Zhan of the hasty Nu psychological attack has already had the kind the meaning for breaking jar to break to fall off at this time.If calm down, probably he will be getup penitence like this.
But, calm down now those two words to seem to be with him to insulate.And the colleague of the company person that's sympathizing with a commiserative look in the eyes is also the ache that lets his in the mind,such as needle, tie a sort.
In the name of legal case that the police investigates, and provide friend ground work certificate, stage in the hotel this just provided Chu Chu and ten thousand clear clouds room to them.Good at their default of is a common, not ground president's suite in hotel.Otherwise treat so of honored guest class guest, the hotel is impossibly and so easy and then would like to match with.
Zhang Zhan and friends arrive at room doorway, Zhang Zhan and friend back a part and come over to match with the attendant that they act to shiver to begin according to rang the door bell of room.
"Who?"A voice that man watches out for spreads.
Zhang Zhan's head is red-blooded to up flow out.What he listenned to comes out, this is his uncle's voice.
"Sir, how are you.I am a staff member from ground in hotel.There is a tenant that say that his thing fell in the room.We come over to seek for a while.Is sorry, bother you."The attendant attitude kindly says.
"Mama of, this what break a hotel?You early some stems what go to?Don't go now, come again after an hour."Ten thousand clear cloud scolds the ground say a reason.
"Sir bothers to give allowance.This tenant urgently wears and rushes through an airplane.Would you mind helping to open a door?"
"Mama of, I say not to go or not.After an hour again come.He rushes through an airplane pass I what matter?"Ten thousand clear cloud opens a room door, want to guard a gate bother their person to kick out.
The facial expression changes very peculiarly a while while waiting until to see a station at metal gray Zhang Zhan from facial expression in doorway.The time that is about to close the door, but be opened for Chuai by the one feet of Zhang Zhan Di's friend.Hold tight his hands to press he to pour on the ground, scold a way:"Kill a fatty, dare to move the woman of my brothers.See Lao Tze how to torment you."
Zhang Zhan didn't tell friend and girl friend to open the man of building is his uncle, so the friend just presses he to pour on the ground, and claim to be Lao Tze.
When Zhang Zhan walked to inside in the room, mouth Zhang Di was huge.
His girl friend Chu Chu is naked body, the hands are tie~upped in the bedside by the tie, double feet also drive towel to bind together, fill her black underwear in mouth.The hair is in great disorder.Breast and chest other part part sides touch eyes shocking purple red.
Mama forces, unexpectedly is playing SM.
Grandmother's ground, with Lao Tze together the time have never worked harder so as well.Thought of this, Zhang Zhan is more burning with anger.Grasp the desk lamp on the table dynasty Chu Chu ground head up hit to pass by.

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