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Ten thousand clear clouds are wrinkly to knit the brows, say:"A shameless woman just, using can not make so?Do you want a woman?Like, I tomorrow seek ten several 20 for you.All of woman full avenues BE, want ~only rich, what kind of the woman can find out for you.But work?You don't that director's work want?"
Ten thousand clear cloud sees Zhang Zhan Lian on the hesitant facial expression and continue temptation way:"I am still just fighting for Anne to protect a director for you ground job, don't you want as well?"
"Does Anne protect a director?Hum, you can contend for lead Xing Tang Di?"Zhang Zhan sneers at.He thinks that ten thousand clear cloud takes words to receive him.
"At the beginning I stand on Xing Tang's that direction, so not contend for.Now, I relate to with Wang Fu Dong quite good, his promising will emulate to try ground for me.Say again, don't go to adjust you to the business section.Unlike Anne protects one there strong?Wang Fu Dong's son isn't to enter a big business section, if you can make a good relation with him, hereafter still have no woman with the sorrow?"
Zhang Zhan obviously some ideas move, can again would not like to concede defeat so.The momentary unexpectedly didn't know what.Chu Chu is big of sit in seat of honor from the bed.Also ignore the Rong be slipped down to peep out greater half chest be seen, cold say with a smile:"Hey, does the company measure?What about me?Always have to there is the result of a processing?"
"You are still a secretary.Is noisy what?"Ten thousand clear cloud stared Chu Chu's one eye and scolded a way.
"Hey, roar to me?The time that just entered my body said what?Ten thousand clear cloud, I don't care that how you are the company measure.But I want to tell you.I want to be general manager's assistant.Otherwise, I give° your scandals to tremble out.Who don't also want to thoroughly make a living."Relentless the Chu Chu look in the eyes sees come over and scold a way.
Talk for a ground of time, unexpectedly and nakedly climb from the bed.From the bag in find out a cellular phone, then toward persons, such as oneself and ten thousand clear cloud Zhang Zhan...etc. to take photograph to get up.Prepare to use the evidence that considers as threat.
Zhang Zhan is going to rob, Chu Chu scream way:"You if the words that dare to rob, I am naked to run to go out now.I see you returning hereafter how to have a face to have a foothold at the Tang."
Ten thousand clear cloud facial expression a cold, still keep temporarily promising Chu Chu's request first.
The affair temporarily reached agreement, originally should make all over the place scandal be covered up down.
Ten thousand clear cloud condition of the injuries are serious.And all harm on the face, about was tantamount to disfigure, so asking for leave didn't go to company.
Chu's Chu's head breaks a blood.It is also with cuts and bruises all over on the face, equally ask for leave half month.
Zhang Zhan's pouring is to come to company and continue and go to work, originally is to want to keep a low profile, wait until leaf the autumn rush through and come off stage, while sitting Anne and protecting the position of a director and adjusting high again hard but always feel the atmosphere that Anne protects a department some not in the right sons.
Whenever he arrives at company, will see a group of employees 35 meet together a together small voice to joke in groups.Their speaking abouts while waiting until him to walk over Ga however.
Sometimes he and some familiar persons say "hello", although those people are superficially passionate.But the despising of look in the eyes inside is a completely naked earth's surface to appear, root of don't add dissimulation.
Zhang Zhan is guilty, don't dare to find out to the other people as well.Have to again own confident Li Jun shout oneself ground office.
Jilt a root the smoke is to Li Jun Yi after, Zhang Zhan asks a way:"Li Jun, what action does the company have recently?"
"Ha ha, nothing important action."Li Jun beats ha ha say.
"Li Jun, have what matter you don't deceive me.Do I see all day long those guys being saying what to get together to say small words?"
Li Jun raised head to sweep Zhang Zhan Yi's eye and said with a smile:"Do not also say what.Be speak some sons."
"Li Jun.Does your his mama want to fuck off from the Tang?"Zhang Zhan's spirit shouts of scold a way.This guy always at beat for him ha ha, also make him lose patience.
"Alas!, director piece, you even if the in the mind suppresses to bend, also not ability dynasty I become angry.You girl friend ground matter-----And I am some to relate to also have no?Or I first to you remind of, otherwise, you can catch crafty"Li Jun, your his mama of------Burst-----"The Nu psychological attack of Zhang Zhan Ji, the one mouthful blood sprays on the table.
Manipulate in the leaf autumn under.Zhang Zhan finally accepts to can not stand the pressure of the language of gossip Fei.Left the Tang.

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