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See a leaf come over for autumn, Zhang Sheng faced to come up and said:"The person is dead.Is medium on the head one gun."
Pointed to point to fall to sit on the part again, the body Se Se dither ground middle age, say:"It is what he discovers first.He comes over to hunt and sees have a car to open to come over, two black dress persons are from the car in lifted a thing to run to come over to cover up.Then he hides in the part and waits until them to after walking far just run to come over to give° the soil to push aside.Unexpectedly is a dead person, hence run to outside run to the mountain."
"Our person runs into him on the road, cut down for him.Ask to know is what is the row after, and then give°ed him to take back.Unexpectedly return is really this boy.----You see that hat.If not that this hat, I still really recognize not to come out him."
There is a sored cap by the side of the corpse, and sprinkle winter night toward the Ran the man head of muck up wear of that looks exactly alike.May be those two guys are presumptuous, want to cover up hat and corpse together.Unexpectedly and on the contrary became to prove the evidence of this boy identity.
The autumn of the leaf squatted down body to see the gun muzzle that the eye depend on small Feng head and said:"See to a circumstance and Be different from we imagine so in brief."
When get up Shao relentless laceration night sky, Lin Bao Er quickly turns over the bed in body, and at under spread of Zhang Min bedside Chuai two feet, then be like one fat of the rabbit generally hurtled in to wash a Shu.
After a many months of militarized training, Lin Bao Er more and more has the soldier the manner.But the lovely infant of that face is fatty but have no the least bit drive this tough training to do to turn, still keep sweetly being different from appearance while smiling.There is the small face that the ghost of a military instructor makes the absolute being badly and unexpectedly knead to knead her while rectifying her soldier Zi.
Made Lin Bao Er is greatly surprised at that time, even was that military instructor all not understand by himself/herself to why will do one action like this.
Luckily that military instructor is a women, if the words of the male military instructor, will definitely drive with sexually harass class military officer of the criminal charges be sent military tribunal.
Is 40, Lin Bao Er washes face to brush teeth to complete and runs to wash time between Shus and sees Zhang Min still be whetting Ceng ground to button up armed to take.She is a big fatty, would not° until use very for a long time wrap the baggage to the back on the body each time.There is a some times urgently gathering, Lin Bao Er all accompanies her to be late together.
"Treasure son, you say, we aren't soldiers again, stem always want to toss about so us?"Zhang Min Ku wears a face to say.
She although body breadth the body is fat, the looks isn't astonishing,is a black a genius ground computer guest.She at national and red guest net up well-known, be scooped out to take part in to belong to a national security department this time of 211 special talented person training plan.
"Who say that we weren't soldiers?Wait until this training be over.Would we be assigned to each military section, wasn't a soldier that time?"Lin Bao Er's at the back starts to drag along a shoulder bag for her and be convenient for her to button up up armed take behind.2 people run and then outside run over there to the drill ground.
Because the piece quickly implicates, 2 people are what the last sets arrive at drill ground.The chilly sea breeze blows to kiss, pitch darkly drill ground up to a tee stand more than 20 figures.These figures are both male and female, but equally young.Owner all the vision firmly see forward square and breathe even, the spot is as silent as a stagnant water.
The military instructor wears whole body deeply and greenly camouflage.The body outstandingly marks a pole such as one.After orderanying member of team to number off.Loudly drink a way:"Five kilometers are cross-country.Last 3 didn't eat for rice.Prepare.Run."
It was scathingly clear and crisp words sound to just fall.Stand on the in front ground troops to then and in a twinkling spread out.Lin Bao Er trails a piece quickly hand.Try very hard to sort ground to run forward.
"Treasure son.Have you ever originally once served as soldier?-How-----How so severe?"Zhang Min just runs several steps to pant noisily.
She is an admiration very much to Lin Bao Er.They are same period students.Walk into this secret military base together.But Lin Bao Er's earth's surface now but basically Be different from is an egg son of a new soldier.

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