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First is dare with oneself crest Gang, then again puzzling of and president assistant thunder-storm acquaint with.Immediately after is a president to criticize especially, this boy sits rocket connecting and rising six classes.More strange BE, he unexpectedly knows big star Ran winter night, and that woman calls his husband.
Zhang Zhan's pouring is to don't believe that the Ran really is a wife of leaf autumn winter night, because he once checked the file in leaf autumn, this boy till now is still an end marriage.But, he sees the ground coming out.The Ran looking at a leaf for autumn winter night of the look in the eyes really have much of good will.
He once heard some hearsays.Say the Ran fairly has the backing winter night.If leaf autumn with her relate to closely, does oneself still have necessity to keep on refusing to budge so with him?
Let Zhang Zhan immediately go to a leaf and apologize for autumn.He also has some to can not stand.Drill an office, fix to go the uncle who seek oneself has a chat of time, but see uncle and Chu Chu shoulder to shoulder walk to the underground garage.2 people say to smile, relate to abnormality intimate, Hun however don't discover station at not distance ground Zhang Zhan.
While getting on the car, the uncle has no forerunner to go, but run first to copilot's room to draw back a car door and signals hint to make the Chu Chu forerunner go.Chu Chu charmingly femininely swept uncle's one eye, the Jue wore a bottom to get on the car.At a concealmently angle, the uncle unexpectedly stretched hand on her bottom to clap a----Stand in the corner of Zhang Zhan this 30 degrees can see just.
Zhang Zhan Di's head is a bit dizzy, he even doubts whether himself/herself sees spend an eye.
How can and so?
That man is his/her owns uncle, that woman but own girl friend.What plot do they have?
It is impossible.Must be oneselfs to think more.The uncle wants chemisette words, what kind of can the woman not get?How can rob oneself ground woman?
Zhang Zhan in an absent sort of way returns to office and diligently wants to make oneself fall calm.Combine sought more than 100s to open to take off for the their ground behavior of lend.
"Leaf's director why doesn't go the 16th floors and see?"The Lyu Biao doubt ground asks a way.A few ground Anne protected a director before and occupied to have no matters to all visit relatives from ran to the 16th floors to turn.Because there is president in that floor at, if can be lucky be run into by the president of words, also ability Bo diligence in earnest good impression.
Can this leaf's director is different, he goes around and inspects each time of time, all beat just on the 15th floor, then backed to return to.Always can't across into the 16th floor one step.
Company insides' all spreading leaf's director is president Tang's person and see now, be not so return to matter son.
"Why to want to go the 16th floors?"The autumn of the leaf says with a smile.He knows that Lyu Biao is some kind of good intentionses, remind that he wants to notice and top of the person stay a good impression.
"1 brigade at, isn't our going up superfluous?"
"H'm.But ex- several Anne of protect a director to also often go up to turn."What about Lyu Biao opened mouth to smile.He now to leaf autumn but admire sincerely to take orally.
This Yes really too cow, even the oneself chemisette idols all gave bubble to walk.
"Leave.Return to."The autumn of the leaf doesn't want to talk more the business concerning Tang Guo and flicks to say.
In the elevator, the cellular phone of leaf autumn rang.
The autumn of the leaf stays calm and collecteds the ground connect, in spread the voice that the piece wins:"The leaf is little, find out where boy."
"H'm?"The autumn of the leaf is inconvenient to ask him is a hopeless situation to live ground and just mean with the voice.
Indeed as expected, Zhang Sheng is personal Jing person, immediately understand leaf autumn nearby someone, say:"The person is dead."
"Where?I go over and have a look."The autumn of the leaf says.
"The south hill path."
The autumn of the leaf and Lyu Biao after giving an account several voices open car to run over there to the south mountain.When car arrived the south hill path, had a men station to beside towarded him to wave hand.
The autumn of the leaf comes to a stop the car and asks a way:"What about person?"
"In the forest."The bare-headed for waving hand respectully says.Although he doesn't know leaf for autumn is what identity, eldest brother gives an account the person of respect again and again, the nature isn't a simple person.
The autumn of the leaf stops car in the wayside and follows bare-headed to to forest walk together.
The south mountain doesn't mean a mountain, but one mountain.The mountain peak rises and falls, continuous one.

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