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Thank ambition Gao Huan to drop the way of the Tae Kwon Do building on the body and put on bearing of whole body black gram to move.BE about to go out for a ground of time, think of a younger brother to say that boy real strenght quite goodly words, steady rise to see, and then ran to shout severals to relate to a quite good Tae Kwon Do teacher with him.
Even that is considered as Anne of the treasure of building in the town to bless He to hear that the jollification can see since Korea pleased, also on one's own initiative follow them Be getting paster.
You not ability because of frightened card arrive don't eat fish.You can not fear to choke, either not to have a meal.The autumn of the leaf although doubt Xie Zhi far and just appear at the door and bought a ticket but would not like to enter a field to go to the movie with girl friend for preparing hand revenge oneself, but when the movie is over, he still pulls blue can the hand of heart came out.
Those bit parts still really isn't put in the eye by him, he just worries if the person is many he or shes can't protect very blue can heart.
After that evening listenned to blue can deplore greatly the moan voice of marrow inside, leaf the autumn cant not bear to let again this kindly the female kid bear just a tiny bit injury.
"Let's return to by bus ?"The autumn of the leaf says with a smile.If canning not ask for is troublesome, the leaf autumn doesn't think as well at blue can the heart in front and others get into nasty fight.
Don't know what is the row son, leaf autumn now whenever started to beat with others, was always full of in the heart foul atmosphere.The means that deals with a person also more and more of terror cruelty.
Sometimes he doubts is be subjected to bite a soul ring ground influence, because this thing is uncanny too much.The absorption ground is also that kind of gloomy and brutal spirit.Can have no definite evidence again, also can be a guess.Dismantle it to throw away him and really don't give up.
Being blue can ground for heart to took a look come road, say:"The autumn of the leaf.Let's walk to return ?Anyway the road isn't far either, take bus much wasted."
In fact she hopes to be many with leaf the autumn walk, doesn't the lovers once watching cinematic all not walk to return to ground?
"Go, that walks to return to."The autumn of the leaf nods to say.If the leaf autumn also want to understand, if the their ground target really deals with own, that will give them one life long difficult forget a ground of precept.Otherwise, be their detection can't deal with own of time, may hurt oneself innocently person.
The autumn of the leaf and blue can heart together the words are few, because of blue can the heart is awkward and shy too much.And the temperament is gentle and soft, so sometimes the leaf autumn feel with her is the best while doing not talk together.This son and winter son are a bit different.
But even if and so in quiet walk, but the heart feels a matchless sweet.The brain of high-speed operation can also a little bit stop and rest a short while
The way home wants after Lin Yin Dao, Lin Yin Dao's the left side is an artificial lake, that is the real estate to develop a company for sell the humanities landscape that building dish but artificial construct.Green jade water while just starting the green lotus, the fish drama water, is a beauty very much.Time is getting longer, building dish all sell go to behind.Water not green jade, lotus how all, the fish also died, again no one cleans up, become a ground of ozone smoked sky.
The left side is recreational square to small scaled citizen, the time in summer usually can see some old people train for physical fitness here.Can now is winter, no one would like to drink northwest breeze in this time.So, this road seems to be some disconsolate.
The dusky street lamp shines in glory bottom, two silently the shadow be pulled a ground of old long.
"Two of you stop for me."A men's voice suddenly rings out.
The autumn of the leaf smiles to turn round.These guys' pouring is to sink ground to live spirit.At behind heel along while.Just dare to jump out till now.
"Occupy?"The autumn of the leaf turns head to looking at the man who all wears sportswear shape burliness to ask a way.
"All hand in for me money on your body.Otherwise, rest strange big Ye to move knife."A men towarded a leaf ratio to row the knife of starting the inside for autumn.It is harsh voice to say.
Being blue can the heart looking at these people with frightened look, the in the mind regrets ground wants to die, why want to let the leaf accompany he or she to walk for autumn?If sit to rent a car to return to where will have these matters
The autumn of the leaf's pouring is the Leng absolute being with a short moment, originally think these guys come to look for enemy.

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