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    At he the green lake island control of district, around ten thousand persons, unexpectedly arrive second sky noon, just find out a Pei No. 3 quality person.
    Until divide in noon at the moment, news just spread to ancient life time friend this.
    "General Lee!"The thou a life time friend looking at bushy beard strong man, " you say, several thousand city Wei the soldier surround that Pei three they are killed several hundred people, the big captain that leads several thousand people, return be held tight?"The thou's a life time friend facial expression is metal gray, " is absolutely the big Ji of slippery world!I the face of green lake island was all thrown to the utmost by you!!!The other party just three people, it is a weak woman to also have one, you No. several thousand person!If I, early put on neck!"
    This bushy beard strong man connects a way:"Little island lord, that dark strong man is that the inborn is strong, starts to support a spirit cover all over, the bow and arrow is difficult to harm, with ease held tight the big captain of taking the brigade."
    "Inborn!All of"thou a life time friend spirit of grind teeth, "s are artful self-defences, afraid to die just!Inborn how again, he can a while kill light several thousand people?The inborn true dollar is limited, the No. several thousand person surrounds to go, that inborn escort, at most kill several hundred people, the others grasp not to live that Pei three?"
    Bushy beard strong man bitter and astringent way:"Little island lord, I city Wei soldier not the timidity afraid of death, but that Pei three compare him to escort, more severe."
    Thou a life time the friend is stunned speechless.
    "Our person surrounds to go, can that Pei 31 record hand knife, kill to surround of No. several person."The bushy beard strong man says.
    "Leave body knife light?It is also a strong inborn."Thou a life time friend facial expression not from a change.
    Inborn escort in fact has already let the ancient life time friend be afraid of in the heart, but that Pei three, unexpectedly is also that the inborn is strong.Thou a life time friend will hard consider ……the beard know, iron dress door totally three inborn strong, return a dollar religion, plus a Teng green mountain also just four inborns are strong.
    Inborn, is can hardly attain, can that Pei three, lord servant 2 people two inborns.
    "What position?"The thou a life time friend hesitates.
    "Little island lord, that Pei three still let our person, take a words for little island lord."The bushy beard strong man's way.
    "Say."Thou a life time friend calm and steady face way.
    "That Pei three say ……" bushy beard strong man wry smile way, "tell that thou a life time friend, don't want to die, since departure vexed I!"
    "Well big of tone."The thou a life time friend eyes Mi rises.
    Bushy beard strong man the heart bottom Tan Te, with his cognition to the little island lord, meet this kind of indignity, affirmation has to be great anger.
    "Let the owner all be sent back."Thou a life time friend cold track, " still has ……after a while I will return to green lake island, you notify my younger sister Shi."
    "BE."The bushy beard strong man immediately draws off.
    Inside the course of river, Anne sun river's the pleasure boat of a top and bottom 2 F slowly marches forward.
    The dream cuckoo sits on the crest inside the layer cabin to play seven Xian pianos, the musical sound resounds sun river the cross-straits is at Anne, the boatman of whole body black dress shakes ship oar in the stern, but purple tunic man'Pei three'but is fore deck up, pleasingly lie on the wood chair, listen to a musical sound, shake head to sway to hum ditty in brain mouth.
    "Master, you say that thou a life time friend, will can't send a person again to make track for to come over?"That strong man'iron pagoda'stand on the Pei three after death.
    Pei three shut to fix attention on to hum ditty:"H'm?Trust, that thou a life time friend if is silly to this extent, impossible the row 《ground placard 》 , however come to Yang state this time, play a still true quite good.That Teng green mountain is good friends with than what I anticipated, and, also supplementary, found out the cuckoo miss piano teacher like this."
    "That Teng green mountain is 17 years old for the inborn, really severe, only the bewitching monk before hundreds of years'item any dust'can compare."That strong man' iron pagoda' also great way, " however what that Teng green mountain do is a gun, but return a dollar religion, on the marksmanship very generally, the master, the natural endowments of Teng green mountain, will can't be returned a dollar religion to frivol."
    "Looking at to would be!Again lead few decades, don't know?"Finish saying, Pei three squint again, hum ditty.

  • Thema von gdshutter im Forum Wolfblood

    Can whole life single, Teng green mountain be willing to, parents the first different idea.
    With the filial piety of Teng green mountain, also didn't dare to break home joss stick.
    "Teacher, I am coming back the path Wu An Jun's city, over there, meet a superior.The skin is dark, the body is big and strong, be named'iron pagoda'.He to my challenge ……can I discover, this person should be that the inborn is strong."The Teng green mountain will cover up a ground doubt in the belly to speak.
    The various Ge dollar Hong gets a shock:"Does the inborn strong challenge you?He know that you attain inborn?"
    "See appearance, in advance don't know."The Teng green mountain says, " however should know with me after learning by exchanging views."
    Oneself can block that iron Mao, that iron pagoda can certainly guess Teng green mountain real strenght.
    "Most strange of BE, he while breaking out real real strenght, flash across in eye a golden light."The Teng green mountain doubt doesn't understand.
    "Flash across golden light in eye?"The various Ge dollar Hong listenned to knit the brows a way, " H'm, listen to you so on saying, this calls'iron pagoda'of man, should be the temple of Mo Ni!"
    "The temple of Mo Ni?"The Teng green mountain is a bit surprised.
    "H'm, the world is eight greatest religious sects, only the temple of Mo Ni is a Buddha to believe in, we are another seven greatest religious sects, all chain Jing to turn spirit, chain gasification absolute being.And flash across golden light in eye, also only the temple of Mo Ni of, after all, the Mo Ni temple Buddha religion beg of BE'Buddhist relics', but what our self-discipline beg BE'inborn gold Dan'.If the absolute being in eye is substantial, the golden light is one Shan, the Buddha believes in, as long as attaining a Luo man fruit, can make, but we, have to attain'inborn gold Dan'just become."
    The Teng green mountain listens to not too understand.
    Because believe in self-discipline to the Buddha, he doesn't understand and seem, the self-discipline method of the temple of Mo Ni, totally different from the other religious sect.
    "In fine, that iron pagoda, 90% nine, is the temple of Mo Ni."The various Ge dollar Hong says.
    "The teacher, this iron pagoda, is a call Pei three of the middle age man's escort."The Teng green mountain morrow says, " that day, in Wu An Jun's city, this Pei three, a toss is 10,002 golds, buy under a winter plum.And, this Pei little island lords in three rightnesses of green lakes islands'thou a life time friend', look down upon very much."
    "Luo man fruit superior, be escort?Pei in"various Ge dollar the Hong is a bit shocked, " three, is the somebody of the temple of Mo Ni?Can the temple of Mo Ni is very opposed to wasting money, bought winter plum with 10,002 golds, the temple of Mo Ni was afraid is disallow."
    Various Ge dollar Hong also surprise.
    The temple of Mo Ni, that is the head of eight greatest religious sects!
    "I am some to see not and deeply, the Mo Ni temple troops is someone to make money.Can even if is rich, they also not dare to cost 10,002 golds to purchase winter plum ……even in give offense to little island lord in the green lake island!"Various Ge dollar the Hong is very certain, Mo Ni temple the key figures look down upon a green lake island as well as use a great deal of money.But, can enter key figures, affirmation is a monk inside the temple, monk inside the temple, have to forbid sex, don't even say to spend money to buy winter plum.
    As for the vulgar life time pupil cans not helps sex, can be not likely to own a highland in the temple of Mo Ni, those vulgar life time pupil, perhaps still don't dare to look down upon little island lord in the green lake island.
    "Being two kinds of is possible, a , this Pei three rightnesses of Mo the Ni temple contain great boon and make Mo Ni temple parties Luo man fruit the superior come to be escort.The second, this Pei three is a super strong, or his elder is super strong, badly to can steal to steal a Buddha to believe in Mi Dian from the temple of Mo Ni, let that escorts self-discipline, and still lets escort attain inborn!"The various Ge dollar Hong says.
    The Teng green mountain listens to dark surprisedly.
    These twos are possible, aught, this Pei three all not easy to handle.
    "Green mountain has no a matter to return to a rest first."The various Ge dollar Hong says with smile.
    "BE, teacher."The Teng green mountain leaves den.
    Yang state, Wu An Jun's city.
    The arbor of the Hao extravagant official residence next, thou a life time the friend is metal gray the face sit on the stone Deng, his in front is polite to stand bushy beard strong man.

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    Thema von gdshutter im Forum Wolfblood

    To the character personal conduct of various Ge cloud, the Teng green mountain is also very satisfied, if the younger sister really marries various Ge cloud, oneself can also trust.
    "Teacher, I am to have no objection to, however, this matter gets my parents to agree."The Teng green mountain says.
    ", Your parents ……I think of, so long-term, your parentses all once have never come me to return a dollar religion.Pick up your parents to come over when, had better, make your parents live here, you and your younger sister, also look after your parents."The various Ge dollar Hong says.
    "H'm, I prepare a this year year fiesta, let my parents come to this foolish last several dayses."The Teng green mountain is helpless on saying with smile, " my parents, read the clansmen in the clansmen, so would not like to grow a this place."
    The various Ge dollar Hong carries a flank of cup, drink one mouthful, just say with smile, "green mountain, the affair of your younger sister and cloud son and put first in one side, I see you, wait a year fiesta also 18 years old, it's time to also marry!You now can at the same time the row 《ground placard 》《Qian Long Bang 》 is still 《Qian Long Bang 》 first, again is that I return a dollar Zong Hei Jia's soldier the unification get, right away again is enforce the law elder!I believe in inside of elder, protect the methods, my senior younger brother etc., and many marriages that all lift you with me, their home or kin friend etc., can all have the quite good young girls of some proper ages, you when sometimes, can also see."
    The Teng green mountain is startled.
    Did the teacher also say Mei?
    "Teacher, this ……" Teng green mountain can shake head.
    Return a dollar religion to in fact also equal a dynasty, after all control 23 must population, is returning to also have many influences inside a dollar religion, want to let the miss in oneself's house marry a Teng green mountain, draw together a Teng green mountain, not strange.
    "See not to ascend those misses?"The various Ge dollar Hong says with smile, " taste is pretty high!Thus, say a good miss for you for teacher."
    The Teng green mountain is one Zheng.
    "So-called man should get married on coming of age, a girl should get married on coming of a, this is the ordained in nature matter.My daughter of"the various Ge dollar Hong says with smile, " is green, also quick 16, come with a marriage proposal of the persons almost crush under foot threshold.However, I see you and green quite good, piano chess calligraphy and painting, cooking woman worker, everything master in.She is 2 years younger than you, just right on the age, my daughter marries a green mountain you, don't humiliate you?If you has no objection to, I this is a dad, for green make decision ……seek your parents when the time comes, say 1, wait hereafter choose a day to marry."The various Ge dollar Hong says with smile.
    This various Ge dollar Hong dislikes to be teacher not enough, want to be a father-in-law.

    Chapter 29 Pei three
    "Teacher, I temporarily don't want to marry."The Teng green mountain says.
    The various Ge dollar Hong deeply saw Teng green mountain one eye and and then and then smiled:"Ha ha, my understand your this kid why 17 years old can attain inborn!You are similar to that any dust, the whole body energies all expend here up.However green mountain, I must remind you, this marriage, is also the important event of life, you can not neglect."
    "H'm, I understand."The Teng green mountain in fact also pretty has a headache.
    The green miss is really a good miss, that just like the qualities of the Zhe fairy sort, very pure.The miss like this is hardly seeing in the chaotic like this, generally once experienced a bloody matter, can hardly keep that purity.But the various Ge is green is believe in a lord daughter, living comfort and ease, plus a various Ge dollar guidance with good Hong, so as to own this time qualities.
    What then, the Teng green mountain doesn't move a mind to the green miss, just to the concern of younger sister's sort of that kind of.
    However teacher'various Ge dollar Hong'say of, the Teng green mountain also understands.
    Marriaging is really an important event!
    This is ancient times society, not filial have three, have no behind is big!In Chuang in the Teng house, father'Teng always any' once forced the Teng green mountain marry earlier, now, is see the Teng green mountain get into to return a dollar religion to need to be worked hard well, this is just willing to procrastinate for several years.

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    The surroundings one is silent to have no a voice.
    Perhaps be who have, all loathe to give up to take out.
    "Had no?Break you two arms, be regarded as to give you long power of memory."The Teng green mountain says and then wants to wield a transmigration of soul gun, gun head is a rhombus of, both sides all beneficial blade, can easily slice the person's upper arm.
    "Not, not!"Greatly take charge of to connect to shout, " I still have!"
    Said to greatly take charge of to take off jacket, be unexpectedly dressed in an aureate vest on his body, he wasn't willing to give up to take off this gold color of vest, pass in the ground, connect a way:"All all adult, I am completely this vest, can is that the south is wild medium of the gold silkworm vomit of silk, this silk is more more precious than purple gold!This vest wears on the body, warm in winter and cool in summer, and the defense dint may be than those heavy A!This gold silk vest basically has never got to sell!"
    Teng green mountain eyes a bright.
    On stretching hand to pick up this vest, this vest very of light, oneself's clothes wear of AN inside Xuan iron, weigh up to several catties, but this gold silk vest, estimate a catty of heavy or so.
    Good baby!
    Only have thousand catties of or so Wu Zhe but speech to those body strength, be dressed in heavy AN is on the body, really inconvenient.So, this gold cicada silk vest is absolutely the baby whom Wu Zhe hopes earnestly, the price absolutely drinks blood knife than that expensive of many.Certainly be like Teng green mountain this kind of monster, wear a several ten catties of of AN inside Xuan iron, and wear a catty of heavy gold cicada silk vest, is little distinct.
    Originally, greatly take charge of is not wanted make this baby go out.
    After all, money earns so much, the baby is difficult to buy.
    "Calculate you to gather together enough, my Rao's your life."The Teng green mountain directly puts into the gold ticket, silver ticket and view jade Buddhas of ground all bosom, as for other things all take on the hand.
    "All all adult, I this gold silk vest must be worth 200,002 silvers most at least, not, I that handle drink blood knife ……" that greatly took charge of words to just make reference to a half, the Teng green mountain was cold to see his one eye, then let this greatly took charge of to frighten dare not utter a word.
    The Teng green mountain grasps two handle long knife, a thousand years cold iron strength bow, gold silk vest, bosom Chuai wear be worth of ten several 100002 of gold ticket silver ticket and a piece of view jade Buddha, then walk toward the oneself car brigade to, cool drink a way at the same time:"Still don't make your persons all let for me from a distance!"
    "Step aside for me quickly and all, step aside!"Greatly take charge of to connect to shout a way.
    The car brigade is one square, a sees all contain one silk esteem to the visions of Teng green mountain.
    In this world, so, the strong will be subjected to respect.
    "Green mountain brothers."Zhu Chong Shi nods a to smile to the Teng green mountain, immediately the wreath attends to surroundings, immediately order way, " accepts shields all well, hurry, all last horse, set out!"Because one makes next, immediately the car brigade once more again vastly and mightily sets out.

    Chapter 43 《ground placard 》 superior
    Those horse thief's the robberses separate a big way and let the car brigade leave so.
    The nobody dares to obstruct!
    This time, they greatly take charge of, this also calculates presentable person and throws big face at Xu Yang Jun!This greatly takes charge of to order strictly, the affair that takes place today doesn't get unauthorized biography.
    However ……
    Today surroundings but have exactly 5,000 horse thief, and Ma Zes a loves to drink, how probably not does the unauthorized biography go out?
    Good matter difficult dissemination, this bad matter runs apace!
    Xu Yang Jun, Fan Wu Cheng, first gang'the sorcery mountain help', 5,000 horse the thief rob not to become, anti- be looted value ascend 1,000,002 silver baby.This news, imitates Buddha breeze similar quickly get about each city of Xu Yang Jun and each general situation of dint!
    That sorcery mountain helps, rob at a time and then can send 5,000 horse thief, in fact strong dint, be imaginable.
    Talk about real real strenght, Teng green mountain proper city in the old house of ratio of'white Ma Bang'all want to be strong to ascend some, however, plant too maliciously this time!
    Those baby, a lot of all according to low price calculate of, true value probably about 78100,002 silvers, however this spreads a rumor, is more spread more exaggerated!

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    For example the transmigration of soul gun of Teng green mountain, only the gun pole was used 100 catties of star line steels, these are 100,002 silvers.Gun head is also'purple light cold iron'cast into, create a gun head of that is purple light cold iron, but the Teng green mountain at the beginning takes out bigger cake of in two pieces of cold iron and is worth of about 200,002 silvers.
    Is also say ……
    Teng green mountain of'transmigration of soul gun', then it be worth of about 300,002 silvers!
    Black A soldier non-commissioned officers are originally still startled, at the moment face top not from show a smiling face.
    "The all all adult is really severe!"
    "That Ma Ze who is big cluster of, can not harm adult one star all governed adult to just dance a long gun of that pole the least bit, seem a head of bottom mountain fierce tiger, those horse thieves all bump to fly."
    "Hey Hey, 500,002 silvers!Adult really sufficient root all generally of!"
    The Ze Ze of the non-commissioned officers calls to sigh, can follow an all badly all, they also feel face.
    But that wagon inside, Zhu Chong Shi's wife and childrens stretch head dynasty to outside see.
    "Dad, can a person of uncle Teng vanquish so many horse thieves?Uncle Teng has a dad severe?"The young boy blinks to expect big eyes to looking at the Teng green mountain of distance, full is adoration in the eye, the child worships hero most easily, much less, Teng green mountain can in Ma Ze of the big current sort, easily massacre, capture rebel chief.
    This means, even all the heart of Zhu Chong Shi living esteem.
    "Your uncle Teng compares your dad, I wanted to be badly many!"Zhu Chong Shi smiles a to touch the head of his/her own big son, " after, you must also the good Xi is martial, become being like the similar hero hero of your uncle Teng."
    "H'm!"That boy connects to nod.
    "Dad, I also want Xi force."Moreover a kid also interrupts a way.
    "I also want!"A girl who ties a small plait also connects a way.
    "Ha ha ……" Zhu Chong Shi not from smile, "good, all learn, all learn."Zhu Tong once settles rules, the posterity of house, ignore the men and women all want the strength Xi in the self-discipline force, if natural intelligence not go self-discipline is not inside vigorously, that is another one parlance.
    "Dad, uncle Teng now at dry what?"Zhu Chong Shi's daughter says.
    Zhu Chong Shi looking at Teng green mountain in the distance to blackmail that to greatly takes charge of, peeps out to smile an idea on the face and says:"He is making money!"
    Two males one female, three kids are suddenly realize all an of facial expression.
    Car brigade this square mood is easy, talk to smile breeze to living, but Ma Ze this place disorderly, common Ma Zes scare not already, just and so in a short while, be killed more than 200 Ma Ze by the Teng green mountain, also have greatly take charge of a body beside most elite of four Ma Ze, connect strike back of dint all have no die.
    Is frightened!
    Greatly taking charge of is the most frightened!
    "Hurry, tea shalls arrive soon."Teng green mountain apathetic way, " is here thing, adding can calculate 330,002 silvers!"
    Connect two to take charge of, three take charge of to etc. several people's silver ticket, weapons to all bring over here, also not enough.
    That greatly takes charge of hasty get sweat such as rain bottom, suddenly think of what, fiercely to the surrounding rant way:"Is old two, your view jade the Buddha bring over here!Hurry!"
    "Eldest brother, this is that I am handed down from the ancestors ……" those two take charge of hasty.
    "Your his mama of die!Handed down from the ancestors fart, quickly bring over here."Greatly take charge of fiercely Si to roar a way, the complexion is ferocious, arrived this up, if those two take charge of dare again useless talk, this greatly took charge of to absolutely dare to begin to kill him.Those two take charge of unwillingly from the neck in took out the jade Buddha that a piece of vulture becomes.
    This small jade Buddha unexpectedly has colourful light to refract unclearly.
    "H'm?"Teng green mountain eyes a bright.
    "Eldest brother ……" two take charge of don't give up of will this'view jade Buddha'pass to pass by.
    "Do not baloney, there is life at, later what could not make?"Greatly taking charge of a Duo is past, extrude smiling face to see toward the Teng green mountain later on, " all governs adult, this view jade Buddha!But there spread to come over from Western Regions, absolutely rare baby, be take silvers all difficult buy.This trifle, being worth one most at least is ten several 100002 silvers."
    Teng green mountain cool way:"View jade Buddha, make price 100,002!Add now, just 430,002 silvers, also differ 70,002!Tea time about, you take not to come out, I break your two armses!"
    Greatly take charge of facial expression to greatly change.

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    "All all adult all governs adult!"Greatly took charge of to swallow to swallow throat, connected to say, " is us over-confident!I immediately make my person walk, will never obstruct all adult generally!"No matter is the marksmanship of Teng green mountain, still that in a twinkling kills flying of his troops four eliteses knife meanses to all make him fear.
    "To, we back, we walk now."Not distance of two take charge of to wait a person also frightened connect way.
    "The owner all steps aside, let all adult generally they walk!"Greatly take charge of Si to roar a way.
    Immediately Ma Zes immediately step aside a spacious road.
    The Teng green mountain stares at to greatly take charge of, the vision is icy cold:", So of, beat us to walk?Plunder our goods of black A soldier protection ……this is the capital crime, you think so Jie pass by?"

    Chapter 42 gold silk vest
    In June intense heat, the sun in morning has been a bit cruelty.
    Be stared at by the Teng green mountain, that greatly took charge of a forehead to leak out sweat bead, this not the weather is too hot, but his cold sweat of frightened.Has been just and briefly exchanged blows and greatly taken charge of to really know that in the moment black A soldiers all governing is a how terrible superior:"All all adult, you, you want what, though say?"
    Once the Teng green mountain stretch hand and open five fingers.
    "Five, 50,002 silvers?"Greatly take charge of a stammer way.
    "50,002 silvers?You also looked down upon your own small life too much!"The Teng green mountain stares at him, cool way, "500,002 silvers!You take out 500,002 silvers now, my Rao's your life, such as if otherwise ……"once the Teng green mountain lift transmigration of soul gun point of a spear and point at a big master face.
    It be pointed at by the point of a spear, greatly take charge of the cold idea that feels an iciness.
    "All all adult!500,002 silvers, I, go, go!"Greatly take charge of to connect in response to the way.
    500,002, is a very big number, can greatly take charge of not to dare is the slightest unable to decide.
    The Teng green mountain demands this silver, not is a blackmail:"Just got into Xu Yang Jun in a little while, we car brigade, meet such a strong Ma Ze's gang!Xu Yang Jun's vast territory and abundant resources, come out slowly sun county boundary, still want for 67 days most at least, effort, if isn't malicious to punish this person today to, once spreading to go, estimate the mind that will also feel fluky of other Ma Ze Tuan's, even if rob not to become,can't be subjected to punishment!"
    Must punish!
    Doing not punish isn't enough to shake Zhe other Ma Ze!Let them fear, just go!
    "However all all adult, I could not take so many silvers as well now.I come out, isn't likely to take so many silvers, not, you wait in a short while, I immediately rush through to return to in person and bring over here silver."Greatly taking charge of to by this time talk voices is all very small, only and perhaps ask for the Teng green mountain isn't happy.
    "H'm?"Teng green mountain facial expression a cold, " do you want to walk?"
    Greatly take charge of once the heart bottom cringe and connect a way:"Not, not, I make my two younger brothers return to take!"
    "Do not useless talk."Teng green mountain apathetic way, " I has no time to waits you to take silver here, your person first, once, who how long know?I limit in a tea time, you take out 500,002 silvers!If differ 100,002, I break you two arms, differ 200,002, I break your two arms, two legses!Differ 300,002 silvers ……that you could not see today's sun to fall mountain!"
    Greatly take charge of facial expression moment deadly pale, the legs all frighten soft.
    "All all adult, I, I could not take so many silvers now, a tea time, too short too short!"Greatly take charge of to urgently almost cry.
    The Teng green mountain sneer way:"No matter is a silver, gold, still a silver ticket, even at the expensive weapon, baby, can arrive price!I limit you inside tea and gather together enough the thing of being worth of 500,002 silvers."
    "Do not make those war horses breaking lousy iron of copper, to me, I have no a place to put!"
    "Remember, you only have for a tea time!"
    The words of Teng green mountain, greatly take charge of that hasty get the full head is sweat, connect to take out one gold ticket of folding from the bosom:"I, I this has 1,002!"This, represent 1,002 golds, be worth of 100,002 silvers.
    "My drink blood knife!BE I expend ten remainings are 100002 silvers, just create but become."Greatly take charge of to connect to insert own war knife into the knife sheath, also put on the ground.

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    Because inside superior of strength not old, look like 20-year-old young man, very may 3410.
    For example he Huo speech, look like 40 years old, actually but 60 many.
    "Qin Lang Xiong, this is really cold ten thousand years iron, don't know, what kind of price do you want?"The Huo speech says, this words are a , those two escorts that stand on one side mutually see one eye and obviously have some eyes hot.
    "Bid?"The Teng green mountain lightly smiles 1 and sees toward the Huo speech, " purple light cold iron is refining a weapon heavy treasure, will I go fetch to change silver?"
    The Huo talks embarrassed a smile.
    "I don't sell, changes!"The Teng green mountain looking at Huo speech.
    "Do not know to change what baby?"The Huo talks an inquiry way.
    "Star line steel!"The Teng green mountain says, " I this ten thousand years cold iron, there are 7 catties 22 heavy.I prepare to change 110 catties of star line steels.Certainly, ten thousand years cold iron far not only this price, price difference, you repair with gold or silver ticket."The Teng green mountain says very simply.
    The Huo speech ponders a way:"Seven catties of 22 …s …I the all things of the universe building can change 110 catties of star line steels to you, the gold ticket of in addition 500 two Yang salts!Qin Lang Xiong, how do you like this price?"
    According to a catty of purple light cold iron is 20 catties of prices of golds.The Huo talks to of price, have to be much high.
    "This ten thousand years cold iron, can be much more valuable than that star line steel, price up to have no city!You give of price, low some."The Teng green mountain is thin to say with smile.
    Ten thousand years cold iron, have no hard not Cui, this kind of characteristic, many inside strength the superior all long for day and night to have weapon like this.Since price up have no city, that ten thousand years cold iron, the reality clinches a deal price, a catty of purple light cold iron, should 20 catties of far super golds.And star line the steel is in the selling price of all things of the universe building BE'12 star line steel 12 golds', that all things of the universe building purchases goods cost, the star line steel has to be aer little cheaper than gold.
    "This ……" Huo speech is inching a hesitate, and then on grinding teeth, "110 catties of star line steels, the gold ticket of in addition 600 two Yang salts.This is the ceiling price that I can report."
    "It is very good."The Teng green mountain nods, " however, this, also please exchange into gold bar.I don't like to use a gold ticket."
    "This is all right."The Huo speech says and exchanges time in money shop, some storage expenses that need to be paid, the all things of the universe building didn't°yet is fussy about every detail to arrive that situation, " however, Qin Lang Xiong, you should also understand, this all things of the universe building in proper city, have no so many star line steel stocks."
    "This I understand."The Teng green mountain is thin to say with smile, " do you have to be much long-term and ready to?"
    "I send a person right away and all through the night arrive 300 rivers out of the inside rather county, tomorrow this time, can certainly ready to."The Huo speech says.
    "You this, can have a place to live bottom.I at you this waits."The Teng green mountain is thin to say with smile.
    Those two escort mutually see one eye, the heart bottom inwardly admires.Dare be bold to live in the all things of the universe building under, the not afraid all things of the universe building secretly kill people Lue goods, really is the skill Gao Ren's brave.
    "That is all right."The Huo speech says with smile, " this ten thousand years cold iron, Qin Lang Xiong is still your preservation.Tomorrow this time, we again trade."
    The behind of the all things of the universe building there is also big courtyard, and a great deal of house house.The escorts, maid of all things of the universe building and Huo speech building lord, all live in this.The Teng green mountain is also arranged a very fine house of in the decoration inside.If is in the big Inn, this wait a house, absolutely is characters house in a sky.
    Cent in evening, the all things of the universe building has already closed the door.
    At inside the open spaces courtyard, all things of the universe building behind's many escort are learning by exchanging views here skill in martial arts.

  • The step voice rings outDatum07.03.2023 09:05
    Thema von gdshutter im Forum Wolfblood

    The step voice rings out.
    One looks like young knife guest's together two escort and together walked to come in, this knife guest's vision a sweep and then target to sit the cultured middle age by the side of the desk.
    Observe a bearer step, look in the eyes and qualities, the building lord that knows person's innumerable in a twinkling had he or she's judgment:"This is a resolute fighting main son, vehemence relentless, this knife method estimates equally and relentless, should be a superior with very strong real strenght."This building lord is very clear, different career, will make people produce different qualities.
    For example, the rich billionaire often is laid it on with a trowel, talks that smiling generosity of spirits is all different.
    But have no the person of real strenght, dare to be like a Teng green mountain so, play power and prestige in the all things of the universe building?Perhaps drive a flock of inside strength the superior round and estimate heart bottom dozen drum, the expressions are all different.
    But the superior do so, that isn't to play power and prestige, but superior's manner!
    The person who has no real strenght dares not to unload weapon, also overbearing, afraid of a meeting be interrupted hand and foot to fling out.But the superior don't unload weapon, but the all things of the universe building still wants passionate entertainment.
    A same affair, the different person does, that the result is as different as chalk and cheese.
    "At under Huo in the all things of the universe door talk!"This cultured middle age arch hand says.
    "Qin Lang!"The Teng green mountain says, previous incarnation oneself's younger brother calls'Qin Hong', oneself at dark cutthroat code in the world BE'wolf', the Teng green mountain also wove this assumed name-Qin Lang.
    In this all things of the universe building building lord Huo speech brain quickly search for a while, but have never searched to have Qin Lang so personal thing, however severe person innumerable of nine state the earths, this Huo's talking doesn't dare to neglect as well and smile a way:"Proper city small place, seldom meet a superior, Qin Lang Xiong, Please sit down."
    Teng green mountain this just peeps out one silk smiling face, Malaysia gold knife ground directly sits down.
    "The proper city is this place, really difficult meet inside the strength of superior.However ……not Kui in the all things of the universe door is a front door parties, many valuableses put over there and let these completely inexperienced in society pupils watch, this Dan color, admire."Teng green mountain face up also show a smiling face, in brief say.
    Those two escort complexions Be tiny to change, but have never dared to make a noise.
    The Huo speech lightly says with smile:"These pupils just let their experience and training.This, each superior generally still gives us several cents thin side in the all things of the universe door."
    By this time, the maid also offered up tea.
    "Do not know, Qin Lang Xiong, arrive my all things of the universe building to have what matter?"The Huo speech says.
    Teng green mountain direct from the bosom takes out cold iron of ten thousand years, 1 of bang, put on the low short tea side-table, thin smile to say:"I make a living away from home between the world and whet to do knife Shu, lately, by coincidence in 1, get this a piece of ten thousand years cold iron!So, want to do 1 pen to trade with your all things of the universe building!"
    "Ten thousand years cold iron?Purple light cold iron?"That Huo talks one Zhan in heart, connect careful recognize, also especially idea by hand the cover live and see light dizzy.
    "Is indeed as expected cold ten thousand years iron indeed as expected, this weight is also right!"Huo the speech feel very heavy weight in hand and and then and more use inside strength fiercely an earthquake, this ten thousand years cold iron some harms all have no.This Huo talks to then and completely make sure this rock, really is cold ten thousand years iron.
    This Huo speech glimpses a Teng green mountain not from the heart bottom Cun way:"This Qin's wolf, ten thousand years cold iron this waits a baby to so at will take out.Indeed as expected is the skill Gao Ren's brave!"
    The ordinary people have this etc. treasure thing and hide still too late.
    The Huo speech is to once see, some people arrive all things of the universe building to sell a baby, will play a lot of calculationses, worry be looted a treasure thing.Real superior but don't care, self-confident because of superior!
    You dare to stretch hand to rob, I can chop in two your hand and take again baby once!

  • Thema von gdshutter im Forum Wolfblood

    The so-called person packs with dress, this carries on the back one after putting on a set of fine green Shan that does work handle benefit knife, pour is have a make a living away from home the world is martial of manner.
    Enjoyed a flourishing lunch later on, again at a wine shop.
    Arrive afternoon, Teng green mountain just head for that all things of the universe building, the Teng green mountain noodles at the moment permits inhospitality, once the surroundings pedestrian see, feel that the Teng green mountain isn't a good person.
    "Enter my all things of the universe building, please unload weapon."2 of all things of the universe building doorway wears sword woman, holds up at the same time and stretches hand to obstruct.
    "Hum."Teng green mountain vision a cold, a sweep these two women.
    "Get away."
    The Teng green mountain body hurtles before the form, direct are two these own inside the strength of the women bump to fly.Immediately inside the all things of the universe building of some inside strength superior connect round to come over, these people are all all without exception escort.Is among them one person of head, cautiously conjectured some kind of Teng green mountains, arch hand way:"This brothers enters my all things of the universe building and unloads weapon, this is the rules!"
    The Teng green mountain vision sweeps toward him, vision cold Lie, in the vision of kill an idea, let one Lin in those public.
    Teng green mountain previous incarnation be at die the person climb out in heap, present life, 10 years old massacre wolves.The Teng green mountain is originally a deicide, shake Zhe these inside strength superior, not just easy to accomplish?
    "The small proper city returns nobody and entitles to make me unload weapon.The building lord that"the Teng green mountain embraces knife and stands on the cool way, " makes you take care of comes over!I is to seek your building lord to contain important event today, I don't want to kill people!"
    "Master elder brother."One among the escort, see to is the person of head.
    "This person, a collision makes two younger sister Shis have no to resist of dint, we give offense to not to rise.Call in building lord uncle Shi quickly."This escort leader depresses voice to say.
    The Teng green mountain glimpses these people, inhospitality a smile.
    So-called rules, that is to ordinary people.Unload weapon?The truely severe superior treats weapon as life, how may let an all things of the universe building unload weapon?

    Chapter 42 superior
    The all things of the universe building first floor, the Teng green mountain embraces knife but signs, don't see those escort.
    Dong, Dong ……
    One among the escort quickly went upstairs the building lord of notifying this all things of the universe building.The all things of the universe building totally has 3 F, 1 F and 2 F put numerous counters, and only and the 3 F forbids outsider's getting into.This all things of the universe building stairs the first house at the side of arm-rest is a building lord usually foolish place.
    "Uncle Shi!Uncle Shi!"That young escort dashes into.
    "Loudly appeal to the public small call, be like what appearance."In the house, is having a white tunic cultured middle age to write freely splash-ink, drawing a painting son.
    "Uncle Shi, the down stairs come to a superior and look, is a very malicious main son."That escort connects way.
    "Superior?"This cultured middle age eyebrows is tiny wrinkly, let go of paintbrush, see escort toward that, " says a little bit in detail."
    That escort cautiously says:" At just, this knife guest would not like to unload weapon, direct shake for two younger sister Shis of doorway to fly.And disdain to a to attend to to our various senior younger brother.We don't dare to make decision without authorization.And he also says, there is important event seeking uncle Shi.So ……"
    "Do not make a mess of."The cultured middle age connects way, " you do inside strength ten few years, experience is little, deal with ordinary people to return.Deal with those malicious hot superiors, also differ far.You call in him and come up.You let your master elder brother and two seniors, also together come up."
    "BE, uncle Shi."This escort immediately backs bottom.
    Is cultured middle age public the bottom is very interrogative:"Do not know where comer thing, however, still keep seeing first."The greed that doesn't have unification world in the all things of the universe door, but theirs'all things of the universe building'but open whole nine state each city, according to the city defense size, store scale, superior's amount doesn't wait as well.
    Be like all things of the universe building, only this building lord is the core pupil of all things of the universe door, the day after tomorrow peak superior.

  • Thema von gdshutter im Forum Kino

    For an instant, the leaf autumn even wants to immediately launch an attack.Words like this, oneself wins his opportunity many pence is again.
    But, leaf the autumn was strong to endure.He wants to lose war the strongest Yan pleasant breeze.Because he believes firmly, oneself is a Yan city's strongest existence.Own this kind of viewpoint originally to, the leaf autumn of pragmatism to say to is a very silly matter, but, now, he is to want to do so.
    This is pursuing of a martial and persist.
    "You think to drink a point son medicine, can change what?"Leaf autumn Pie the Pie mouth say.Although his in the mind has already been guessing the name and effect of this kind of gene medicine at this time, mouth up but nowise show consideration.The leaf autumn classmate that represents justice and candor to the guy that the use medicine cheats is bad impression very.Before the gene medicine that belongs to violet squad didn't develop, he used medicines to all mean to deeply despise to anyone.
    "You haven't won.I didn't also lose.
    , The smile of Yan pleasant breeze doesn't matter."I admit that you are very strong now.Being strong to arrive me has to be dealt with you with this way.I also to this method despise, but I need an opportunity.A combat, and obtain a victorious opportunity."That remains to restart.I give you this opportunity.Is positive such as as I am just coming to Yan city you didn't kill me and gave me an on the hoof opportunity similar."Leaf the autumn Tan shrug Bang.
    After learning four heavy strength sons, the self-confident heart of leaf autumn inflates to terrible extent.He all inside has a kind of Pa to the Yan pleasant breeze to see.
    Is positive such as oneself's continent just came to Yan city own nothing at all, Gao Gao treated own attitude Hang kind inside the mold in the last Yan pleasant breeze.
    Just, 2 people's role changed just now.
    "That I naturally thanked."Yan pleasant breeze says, suddenly clenched fist to hurtle toward the leaf autumn past.
    There is no omen, like surprised thunder lightning flash, the orotund end falls, the person then has been already gone to.
    The fist carries secretly information and curls up sturdy current of air, as powerful as a thunderbolt of hit to the chest in leaf autumn.
    Still keep being the one punch that keeps to keep into, there is no flower Shao to be talked.
    And, so of attack set road he just had been already used.
    So, some honest his audiences are then surprised to exhale a voice.Also someone's woe shuts ascend eyes.
    Even if they don't understand a profound effort and also understand a recruit type again is meaning what in the combat like this.
    But, stand just across the street leaf autumn but don't dare to despise the gist.
    Is contrary, he is a face to rigorously wait for a closing to of fist.
    Attackstoning the route didn't change.The attack recruits type didn't change.
    What to change is speed and strength.
    The speed of the sort in the light.Have no the strength that can match.
    Was full of arrogant and Gang spirit in the fist of Yan pleasant breeze, the fist end went to, the boxing breeze unexpectedly has been already blown of the Human body body living cold, the skin on the face comes in contact with the furious wind of that mightiness and have a kind of be mown a meat sort by the knife of toring and pulling feeling.
    It Be getting nearer.
    Is nearer.
    Suddenly, the leaf autumn grips of the fist is past to bomb.
    The voice resounds through a whole field through a speaking trumpet.No one can understand, why the collision of the Qu of flesh and blood can send out so big sound.2 people's fist suddenly on getting in touch with, then and respectively feel the strength of the other party.
    That is like ocean stars, unpredictable, but extensive and matchless strength.
    Chi~~~~The body of leaf autumn is retreating, although he made several 1000 catties fall to.But still have no the status to can defer body countermarch.
    The marble stone noodles of the shoes and foot rubs and sends out the voice of Zao ear.
    He how is not understand either, why oneself used four heavy strength the son return drive opponent to beat back back.
    This also because of the effect of the that gene medicine Cha?
    More what to shake is a Yan pleasant breeze.

  • Thema von gdshutter im Forum Krankenhaus

    The red-blooded c type is a domestic, even world's most advanced gene medicine.He not only only has the miraculous effect of resuming the body function, but also can also stir up human body potential and make people's speed and fighting strength strengthen in the in a short time 1-200%.Certainly, this number scope is too extensive, also need to review to measure further.
    The most important 1:00 BE, the effect that still has energy of provide.Is also say, it not only only is the energy that stirs up inside your body, return ability dynasty your body inside importation medicine inside acre the energy of the Han.
    But, this medicine still has a fatal blemish:That is the efficacy of medicine unsteady.
    After several hundred tests, the successful man is 39.Only 39% success rate.
    The success rate that this kind of all leads to used for Help or and others Bo life of the medicine in the combat to say, is really very bad.No one dares to take the life of elite warrior to play trick.
    And, in those failed cases, there are also many serious linger effect of falling ins.Have even because the medicine inside the body loses control, inside the body of user through blood against the current but die.
    Be used as the captain of fifth troops, he can make this kind of haven't truely thrown to produce to used for the medicine on the warrior body not strange.
    But, he has never used as well before.This time, he drive leaf the autumn forced to the dead end.
    "The heaven protects.For the sake of the reputation of Yan house, the success or failure was in this shot."The Yan pleasant breeze in the mind inwardly prays.
    Held to clench fist, felt that the bodily status is in the instauration, and, there is a current of air at rapid but strong and healthily move in the blood vessels midstream.
    Is successful?
    The Yan pleasant breeze at heart rejoices with wild joy.

    Volume 3 starts to stand back to be person's chapter 639 to make effort:Leaf the autumn VS Yan pleasant breeze(next)
    The ache feeling of the body is disappearing, the that sour bulge benumbed arm resumed consciousness again.Be counting the knee of left leg most obviously, while just falling down, that place very heavily Ke at chair up.
    When the Yan pleasant breeze then just stands up, the legs are to can not bear bodily weight.Now that the impotence have been already disappeared, what to replace is steady emollient.
    "No wonder that be called the gene medicine of leading world level.The efficacy of medicine is indeed as expected miraculous."Yan pleasant breeze the in the mind is dark pleased.
    Always didn't once experimented before also have no concrete gene match to compare a certificate data.But have never thought own body can adapt to an efficacy of medicine like this just, have to say to is a kind of luck.Who say again isn't the luck a kind of real strenght?
    Held to clench fist a head, felt abundant physical strength inside the body, that kind of the self-confident heart of the mightiness came back again.
    The Yan pleasant breeze title looking at a station in the on the stage, imitating the Buddha is an autumn of the leaf of this world center, starts to float a to put on uncanny smiling face on the face.
    "The autumn of the leaf.Do you think that you won?Big match just truely starts now."The Yan pleasant breeze very heavily moves forward, a go toward don't fear to of walk over there to the satge.
    The satge belongs to himself/herself.Always BE.Who don't also want to replace the leading role that oneself becomes this world.Come?Ye Qiu felt the crary war idea of Yan pleasant breeze, although his face up is such equanimity.
    The autumn of the leaf isn't the first-time contact gene medicine, time even once what stuffed once tried as well by himself/herself Luo showed of new product.Generally speaking, because gene medicine the efficacy of medicine violent in action of is violent, will become some strange tokens at the body form shape.
    This is also the gene product the outside performance appearance of.
    But, very obvious.The medicine that the Yan pleasant breeze takes and be greedy for the wolf woman without pubic hair what they drank to contain a lot of differentiations.The outward appearance didn't change, but, the qualities has a dissimilarity.Afraid is the whole assembly hall, only truely face the leaf of Yan pleasant breeze just can know for autumn feel this kind of variety.
    Have no and for the first time that sort a close quarter jump boxing ring after sprinting and also learn appearance of leaf autumn to politely climb step.
    He needs time.Need to resolve for body and adapt to time of this kind of medicine.
    If just appeared on stage body but beginning to reject medicine, can how should to this kind of situation?
    The Yan pleasant breeze in the mind still has some to worry.

  • Thema von gdshutter im Forum Wolfblood

    "It is the person's body."
    Master in the human body learns of the Yan pleasant breeze immediately did accurate judgment.
    He knows that just Diao he is from the boxing on the stage drive leaf autumn one punch to beat fly go out of time, front of audience also encounter trouble, they avoided being seen cannot compare with, be also pressed by oneself at body underneath.
    "It is really a flock of unlucky guy."The Yan pleasant breeze wry smile isn't already.
    The hands support ground and want to climb from the ground.But the throat is one Xing, a liquid is then dashing but.
    Clearly know this time throw up blood will influence the body biggest, but he basically and too late does an effective arrestment and control.The one mouthful blood wildly sprays but, dye red An red of marble floor.
    "See ghost."The Yan pleasant breeze one punch hits on the ground.
    He exactly makes of is what effort?Oneself Hao why defenseless be beaten to go out?
    One that act that shuts eyes to remember just, he still 100 think not to get its solution.
    That time, is exactly their both parties respectively Xu foot energy, time prepare an one dead war definitely .2 people's fist why suddenly on getting in touch with, oneself drive he to beat to fly?
    If say own strength with him differ so greatly, the Yan pleasant breeze basically would not like to believe.
    Say, did he have a new incomparable skill again?
    "The guy of this abnormal condition."Yan pleasant breeze again unbearable ruthlessly scolded 1.
    Allow who know own the speed that the opponent raises is so of rapid, are the in the minds all not pleasurable to arrive where.
    Is much less, he has been thinking for autumn leaf's root be from already of defeated opponent.Just, didn't°yet suitable opportunity just and upright of knock down him just.
    The final outcome is contrary.Fall bad feeling very is mightiness!
    "The private can kill, can not Ru.Own destiny isn't such, the destiny of Yan house shoulds not be such, either."
    I defy!
    The hands support ground, the body fiercely bounces but rises.Imitate the condition of the injury on the Buddha body for an instant all automatic Sao more general, the Yan pleasant breeze again stood.
    Hua all over the place ring out as war whoop and applause of thunder, the present audience is moved by the persistence of the Yan pleasant breeze.
    They really don't know and just took place what affair, just think that 2 people's fist ratio put together Yan pleasant breeze to lose a to raise, drive one punch to beat to fly to go out.
    Suffered from a so heavy condition of the injury, all the bottom rolled under the set and originally thought that he has already finished having fun from the set.Unexpectedly he returns can in so short time inside stand up.
    "The handsome boy encourageses.
    We support you."
    "Handsome boy.I love your c "
    "The handsome boy is a good kind.A"knock down that small white face, the person worships strong, but also sympathetic toward weak.The failure bow of Yan pleasant breeze, commiseration has his numerous female cellophane noodles, make a noise to inflate for him together this time.
    The Yan pleasant breeze in past, in addition to oneself's feeling includes only river Yan of clock is purple, also true don't how put other women in the eye.
    But don't know today the son suffered the frustrate of biggest life what is the row of he particularly of the Pei is weak feigned.
    His in the mind unexpectedly moves for those not well-known chemisettes calling.
    Just just flew the Wang Jian Han and white dress woman whom the car arrived to a club building of office outfield to face the blazing cry voice of assembly hall, two human face face reading Qu.
    "Take place what matter son?Everyone how very excited appearance?"White dress woman surprise of say.
    They haven't walked into assembly hall, from afar of hear the underground spreads of shout a voice"see to compete have already concluded a fruit already."Wang Jian Han carefully listenned to in a short while and guessed to say.
    "Meeting can't a your two elder brothers can't lose?It is said that the Yan pleasant breeze is the special kind soldier's boundary first superior."The white dress woman says.She originally means to say her own father and also verily appreciates Yan pleasant breeze, this young man and very fastens a mother and at the beginning still wants and allows the supply to he or she him.
    But thought of the relation between autumn and Lin Cang Lan of Wang You Han and leaf, this sentence still suppresses at in the mind.
    Through this service, it is afraid to is the influence structure and form in the Yan city be re- shuffling cards again.
    This time, can not drag along the father's hind legs.

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    "From the moment he met Colby Cave in 2011, Mark Lamb knew he had found a kindred spirit. Not as a hockey player, though. Lamb had already enjoyed a 400-game NHL career and, truth be told, was a much more talented player than Colby Cave could ever hope to be. Where they found their common ground was in their backgrounds. Cave had grown up on a ranch in North Battleford, Sask., about four hours north of where Lamb and his family farmed in Pontiex, population 605.
    “We had a lot in common because I was brought up the same way,” said Lamb, who was the coach-GM of the Swift Current Broncos, the junior team for which Cave played for four seasons. “We used to make jokes about how we would try to get out of doing chores for hockey. I used to do it all the time and he did, too. What a person. What a player. Gone way, way too soon.”
    The hockey world was shocked and stunned to learn that Cave – a 25-year-old who had spent the past five seasons shuttling between the NHL and the American League, most recently for the Edmonton Oilers – died Saturday morning at a Toronto hospital after surgery to heal a brain bleed that occurred while he was sleeping in nearby Barrie, Ont., Monday night. Cave’s wife, Emily, found him unresponsive Tuesday morning and later that day, he underwent surgery was to remove a colloid cyst that was causing pressure on his brain.
    Even at a time like this, with so much death and uncertainty in the world, the last thing you expect is for a 25-year-old kid to be randomly struck down in the prime of his life and his career. Everything Colby Cave got in hockey, he earned with an extraordinary work ethic and an unceasingly positive attitude. A first-round pick of the Kootenay Ice in 2009, Cave was acquired by Lamb in Swift Current in January, 2011 as the centerpiece of a trade which sent WHL star and future NHLer Cody Eakin the other way. “Cody Eakin is the best player to come to this team since Joe Sakic,” Lamb said at the time. And still he traded Eakin, who had just won a silver medal at the World Junior Championship. That’s how much he thought of the unproven Cave, who captained the Broncos in his last two seasons of junior hockey.
    “He was a total buy-in guy, totally coachable,” said Lamb, who is now GM-coach of the Prince George Cougars. “Great teammate. He worked for everything he got. The last two years he was our best player and our leader. He treated everybody the way you want people to treat people. People gravitated to him and he had an infectious smile that he brought into the room. He wanted to be a hockey player and he bought into being a hockey player.”
    Cave’s agent, Jason Davidson, remembers one day earlier this season when Cave received a call-up from the Oilers and texted him in an Uber en route to the airport in Los Angeles. Not long after, he received another text from his client, saying the Oilers had called back and informed him that they didn’t need him after all and he was to report back to Bakersfield.
    “He texted me back and he was like, ‘Yeah, sh–, I was in the car and I was ready to go.’ ” Davidson said. “Then he just said, ‘I guess I just have to go back to work and play harder tomorrow.’ That’s the kind of person he was. I don’t think people realize how hard it is on a guy who gets called up and sent down. But I was looking through my texts with him the past couple of years and he never complained about it. Not once. It didn’t matter what day it was or what the circumstances were, you would always see Colby Cave with a smile on his face.”"
    "Bruins defenseman Torey Krug, who played parts of two seasons with Cave before the Oilers picked him up on waivers, said it was clear Cave had an infectious personality. “I played a very small role in his career,” Krug said. “But in the short time I played with him, it was very apparent that he just attacked whatever situation was right in front of him. It didn’t matter if he was going to be the fourth-line center that night or if he was bumped up to play with (David) Pastrnak and (Brad) Marchand like he did for a couple of games, it was always, ‘I’m going to make the best of this opportunity and I’m going to enjoy it.’ He just embraced every role he was given and every situation in front of him.”
    Earlier this season, Cave was playing for the Bakersfield Condors, the Oilers’ AHL affiliate, and got into a fight with rookie Martin Pospisil of the Stockton Heat. After the two players exchanged haymakers, Cave dropped Pospisil with a right hand that knocked Pospisil to the ice and rendered him unconscious. Pospisil regained consciousness and skated off, but remembered nothing of the incident. The next day, Cave sent Pospisil a text to ensure that he was OK. “Hey buddy, it’s Cave from the other side,” the text read. “Just wanted to reach out and hope you’re OK, buddy. You’re a tough kid and I respect a guy that stands up for himself. Hope you have a quick recovery, buddy.”
    (And just to be clear, there is no indication that the colloid cyst was due to any head trauma Cave may have suffered playing hockey. The cyst was not diagnosed until the surgery was done and Cave did not have an extensive history of concussions. Colloid cysts are a very rare congenital disorder. “According to the NHLPA doctor,” Davidson said, “you’re born with it and there’s nothing you can do.”)
    The Bruins signed Cave as an undrafted free agent after his career in Swift Current and Davidson said when the Bruins lost him on waivers to the Oilers in January, 2019, they were hoping they might be able to sneak him through without being chosen. Part of the reason Cave made it to the NHL is he had Davidson, a person who passionately believed in him as a player and a person and one of the people who helped convince the Bruins to sign him. Davidson read a text he received from Bruins GM Don Sweeney after Cave died Saturday morning. It read: “I can easily remember our discussions and your belief in his character. You were so right. We will all miss him.”
    To make things even more tragic, things were just starting to come together for Colby Cave, both in life and as a player. He and Emily, were married last July. You probably know Emily Cave now from the heartbreaking posts she put on social media after the surgery and leading up to her husband’s death. After the AHL season was officially cancelled, Cave was informed that if the NHL did start again, he was going to be called up as a Black Ace for their playoff run. He was due to become an unrestricted free agent this summer and there was always the possibility of Seattle expansion on the horizon."

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