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With the filial piety of Teng green mountain, also didn't dare to break home joss stick

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Can whole life single, Teng green mountain be willing to, parents the first different idea.
With the filial piety of Teng green mountain, also didn't dare to break home joss stick.
"Teacher, I am coming back the path Wu An Jun's city, over there, meet a superior.The skin is dark, the body is big and strong, be named'iron pagoda'.He to my challenge ……can I discover, this person should be that the inborn is strong."The Teng green mountain will cover up a ground doubt in the belly to speak.
The various Ge dollar Hong gets a shock:"Does the inborn strong challenge you?He know that you attain inborn?"
"See appearance, in advance don't know."The Teng green mountain says, " however should know with me after learning by exchanging views."
Oneself can block that iron Mao, that iron pagoda can certainly guess Teng green mountain real strenght.
"Most strange of BE, he while breaking out real real strenght, flash across in eye a golden light."The Teng green mountain doubt doesn't understand.
"Flash across golden light in eye?"The various Ge dollar Hong listenned to knit the brows a way, " H'm, listen to you so on saying, this calls'iron pagoda'of man, should be the temple of Mo Ni!"
"The temple of Mo Ni?"The Teng green mountain is a bit surprised.
"H'm, the world is eight greatest religious sects, only the temple of Mo Ni is a Buddha to believe in, we are another seven greatest religious sects, all chain Jing to turn spirit, chain gasification absolute being.And flash across golden light in eye, also only the temple of Mo Ni of, after all, the Mo Ni temple Buddha religion beg of BE'Buddhist relics', but what our self-discipline beg BE'inborn gold Dan'.If the absolute being in eye is substantial, the golden light is one Shan, the Buddha believes in, as long as attaining a Luo man fruit, can make, but we, have to attain'inborn gold Dan'just become."
The Teng green mountain listens to not too understand.
Because believe in self-discipline to the Buddha, he doesn't understand and seem, the self-discipline method of the temple of Mo Ni, totally different from the other religious sect.
"In fine, that iron pagoda, 90% nine, is the temple of Mo Ni."The various Ge dollar Hong says.
"The teacher, this iron pagoda, is a call Pei three of the middle age man's escort."The Teng green mountain morrow says, " that day, in Wu An Jun's city, this Pei three, a toss is 10,002 golds, buy under a winter plum.And, this Pei little island lords in three rightnesses of green lakes islands'thou a life time friend', look down upon very much."
"Luo man fruit superior, be escort?Pei in"various Ge dollar the Hong is a bit shocked, " three, is the somebody of the temple of Mo Ni?Can the temple of Mo Ni is very opposed to wasting money, bought winter plum with 10,002 golds, the temple of Mo Ni was afraid is disallow."
Various Ge dollar Hong also surprise.
The temple of Mo Ni, that is the head of eight greatest religious sects!
"I am some to see not and deeply, the Mo Ni temple troops is someone to make money.Can even if is rich, they also not dare to cost 10,002 golds to purchase winter plum ……even in give offense to little island lord in the green lake island!"Various Ge dollar the Hong is very certain, Mo Ni temple the key figures look down upon a green lake island as well as use a great deal of money.But, can enter key figures, affirmation is a monk inside the temple, monk inside the temple, have to forbid sex, don't even say to spend money to buy winter plum.
As for the vulgar life time pupil cans not helps sex, can be not likely to own a highland in the temple of Mo Ni, those vulgar life time pupil, perhaps still don't dare to look down upon little island lord in the green lake island.
"Being two kinds of is possible, a , this Pei three rightnesses of Mo the Ni temple contain great boon and make Mo Ni temple parties Luo man fruit the superior come to be escort.The second, this Pei three is a super strong, or his elder is super strong, badly to can steal to steal a Buddha to believe in Mi Dian from the temple of Mo Ni, let that escorts self-discipline, and still lets escort attain inborn!"The various Ge dollar Hong says.
The Teng green mountain listens to dark surprisedly.
These twos are possible, aught, this Pei three all not easy to handle.
"Green mountain has no a matter to return to a rest first."The various Ge dollar Hong says with smile.
"BE, teacher."The Teng green mountain leaves den.
Yang state, Wu An Jun's city.
The arbor of the Hao extravagant official residence next, thou a life time the friend is metal gray the face sit on the stone Deng, his in front is polite to stand bushy beard strong man.

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