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The step voice rings out

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The step voice rings out.
One looks like young knife guest's together two escort and together walked to come in, this knife guest's vision a sweep and then target to sit the cultured middle age by the side of the desk.
Observe a bearer step, look in the eyes and qualities, the building lord that knows person's innumerable in a twinkling had he or she's judgment:"This is a resolute fighting main son, vehemence relentless, this knife method estimates equally and relentless, should be a superior with very strong real strenght."This building lord is very clear, different career, will make people produce different qualities.
For example, the rich billionaire often is laid it on with a trowel, talks that smiling generosity of spirits is all different.
But have no the person of real strenght, dare to be like a Teng green mountain so, play power and prestige in the all things of the universe building?Perhaps drive a flock of inside strength the superior round and estimate heart bottom dozen drum, the expressions are all different.
But the superior do so, that isn't to play power and prestige, but superior's manner!
The person who has no real strenght dares not to unload weapon, also overbearing, afraid of a meeting be interrupted hand and foot to fling out.But the superior don't unload weapon, but the all things of the universe building still wants passionate entertainment.
A same affair, the different person does, that the result is as different as chalk and cheese.
"At under Huo in the all things of the universe door talk!"This cultured middle age arch hand says.
"Qin Lang!"The Teng green mountain says, previous incarnation oneself's younger brother calls'Qin Hong', oneself at dark cutthroat code in the world BE'wolf', the Teng green mountain also wove this assumed name-Qin Lang.
In this all things of the universe building building lord Huo speech brain quickly search for a while, but have never searched to have Qin Lang so personal thing, however severe person innumerable of nine state the earths, this Huo's talking doesn't dare to neglect as well and smile a way:"Proper city small place, seldom meet a superior, Qin Lang Xiong, Please sit down."
Teng green mountain this just peeps out one silk smiling face, Malaysia gold knife ground directly sits down.
"The proper city is this place, really difficult meet inside the strength of superior.However ……not Kui in the all things of the universe door is a front door parties, many valuableses put over there and let these completely inexperienced in society pupils watch, this Dan color, admire."Teng green mountain face up also show a smiling face, in brief say.
Those two escort complexions Be tiny to change, but have never dared to make a noise.
The Huo speech lightly says with smile:"These pupils just let their experience and training.This, each superior generally still gives us several cents thin side in the all things of the universe door."
By this time, the maid also offered up tea.
"Do not know, Qin Lang Xiong, arrive my all things of the universe building to have what matter?"The Huo speech says.
Teng green mountain direct from the bosom takes out cold iron of ten thousand years, 1 of bang, put on the low short tea side-table, thin smile to say:"I make a living away from home between the world and whet to do knife Shu, lately, by coincidence in 1, get this a piece of ten thousand years cold iron!So, want to do 1 pen to trade with your all things of the universe building!"
"Ten thousand years cold iron?Purple light cold iron?"That Huo talks one Zhan in heart, connect careful recognize, also especially idea by hand the cover live and see light dizzy.
"Is indeed as expected cold ten thousand years iron indeed as expected, this weight is also right!"Huo the speech feel very heavy weight in hand and and then and more use inside strength fiercely an earthquake, this ten thousand years cold iron some harms all have no.This Huo talks to then and completely make sure this rock, really is cold ten thousand years iron.
This Huo speech glimpses a Teng green mountain not from the heart bottom Cun way:"This Qin's wolf, ten thousand years cold iron this waits a baby to so at will take out.Indeed as expected is the skill Gao Ren's brave!"
The ordinary people have this etc. treasure thing and hide still too late.
The Huo speech is to once see, some people arrive all things of the universe building to sell a baby, will play a lot of calculationses, worry be looted a treasure thing.Real superior but don't care, self-confident because of superior!
You dare to stretch hand to rob, I can chop in two your hand and take again baby once!

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