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Doing not punish isn't enough to shake Zhe other Ma Ze!Let them fear, just go

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"All all adult all governs adult!"Greatly took charge of to swallow to swallow throat, connected to say, " is us over-confident!I immediately make my person walk, will never obstruct all adult generally!"No matter is the marksmanship of Teng green mountain, still that in a twinkling kills flying of his troops four eliteses knife meanses to all make him fear.
"To, we back, we walk now."Not distance of two take charge of to wait a person also frightened connect way.
"The owner all steps aside, let all adult generally they walk!"Greatly take charge of Si to roar a way.
Immediately Ma Zes immediately step aside a spacious road.
The Teng green mountain stares at to greatly take charge of, the vision is icy cold:", So of, beat us to walk?Plunder our goods of black A soldier protection ……this is the capital crime, you think so Jie pass by?"

Chapter 42 gold silk vest
In June intense heat, the sun in morning has been a bit cruelty.
Be stared at by the Teng green mountain, that greatly took charge of a forehead to leak out sweat bead, this not the weather is too hot, but his cold sweat of frightened.Has been just and briefly exchanged blows and greatly taken charge of to really know that in the moment black A soldiers all governing is a how terrible superior:"All all adult, you, you want what, though say?"
Once the Teng green mountain stretch hand and open five fingers.
"Five, 50,002 silvers?"Greatly take charge of a stammer way.
"50,002 silvers?You also looked down upon your own small life too much!"The Teng green mountain stares at him, cool way, "500,002 silvers!You take out 500,002 silvers now, my Rao's your life, such as if otherwise ……"once the Teng green mountain lift transmigration of soul gun point of a spear and point at a big master face.
It be pointed at by the point of a spear, greatly take charge of the cold idea that feels an iciness.
"All all adult!500,002 silvers, I, go, go!"Greatly take charge of to connect in response to the way.
500,002, is a very big number, can greatly take charge of not to dare is the slightest unable to decide.
The Teng green mountain demands this silver, not is a blackmail:"Just got into Xu Yang Jun in a little while, we car brigade, meet such a strong Ma Ze's gang!Xu Yang Jun's vast territory and abundant resources, come out slowly sun county boundary, still want for 67 days most at least, effort, if isn't malicious to punish this person today to, once spreading to go, estimate the mind that will also feel fluky of other Ma Ze Tuan's, even if rob not to become,can't be subjected to punishment!"
Must punish!
Doing not punish isn't enough to shake Zhe other Ma Ze!Let them fear, just go!
"However all all adult, I could not take so many silvers as well now.I come out, isn't likely to take so many silvers, not, you wait in a short while, I immediately rush through to return to in person and bring over here silver."Greatly taking charge of to by this time talk voices is all very small, only and perhaps ask for the Teng green mountain isn't happy.
"H'm?"Teng green mountain facial expression a cold, " do you want to walk?"
Greatly take charge of once the heart bottom cringe and connect a way:"Not, not, I make my two younger brothers return to take!"
"Do not useless talk."Teng green mountain apathetic way, " I has no time to waits you to take silver here, your person first, once, who how long know?I limit in a tea time, you take out 500,002 silvers!If differ 100,002, I break you two arms, differ 200,002, I break your two arms, two legses!Differ 300,002 silvers ……that you could not see today's sun to fall mountain!"
Greatly take charge of facial expression moment deadly pale, the legs all frighten soft.
"All all adult, I, I could not take so many silvers now, a tea time, too short too short!"Greatly take charge of to urgently almost cry.
The Teng green mountain sneer way:"No matter is a silver, gold, still a silver ticket, even at the expensive weapon, baby, can arrive price!I limit you inside tea and gather together enough the thing of being worth of 500,002 silvers."
"Do not make those war horses breaking lousy iron of copper, to me, I have no a place to put!"
"Remember, you only have for a tea time!"
The words of Teng green mountain, greatly take charge of that hasty get the full head is sweat, connect to take out one gold ticket of folding from the bosom:"I, I this has 1,002!"This, represent 1,002 golds, be worth of 100,002 silvers.
"My drink blood knife!BE I expend ten remainings are 100002 silvers, just create but become."Greatly take charge of to connect to insert own war knife into the knife sheath, also put on the ground.

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