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Enjoyed a flourishing lunch later on, again at a wine shop

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The so-called person packs with dress, this carries on the back one after putting on a set of fine green Shan that does work handle benefit knife, pour is have a make a living away from home the world is martial of manner.
Enjoyed a flourishing lunch later on, again at a wine shop.
Arrive afternoon, Teng green mountain just head for that all things of the universe building, the Teng green mountain noodles at the moment permits inhospitality, once the surroundings pedestrian see, feel that the Teng green mountain isn't a good person.
"Enter my all things of the universe building, please unload weapon."2 of all things of the universe building doorway wears sword woman, holds up at the same time and stretches hand to obstruct.
"Hum."Teng green mountain vision a cold, a sweep these two women.
"Get away."
The Teng green mountain body hurtles before the form, direct are two these own inside the strength of the women bump to fly.Immediately inside the all things of the universe building of some inside strength superior connect round to come over, these people are all all without exception escort.Is among them one person of head, cautiously conjectured some kind of Teng green mountains, arch hand way:"This brothers enters my all things of the universe building and unloads weapon, this is the rules!"
The Teng green mountain vision sweeps toward him, vision cold Lie, in the vision of kill an idea, let one Lin in those public.
Teng green mountain previous incarnation be at die the person climb out in heap, present life, 10 years old massacre wolves.The Teng green mountain is originally a deicide, shake Zhe these inside strength superior, not just easy to accomplish?
"The small proper city returns nobody and entitles to make me unload weapon.The building lord that"the Teng green mountain embraces knife and stands on the cool way, " makes you take care of comes over!I is to seek your building lord to contain important event today, I don't want to kill people!"
"Master elder brother."One among the escort, see to is the person of head.
"This person, a collision makes two younger sister Shis have no to resist of dint, we give offense to not to rise.Call in building lord uncle Shi quickly."This escort leader depresses voice to say.
The Teng green mountain glimpses these people, inhospitality a smile.
So-called rules, that is to ordinary people.Unload weapon?The truely severe superior treats weapon as life, how may let an all things of the universe building unload weapon?

Chapter 42 superior
The all things of the universe building first floor, the Teng green mountain embraces knife but signs, don't see those escort.
Dong, Dong ……
One among the escort quickly went upstairs the building lord of notifying this all things of the universe building.The all things of the universe building totally has 3 F, 1 F and 2 F put numerous counters, and only and the 3 F forbids outsider's getting into.This all things of the universe building stairs the first house at the side of arm-rest is a building lord usually foolish place.
"Uncle Shi!Uncle Shi!"That young escort dashes into.
"Loudly appeal to the public small call, be like what appearance."In the house, is having a white tunic cultured middle age to write freely splash-ink, drawing a painting son.
"Uncle Shi, the down stairs come to a superior and look, is a very malicious main son."That escort connects way.
"Superior?"This cultured middle age eyebrows is tiny wrinkly, let go of paintbrush, see escort toward that, " says a little bit in detail."
That escort cautiously says:" At just, this knife guest would not like to unload weapon, direct shake for two younger sister Shis of doorway to fly.And disdain to a to attend to to our various senior younger brother.We don't dare to make decision without authorization.And he also says, there is important event seeking uncle Shi.So ……"
"Do not make a mess of."The cultured middle age connects way, " you do inside strength ten few years, experience is little, deal with ordinary people to return.Deal with those malicious hot superiors, also differ far.You call in him and come up.You let your master elder brother and two seniors, also together come up."
"BE, uncle Shi."This escort immediately backs bottom.
Is cultured middle age public the bottom is very interrogative:"Do not know where comer thing, however, still keep seeing first."The greed that doesn't have unification world in the all things of the universe door, but theirs'all things of the universe building'but open whole nine state each city, according to the city defense size, store scale, superior's amount doesn't wait as well.
Be like all things of the universe building, only this building lord is the core pupil of all things of the universe door, the day after tomorrow peak superior.

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