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Until divide in noon at the moment, news just spread to ancient life time friend this

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At he the green lake island control of district, around ten thousand persons, unexpectedly arrive second sky noon, just find out a Pei No. 3 quality person.
Until divide in noon at the moment, news just spread to ancient life time friend this.
"General Lee!"The thou a life time friend looking at bushy beard strong man, " you say, several thousand city Wei the soldier surround that Pei three they are killed several hundred people, the big captain that leads several thousand people, return be held tight?"The thou's a life time friend facial expression is metal gray, " is absolutely the big Ji of slippery world!I the face of green lake island was all thrown to the utmost by you!!!The other party just three people, it is a weak woman to also have one, you No. several thousand person!If I, early put on neck!"
This bushy beard strong man connects a way:"Little island lord, that dark strong man is that the inborn is strong, starts to support a spirit cover all over, the bow and arrow is difficult to harm, with ease held tight the big captain of taking the brigade."
"Inborn!All of"thou a life time friend spirit of grind teeth, "s are artful self-defences, afraid to die just!Inborn how again, he can a while kill light several thousand people?The inborn true dollar is limited, the No. several thousand person surrounds to go, that inborn escort, at most kill several hundred people, the others grasp not to live that Pei three?"
Bushy beard strong man bitter and astringent way:"Little island lord, I city Wei soldier not the timidity afraid of death, but that Pei three compare him to escort, more severe."
Thou a life time the friend is stunned speechless.
"Our person surrounds to go, can that Pei 31 record hand knife, kill to surround of No. several person."The bushy beard strong man says.
"Leave body knife light?It is also a strong inborn."Thou a life time friend facial expression not from a change.
Inborn escort in fact has already let the ancient life time friend be afraid of in the heart, but that Pei three, unexpectedly is also that the inborn is strong.Thou a life time friend will hard consider ……the beard know, iron dress door totally three inborn strong, return a dollar religion, plus a Teng green mountain also just four inborns are strong.
Inborn, is can hardly attain, can that Pei three, lord servant 2 people two inborns.
"What position?"The thou a life time friend hesitates.
"Little island lord, that Pei three still let our person, take a words for little island lord."The bushy beard strong man's way.
"Say."Thou a life time friend calm and steady face way.
"That Pei three say ……" bushy beard strong man wry smile way, "tell that thou a life time friend, don't want to die, since departure vexed I!"
"Well big of tone."The thou a life time friend eyes Mi rises.
Bushy beard strong man the heart bottom Tan Te, with his cognition to the little island lord, meet this kind of indignity, affirmation has to be great anger.
"Let the owner all be sent back."Thou a life time friend cold track, " still has ……after a while I will return to green lake island, you notify my younger sister Shi."
"BE."The bushy beard strong man immediately draws off.
Inside the course of river, Anne sun river's the pleasure boat of a top and bottom 2 F slowly marches forward.
The dream cuckoo sits on the crest inside the layer cabin to play seven Xian pianos, the musical sound resounds sun river the cross-straits is at Anne, the boatman of whole body black dress shakes ship oar in the stern, but purple tunic man'Pei three'but is fore deck up, pleasingly lie on the wood chair, listen to a musical sound, shake head to sway to hum ditty in brain mouth.
"Master, you say that thou a life time friend, will can't send a person again to make track for to come over?"That strong man'iron pagoda'stand on the Pei three after death.
Pei three shut to fix attention on to hum ditty:"H'm?Trust, that thou a life time friend if is silly to this extent, impossible the row 《ground placard 》 , however come to Yang state this time, play a still true quite good.That Teng green mountain is good friends with than what I anticipated, and, also supplementary, found out the cuckoo miss piano teacher like this."
"That Teng green mountain is 17 years old for the inborn, really severe, only the bewitching monk before hundreds of years'item any dust'can compare."That strong man' iron pagoda' also great way, " however what that Teng green mountain do is a gun, but return a dollar religion, on the marksmanship very generally, the master, the natural endowments of Teng green mountain, will can't be returned a dollar religion to frivol."
"Looking at to would be!Again lead few decades, don't know?"Finish saying, Pei three squint again, hum ditty.

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