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This small jade Buddha unexpectedly has colourful light to refract unclearly

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For example the transmigration of soul gun of Teng green mountain, only the gun pole was used 100 catties of star line steels, these are 100,002 silvers.Gun head is also'purple light cold iron'cast into, create a gun head of that is purple light cold iron, but the Teng green mountain at the beginning takes out bigger cake of in two pieces of cold iron and is worth of about 200,002 silvers.
Is also say ……
Teng green mountain of'transmigration of soul gun', then it be worth of about 300,002 silvers!
Black A soldier non-commissioned officers are originally still startled, at the moment face top not from show a smiling face.
"The all all adult is really severe!"
"That Ma Ze who is big cluster of, can not harm adult one star all governed adult to just dance a long gun of that pole the least bit, seem a head of bottom mountain fierce tiger, those horse thieves all bump to fly."
"Hey Hey, 500,002 silvers!Adult really sufficient root all generally of!"
The Ze Ze of the non-commissioned officers calls to sigh, can follow an all badly all, they also feel face.
But that wagon inside, Zhu Chong Shi's wife and childrens stretch head dynasty to outside see.
"Dad, can a person of uncle Teng vanquish so many horse thieves?Uncle Teng has a dad severe?"The young boy blinks to expect big eyes to looking at the Teng green mountain of distance, full is adoration in the eye, the child worships hero most easily, much less, Teng green mountain can in Ma Ze of the big current sort, easily massacre, capture rebel chief.
This means, even all the heart of Zhu Chong Shi living esteem.
"Your uncle Teng compares your dad, I wanted to be badly many!"Zhu Chong Shi smiles a to touch the head of his/her own big son, " after, you must also the good Xi is martial, become being like the similar hero hero of your uncle Teng."
"H'm!"That boy connects to nod.
"Dad, I also want Xi force."Moreover a kid also interrupts a way.
"I also want!"A girl who ties a small plait also connects a way.
"Ha ha ……" Zhu Chong Shi not from smile, "good, all learn, all learn."Zhu Tong once settles rules, the posterity of house, ignore the men and women all want the strength Xi in the self-discipline force, if natural intelligence not go self-discipline is not inside vigorously, that is another one parlance.
"Dad, uncle Teng now at dry what?"Zhu Chong Shi's daughter says.
Zhu Chong Shi looking at Teng green mountain in the distance to blackmail that to greatly takes charge of, peeps out to smile an idea on the face and says:"He is making money!"
Two males one female, three kids are suddenly realize all an of facial expression.
Car brigade this square mood is easy, talk to smile breeze to living, but Ma Ze this place disorderly, common Ma Zes scare not already, just and so in a short while, be killed more than 200 Ma Ze by the Teng green mountain, also have greatly take charge of a body beside most elite of four Ma Ze, connect strike back of dint all have no die.
Is frightened!
Greatly taking charge of is the most frightened!
"Hurry, tea shalls arrive soon."Teng green mountain apathetic way, " is here thing, adding can calculate 330,002 silvers!"
Connect two to take charge of, three take charge of to etc. several people's silver ticket, weapons to all bring over here, also not enough.
That greatly takes charge of hasty get sweat such as rain bottom, suddenly think of what, fiercely to the surrounding rant way:"Is old two, your view jade the Buddha bring over here!Hurry!"
"Eldest brother, this is that I am handed down from the ancestors ……" those two take charge of hasty.
"Your his mama of die!Handed down from the ancestors fart, quickly bring over here."Greatly take charge of fiercely Si to roar a way, the complexion is ferocious, arrived this up, if those two take charge of dare again useless talk, this greatly took charge of to absolutely dare to begin to kill him.Those two take charge of unwillingly from the neck in took out the jade Buddha that a piece of vulture becomes.
This small jade Buddha unexpectedly has colourful light to refract unclearly.
"H'm?"Teng green mountain eyes a bright.
"Eldest brother ……" two take charge of don't give up of will this'view jade Buddha'pass to pass by.
"Do not baloney, there is life at, later what could not make?"Greatly taking charge of a Duo is past, extrude smiling face to see toward the Teng green mountain later on, " all governs adult, this view jade Buddha!But there spread to come over from Western Regions, absolutely rare baby, be take silvers all difficult buy.This trifle, being worth one most at least is ten several 100002 silvers."
Teng green mountain cool way:"View jade Buddha, make price 100,002!Add now, just 430,002 silvers, also differ 70,002!Tea time about, you take not to come out, I break your two armses!"
Greatly take charge of facial expression to greatly change.

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