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He exactly makes of is what effort?Oneself Hao why defenseless be beaten to go out

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"It is the person's body."
Master in the human body learns of the Yan pleasant breeze immediately did accurate judgment.
He knows that just Diao he is from the boxing on the stage drive leaf autumn one punch to beat fly go out of time, front of audience also encounter trouble, they avoided being seen cannot compare with, be also pressed by oneself at body underneath.
"It is really a flock of unlucky guy."The Yan pleasant breeze wry smile isn't already.
The hands support ground and want to climb from the ground.But the throat is one Xing, a liquid is then dashing but.
Clearly know this time throw up blood will influence the body biggest, but he basically and too late does an effective arrestment and control.The one mouthful blood wildly sprays but, dye red An red of marble floor.
"See ghost."The Yan pleasant breeze one punch hits on the ground.
He exactly makes of is what effort?Oneself Hao why defenseless be beaten to go out?
One that act that shuts eyes to remember just, he still 100 think not to get its solution.
That time, is exactly their both parties respectively Xu foot energy, time prepare an one dead war definitely .2 people's fist why suddenly on getting in touch with, oneself drive he to beat to fly?
If say own strength with him differ so greatly, the Yan pleasant breeze basically would not like to believe.
Say, did he have a new incomparable skill again?
"The guy of this abnormal condition."Yan pleasant breeze again unbearable ruthlessly scolded 1.
Allow who know own the speed that the opponent raises is so of rapid, are the in the minds all not pleasurable to arrive where.
Is much less, he has been thinking for autumn leaf's root be from already of defeated opponent.Just, didn't°yet suitable opportunity just and upright of knock down him just.
The final outcome is contrary.Fall bad feeling very is mightiness!
"The private can kill, can not Ru.Own destiny isn't such, the destiny of Yan house shoulds not be such, either."
I defy!
The hands support ground, the body fiercely bounces but rises.Imitate the condition of the injury on the Buddha body for an instant all automatic Sao more general, the Yan pleasant breeze again stood.
Hua all over the place ring out as war whoop and applause of thunder, the present audience is moved by the persistence of the Yan pleasant breeze.
They really don't know and just took place what affair, just think that 2 people's fist ratio put together Yan pleasant breeze to lose a to raise, drive one punch to beat to fly to go out.
Suffered from a so heavy condition of the injury, all the bottom rolled under the set and originally thought that he has already finished having fun from the set.Unexpectedly he returns can in so short time inside stand up.
"The handsome boy encourageses.
We support you."
"Handsome boy.I love your c "
"The handsome boy is a good kind.A"knock down that small white face, the person worships strong, but also sympathetic toward weak.The failure bow of Yan pleasant breeze, commiseration has his numerous female cellophane noodles, make a noise to inflate for him together this time.
The Yan pleasant breeze in past, in addition to oneself's feeling includes only river Yan of clock is purple, also true don't how put other women in the eye.
But don't know today the son suffered the frustrate of biggest life what is the row of he particularly of the Pei is weak feigned.
His in the mind unexpectedly moves for those not well-known chemisettes calling.
Just just flew the Wang Jian Han and white dress woman whom the car arrived to a club building of office outfield to face the blazing cry voice of assembly hall, two human face face reading Qu.
"Take place what matter son?Everyone how very excited appearance?"White dress woman surprise of say.
They haven't walked into assembly hall, from afar of hear the underground spreads of shout a voice"see to compete have already concluded a fruit already."Wang Jian Han carefully listenned to in a short while and guessed to say.
"Meeting can't a your two elder brothers can't lose?It is said that the Yan pleasant breeze is the special kind soldier's boundary first superior."The white dress woman says.She originally means to say her own father and also verily appreciates Yan pleasant breeze, this young man and very fastens a mother and at the beginning still wants and allows the supply to he or she him.
But thought of the relation between autumn and Lin Cang Lan of Wang You Han and leaf, this sentence still suppresses at in the mind.
Through this service, it is afraid to is the influence structure and form in the Yan city be re- shuffling cards again.
This time, can not drag along the father's hind legs.

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