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As we all know, it was only after Columbus discovered the New World that tobacco entered the European people’s horizon. The people of the New World smoked a long history and a wide range, from the east to the West Indies, north to Mexico, and south to Maya, smoking cigarettes to be renovated: the leaves of the tobacco were rolled up (the prototype of today's cigars), and the pipes were smoked (today's pipe The prototype), even picking tobacco leaves and chewing (do not imitate this). In 1497, when Columbus visited the New World, he had seen Indians smoking. In 1535, Mr. Ovetu published "Indian History", saying that the Indians "use a Y-shaped tube, inserting both ends of Y into the nostrils, and the other end. "Putting burning tobacco"-this smoking set is in one step, it is simply neat, but it is too fierce, so most people still use the pipe to smoke. In some tribes, everyone smokes; fights with foreigners, meritorious service, the chief comes to carve a pattern on the pipe, and the pipe is buried after death; in some tribes, they also make a big pipe, used as a national flag, wrapped in animal skins, wrapped ribbons, and inserted rare birds Feathers are colorfully arranged. In the mid-16th century, tobacco seeds were spread all over the world by the Portuguese and the Spanish, looking for suitable water and soil everywhere. So Luzon Island in the Philippines, Connecticut in the United States, and Havana in Cuba, where the right climate and natural cigarette cans, finally found a historical mission. And all kinds of smoking sets are also popular in the world. Modern smokers mainly use three methods of smoking cigarettes, pipes and cigars. However, cigarette lighting methods and various smoking tools are indeed different. Cigarettes must be dealt with with a lighter, and the pipe must be filled with tobacco. You can't use a plug. The most common and safe method is: rub the tobacco loose, put it into the bowl until it is full, press it slightly, the British call it "the hand strength of the child", and press it to half full; then install the second layer, using the British so-called " Women's hand strength", pressed to 2/3; finally filled, pressed. Make the match, spin, and burn out a burning layer, wait for the smoke to stand up, and start to fragrant, and then go through. This can be smoked Marlboro Lights. To light a cigar, the usual routine is to cut it, first use a match to warm the circle, and finally click on it Newport Cigarettes, then breathe it Cigarettes Online, supply oxygen to the flame, and the cigarette butt is lit, this is even if the point is even-if the cigar is burnt, The taste will be weird. Is it trouble? There is no way. This is because the history of smoking is inherently troublesome. The resulting appliances and routines are even trivial and boring for outsiders, and insiders are happy! Friends, have you learned?
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