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The autumn of the leaf this once turned a face to see past and saw a strengthen solid figure to street side of the cafe walk.
He at here dry what?
Such as if be not fortune upon today, the leaf autumns all give°ed this kind of small potato to forget.He is a person of uneasy, give offense to a ground of person really too many.If all personal enemies profoundly record in the brain.The words combined to every moment guard against fear to want to take up many brain areas space and time.
And these people compared with the Yan pleasant breeze, really insignificant some.Even can neglect not to account.
But this kind of person has a characteristics, be entwine.
It is can hardly for them to hurt you, but as long as having an opportunity, will hurtle to come up to bite two people to vomit a few spittles, the disgusted person is some kind of.But Yan pleasant breeze that person but will not easily make moves, once making moves for the condition luxury, embroiling very and widely.
The leaf stands the autumn where looking at his figure.Until ring out the voice of movie opening in movie theater, he just embrace food to enter a field.
Only wish, they not is come to seek they's ground.Today's mood isn't suitable for to fight.
Being blue can the heart see a leaf bend body to come over here for autumn.Say:"The movies all started, I still feared a cinema too black, you can not find us of position."
The time that says this words, but the in the mind is a sweet Zi Zi.After all, leaf the autumn buy retail price for the sake of her.In the impression, this has been being a boyfriend to do a ground of matter for girl friend.
"How can?Did I remember position."The autumn of the leaf is sat down and pass the puffed rice to blue can heart, oneself carries cup cola to stare at a screen, that shape is sexy hot at first concentration's making people remember profoundly leading lady have already appeared.
The plot of movie makes the leaf have some disappointment for autumn.
Especially car person and gain considerable fame a sky to entwine together of time .See a heap of iron piece at roll around of, the leaf autumn basically cans not distinguishes Chu who is a good person who is a bad person.
The whole slice is unique a little bit bright is the leading lady's shape sexy, the chest is very big, while being gained considerable fame a sky to make track for to kill, run that to rise and fall towards growing breast one Zhan one Zhan of, up and down, don't wear an underwear, also is a little bit convex, is the place of the most fascinating whole slice.
The autumn of the leaf even doubts.So many men would like to take out money into expensively a movie ticket to enter a field, will can't be for seeing this plumply chest?
Can what is the women coming to see ground ?The autumn of the leaf doesn't dare to ask blue can heart, and then there is no position asking an another woman.Can give° this answer to cover up in the heart bottom.(This problem is what I have been confusing, such as if this book contains female reader, please help to tell in the book review area.The great boon is unable to repay a kindness and only makes a commitment.)
The station ground is more and miserably more high, fall off ground.
Is water wood university Tae Kwon Do association pair president of association ground Xie Zhi Gao was in public beat°upped by Yang Le some kind of, feel facial to to the utmost lose, could not faced before his Xun to scold and educational student.It was unexpectedly direct to do to drop out in water wood university.Then sought a Tae Kwon Do building to do coach in the Yan city City again.
His artistic skill at leaf autumn this kind of human face front up not get set noodles.But intimidate those to prostrate un worship but again not to know that it is badly arrived to this kind of Korean shot skill where of the fool is still enough.
Learn a last words with marketing in the market to speak be:The China the people is many, the fool is also many.You need not cheat to pour owner.As long as can cheat to pour one small parts of person.So you will succeed.
Thanked ambition to go to Gao and then be subjected to very much heavy use, after singly once performing several times, many people even the roll call wanted to follow him to study Tae Kwon Do.He found out at school to do Tae Kwon Do association to do a pair again president of association of the sense of achievement.
But, in the heart but have been canning not forget his humiliation that joy brings of.He still especially the idea take the person blocks up Yang Le to water wood university, different joy because the business that is occupied in company, few emergence are at school, let he a few ambushes all end up in nothing.
BE training for a ground of time today, received the younger brother's telephone.Say is discovered moreover an enemy of their brothers leaf autumn.

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