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Wait until allly persons all respectively after declaring, Tang Guo just says with sorry and ashamed look:"Many thanks to everyone's reminding, otherwise, I was still really mistake to go into a Qi way.If because my fatuity sends to the Tang the hand of others inside, I hereafter how can give an account to the father?"
"I have already descended to certainly come to a decision, will immediately declare to the medium and refuse rich brocade king's good intentions.Tang Guo is young, hereafter have what do a ground not good enough place, also ask everyones to lift more point more.The Tang is everyone's Tang.Let's make great effort together."
Hence, the guest and host exerts a joys.A group of persons are satisfied with that the ground leaves.
Mary looking at this young president to still be full of the Qiao faces of youth breathing, the in the mind is 100 feeling social intercourses, and originally the person really can not judge by his appearance ground.
When Tang Guo just entered the Tang, none of owners was optimistic about.Now, she seems to be already to walk very perfect square one.As long as don't what directive blunder mistake, have these group lord stem ground help, what can the matter not succeed again?
"Mary makes a phone call to ask thunder assistant to come over."Tang Guo sends a guest to walk behind.Return to body order way.The thunder-storm was very quick and then camed over and said:"President, do you seek me?"
"Declare to the medium, I and son's rich brocade king of president Wang Fu have no relation."Tang Guo's facial expression firmly says.
"Yes, president."The thunder-storm promises.Hesitated for a while, still kept reminding a way:"President so and in public refuses to the medium, will can't let you and does the antinomy of president Wang's turn worse?"
"Turn worse again how?The opponent is finally an opponent, can't because of you weak come down pass you.We want to do now of is solidify the person whom we can solidify as far as possible."Tang Guo puts to say."Shining on me says that the ground does."
"BE.President."The thunder-storm happily promises.Don't know what is the row son.The in the mind is very happy.It is like a detection suddenly.A night of, oneself with concentrated effort protects of the fairy ball bloomed.
Wang Hou Hua wears a pajama.Finish seeing newspaper up of after reporting, looking at to sit a just across the street son, smile to ask a way:"How?How to feel?Drive brush-off ground the taste isn't pleasurable?"
What about rich brocade king opened mouth to smile, although make every effort dissimulation, still a bit dry.Say:"Yes.Say not suffered is false.Be refused for the first time, and make a ground of whole citieses all know.But, the result like this also anticipates at me in."
Wang Hou Hua is satisfied with head in the location and looking at a son to say:"The roses all take a sting.The flavor that craves for a rose thinks the way give° the sting of its surroundings to pull out first."
"I am understand.The some small frustrate still a shot doesn't pour mine.This is just one the beginning is behind real of combat.Daddy, I tomorrow go to the Tang and report."Rich brocade king in earnest says.
"Good.I already and business section old Wang beat to receive, he is the person whom I lift all alone, you do his ground assistant, should be able to learn to some things.Rich brocade, diligent, I will support yours."
Rich brocade king's mother carries fruit bowl to come out, hears the dialogue of father and son a pair and get angry with ground to say:"That woman has what fantastic?Unexpectedly refuse rich brocade in our house on the medium.Our son where not good?If I say, the rich brocade isn't going to bealso g her, the so grand woman doesn't hope into our Wang Jia's front door.You like what kind of female kid, I go to and seek for you.Guarantee assure to make you satisfied."
Rich brocade king's mother plays mahjong today of time, drive card friend because of son drive a women brush-off ground matter to fight.So the in the mind is disaffection very much to Tang Guo.
Wang Hou Hua stared wife's one eye, the Xun scolded a way:"What do you know?"
The autumn of the leaf and blue can the heart is suddenly many a mutually understand without saying ground engagement, be every day once ate after meals will go to street up walk to walk.
Being blue can the heart would not° until till after Lantern Festival school begins and return now in house of leaf autumn in.The Gu male few female gets along one room, risk really too Gao.
Being blue can the heart idea is pure, as long as ability and leaf autumn together will be very happy.Leaf autumn center of earth's thinking is very pure, can his body have been no longer pure.
The satisfied Ai thinks Yin desire and once ate every day blue can after heart do a ground of flourishing dinner, the leaf autumn is some other viewpoints of head quarter.Just started to be still very weak,

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