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The former career

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The autumn of the leaf groped for on the river Yan's purple body a burst of, don't touch a knife, own bayonet again put don't pull out on the other people's neck.
There is no sharp tool, always can not by hand dig?
But they walk of the place leave hunter's cabin again too far, wait until him to be purple to embrace to return to river Yan, afraid of the bottom want to be lousy half.These monsters are too cruelty, unexpectedly the tools and implements has caustic liquid bomb from explode.
See arrive not there is the cold light in a way silver white in distance, the leaf autumn thinks of, and that is the arrows tube that river Yan is purple to fallen off.
Once the idea move, from the arrows tube in draw out a long arrows, become arrowhead two turns of in own mouth, the saliva has to disinfect function, then ties toward river Yan the Fu meat on the purple bottom past.
Because the sharp of the arrowhead isn't enough, the leaf autumn digs a piece of meat each time, is all together very difficult process.Like in the leaf autumn medical skill return calculate brilliant, don't appear what accident.
The color of the sky again darkly, don't illuminate an equipments, leaf autumn can head droop wear, even leave river Yan purple white the hip of the Hua Hua only have a distance of breadth, can smell**the fragrant flavor flavor of ditch.
This woman unexpectedly still virgin.This detection doesn't already let leaf interrogative for autumn.
A big beauty thus falls in love don't push over, does the old daddy flick under?
Don't anaesthetize an equipments, dig one arrows each time, river Yan's bodies purplely all painfully had muscular spasms once.The silver tooth bites a ground of Luo Luo to make to ring, the muscles of whole body all stretch tight ground tightly and tightly grasp thigh of leaf autumn.
Leaf autumn ground thigh ascend with cuts and bruises all over, but was strong to endure don't call out.Come out to mix, always want to return.Oneself acrosses one that trick had somebody else's chest of the cheapness be grasped two repay loan is also normal.
But let leaf for autumn depressedly BE, the somebody else grasps the ground to him so painful, that trick not only have no soft come down, and more and more strong and tough, write with iron casting.
And along with mow meat continuously rubbing of the 2 people's body, the leaf autumn doubts and has another several the bottom son, it is oneself to endure to can not bear to fear, on the spot all want to project come.
Man, your name calls animals.
Because of the ache, river Yan purple whole bodies are all wet by the sweat.Feel river Yan purple chest more clearly in younger brother younger brother of leaf autumn of soft, leaf autumn a touch past, river Yan is purple**top already full is a sweat.
"Endure.Is very quick good."Leaf autumn a hand tear apart her wound.Moreover a hand is used arrowhead ground sharp place to mow meat.Wait until could not smell that foul smell flavor, the leaf autumn vomited two people again the phlegm arrives purple Yan of river of wound.
Don't disinfect tool, the sky was black to can not find herb medicine, the saliva is the only choice.
"Walk.I carry you on my back return to."The leaf starts to carry on the shoulder the river Yan's purple body to the autumn, then quickly runs to the outside.Although oneself give°s her Fu meat to pare off clean, her wound still needs a further processing.
And, in case of still have Fu meat don't slice clean how do?
The rattan Man is horizontal to living, the road of forest is again steep, if not that leaf the autumn artistic skill is nimble.The some timeses all almost fall down on the ground.
The leaf runs autumn to pant noisily, violet ground thought but get into a very marvellous territory ground.
Is very quiet, even could not feel**of ache.In the mind softly, very sour, want to cry, the but again feels with full intention full lung ground happiness.
Ever, she numerous desires of time drive that man like this the back rose.But, until the nature and man always separates, this wishes also has no to carry out.
Now, at moreover an and he thus resemble of man body up.She has the wish fulfilled.
She is thinking of, is also think of.The former career is like the movie film of old style general, a ground presents in the brain.
Miss him so much.
The violet tightly hugs a leaf for autumn of neck.Slowly got into dreamland.
The autumn of the leaf comes to this to hunt a field for the first time, incognizant what road.Original wayside is have already guided sign, but the color of the sky is dark too much, the leaf autumn also has no the way sees that sign of arrowhead.
The group that is very not easy to run into another hunting, leaf autumn to their Cuo a floodlight, this just finds out the road that the sign found out forest.

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