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The violet hand lifts long bow at the behind the autumn is to the leaf Lue, guard against other persons from behind plot secretly against.This wood's son is unusually dark, stretch hand to disappear five fingers.If isn't the sight of their these people to differ with ordinary people, didn't illuminate the assistance of equipments, afraid is that even walking roads is unsteady.
It is said that three year agos.The son of a vice- bureau chief and companion takes part in the hunting activity that the Xuan Yuan will organize.Result several person's self-reliances are very high, have never taken to illuminate an equipments, again careless, drive two wild wolves to touch nearby offend caught unprepared, his companion threw down him to run.He livingly drive wolf to tore into broken bits.
This matter aroused shockingly big wave, the department concerned got into and hunt an activity be called to stop.
The Xuan Yuan meeting backstage is the hardest, and that vice- bureau chief ground the backstage is again not enough strong, investigated a period of time after, affair also conclude without concrete result.
The hunting activity of death affairs happening not only only and again organizes, but also gets more people to respond to and favors.
Because of why?Stimulate.
The autumn of the leaf's more beating is more fidgety, be begun by a woman's in front and others, but slowly can not win victory.The matter son that is how shameful.
And this woman just just performed to extremely live all alone, three arrowses together.Abruptly of will an unluckily the guy shoot sting
Pour not is say a leaf the real strenght of autumn not equal to violet.But because the violet robbed to preempt.Darkly in, bullet bow and arrow a type of thing is the most difficult dodge.And she sprints quickly, when the other party hasn't responded to come over kill its shot.
The autumn of the leaf dissimilarity, he with at the time that others tried very hard to, the other party had already enough watched out for.And although the words of violet reminded that he attackstones their necks and also reminds that they try very hard to protect their they ground neck at the same time.And these people don't know from where come out a ground of abnormal condition, the common knife wound basically can not influence their ground aggression.The autumn of the leaf once used the bayonet pulled on a chest of guy together long long ground son, can that guy not only only have no surprised call painful, on the contrary be like ate elder brother Wei general, the bayonet flicks also more coquettish.
The bayonet of leaf autumn is what club provides, the quality is best, otherwise and these two guys to put together so for many times, it is early to fear book son.
Not next point son the true effort is to don't become, these two guys are really vexed persons.Keep on entwining so with them, if have another several a monster to how do?
Original leaf the autumn believe to the still not enough violet, don't think that exposing in front of her is too many.Also can not take into account of so many thin now.
The leaf's autumn body quickly retreats, then while closing to a big tree, legs after stretch, then hereafter the way backing climbed a big tree.Bend to squat down, then fiercely ex- rush toward, the body asked for help of the pushing of big tree dint Gao highland to fly.
The autumn of the leaf such as big Peng exhibition wings, body Gao the highland fly in the sky and occupy vantage point ground to ran over to those 2 people.Although see not pure those two men's face facial expressionses, leaf autumn but can feel their ground panic.
The autumn of the leaf a kick the Shan that the left side, that dark shadow raises to deliver the bayonet of You glow-in-the-dark long grass, then do obeisance the posture of view sound by a boy blunt, a knife sting entered his Bo neck.
After bayonet puts into the neck of dark shadow, the leaf autumn again puts effort and pulls three times in a row, the Leng livings to give° the half Bo neck of mafia to cut off.
Burn fireplace in hunter cabin, using the ground is a bestly white Tan, inside Ai ocean in the whole house ocean of.
Cabin over against hunt the on the side of park to contain a small bar, if the person, who don't want to hunt, can also drink cup wine here, appreciate some kind of outside the lovely view of the forest.
If the words in daytime, can also see rush of the fawn and other people hunt of heroic bearing.Just now is a night, although have floodlight,can see scope still too short.And, in the evening animal impossibly at ray bright place, want to hunt, or want to go to forest deep place.
Yan a few Yongs Be lazy to be sitting on the wood chair, drink the best whisky, say with a smile:"Lin Zi Li is definitely very noisy now?It is regrettable.We can not go in and see."

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