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Love rule inside

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Love rule inside, if unfortunately lose a person, always diligently look for an and former incumbent likeness of act for number.Because person like this make her again produce love.
They are that the grounds resemble thus and sometimes allow her to consider as they the same person.Lost control in the south gulf reservoir oneself's emotion last time, embraced him the number Tao wept aloud is not accident?
If on carelessly falling in love with him, will can't is it the ethics that allow of no?
The house betrayed a father and fell in love with son?
The result like this is what she can not accept.So, she doesn't refuse leaf the invitation of autumn, but also diligently don't on his/her own initiative control oneself to close to.
Tonight's mood isn't originally good.It is very heavy.But unexpectedly meet to there is premeditated sneak attack, the wrath of violet in the mind also drive thoroughly of provocation.Start to come Hao not to show consideration noodles.The one who judge country.Die.
In violet hand grasp three long arrowses, the body leans on a tree back the noodles is slowly slow, deep breathing after, the body fiercely flees.Is two continuous on the ground is empty to turn over to avert from bullet of after making track for shot, body fiercely station settle, take bow to shoot arrow, complete in one breath, that offended to ground from the on the side the sneak attack haven't come yet and evade confrontation with, drive three ring feather long the arrows pierced through head.Even if can not be like a man similar erection, also want to be like a man to be similar to fight.
The other party ground the step voice is more and more near, leaf's autumn harvest ten foreign mood after, pull out that bayonet from the leg, listen attentively.After the gun voice that waits until a their hand inside stops, body also fiercely from after death jumped out, brandished a bayonet ferociously two toward those hugely the dark shadow flick to pass by.
Edge of knife laceration relentless an arm of sneak attack, then quick feet, unique door Liao Yin leg, a feet score goal an acrossing of the left side dark shadow department.
That dark shadow stumbled ground to retreat several steps, but don't fall down.Be like don't suffer from any injury, squatted down body, also the leg place drew out a soldier sting since the childhood and made threatening gestures ground to rush toward to come over to the leaf autumn.
Not in the right son.Very not in the right
Ye Qiu knows an unique door of he or she Liao Yin the power of the leg, he is different from Tang Guo that kind of is the water goods of house halfway, he is an orthodox direct line, strength and angle of power, feet will never be what Tang Guo that kind of not- professional level can compare.But Tang Guo all ability will an as usual big sweat one feet stem pour.Oneself why score goal him, but does he have no problem?
Man's acrossesing a department is one of sensitive positions, if exact center the words of vital part, that is also the ache to drill heart, one feet can make people lose to resist ability.
Are all of these people women?
Can even if the woman didn't grow more so a piece of thing,did not know Be getting more painful?
There is Xuan machine.
Leaf autumn the idea electricity turn, but the person didn't lead the deadlock of a short moment.Hold a bayonet and those two dark shadow dozen ground not as well happy.These 2 people's artistic skills are all very quite good, recruits fierce cruelty, and haven't returned, completion with the dozen of the life Bo life method.Whatter a mess BE, the knife of leaf autumn is on them row together and an of son, 2 people unexpectedly be like have lost consciousness generally.
The somebody else isn't afraid of dead, again not afraid painful, this still how beat?
Like quick nimble in skill of leaf autumn, otherwise still really will be give°ed the life by them to stay here.
"Need not stayed to live.I know who they are.The throat that stabs them, let they ground the breath system is expired."Violet solution drops oneself there of opponent empress.Stand to remind a way in the leaf the back of the autumn.
The autumn of the leaf really wants to grasp one to live, the hatred contains head, and the debt contains lord.It without cause be assaulted.Always need to find out the host of backstage.
After hearing violet ground words, the leaf autumn also no longer gets entangled in fighting to want to capture alive other people with them.Knife method a while relentless get up, and specialized dynasty somebody else neck hello.
Those two dark shadows heard violet ground words.Heart under is also a big Hai.Unexpectedly someone's one eye saw their life door.So and leaf autumn dozen time for getting up, more and not and desperately.Sometimes rather make the leaf mow one knife arm or chest for autumn,

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