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Where does the

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Where does the touch come from? Moved, from family; moved, from friendship; moved, from strange. The time started to count down, and after a while, the bell rang and it was out of school. I looked up at the sky, the sky was very dim Carton Of Cigarettes, the dark clouds seemed to be pressed down, dark, and there were several deafening thunders from my ears from time to time. Several flashes of lightning cut through the black cloth-like sky, naughty winds rushing around, looking at people's embarrassment with gloating. It's going to rain heavily, and quickly pack up and go home. Halfway through, all of a sudden, a flash of light shone the sky, and then a thunderous thunder seemed to explode in my ears, making people stand upset. After the dull thunder passed, gradually, the big raindrops of copper coins were scattered all over the place. I hurriedly took the umbrella out of my schoolbag and hurriedly opened it, so as to avoid the tragic end of getting wet. On a downhill road, a young man rode his bike uphill. It may have been raining too much, or it may be that the young man was riding too fast and did not see it. The front wheel of the bicycle hit a rock on the road and suddenly slipped. "He's so pitiful!" I muttered silently in my heart. The young man stood up trembling in the rain, his jeans were torn, and there was a flush of blood in the pants of his right leg. The blood gradually flowed from the legs to the feet and was washed away by the rain. The young man kicked the stone fiercely, scolded, and limped away with the bicycle on the ground. There are several young people beside me. They whispered a few words and then dispersed. Just as I was about to leave, a plain-dressed, hunched-backed man bent over and slowly walked down the road with an umbrella. What is he going to do? Curious, I stopped again. The uncle put down his umbrella, and the rain wet his whole body arrogantly Wholesale Cigarettes. The uncle's waist seems a little bit bad. He lifted the stone hard, and when he reached the position of his leg, he suddenly put the stone back. Then he supported his right waist with his right hand, a painful expression on his face. After a short rest, the uncle bent down again to force the stone up. The rain poured down from the uncle's forehead. The uncle took a heavy step and moved the stone to the roadside step by step. Putting down the stone and straightening his waist, a wet face on his face Parliament Cigarettes, I don't know if it was rain or sweat after fatigue. The uncle wiped his face with his hand, but there was a satisfied smile on his face. He looked at his already soaked clothes, and in the past picked up his umbrella and left slowly. The place was calm again, only the sound of raindrops hitting the ground, it seemed that nothing had happened. Aside, I lowered my head in shame, secretly blaming myself: "I am better, not as old as an old man! There is love everywhere in the world, moved from strange, moved, but not strange
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