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I wandered in the big city, surrounded by chaotic air, car horns, people's noise, and cold reinforced concrete ... surrounded me! No green, only gray! I think that the city can't be found, maybe there will be in the countryside Cigarettes For Sale, there is the green life that I yearn for With a few crisp chickens, everything starts to wake up, and the sun also reaches out his head at this time, exuding warmth The light, the turquoise green grass gently stretched out the body, receiving the baptism of the sun. The mountainside not far away was planted with lush orange trees, and many dark green oranges were knotted on the trees. At this time, a clear breeze blew, and the green orange trees and oranges were gently swaying in the wind, like a beautiful light music fluttering gently. At this time, it seems that even the wind has brought a touch of greenness Newport Cigarettes Coupons. At this time, people have already started a new day of work. Especially at the foot of the mountain, a little shepherd boy, holding a grass in his mouth, happily holding the big buffalo and walking up the mountain ... The dazzling golden sunlight scorched the whole village. It was already afternoon. The grass was already unable to withstand the power of the sun, and bowed his head. Most of the old people took their own stools to cool off under the thick green trees. The girls also hid under the tree and chattered with a frown. The boys were not afraid of the heat. They were shirtless, exposing dark skin and radiating luster. They chased one by one and ran to the muddy field, and they all jumped down. what. Suddenly, a child cried out and saw that he was catching a loach covered with mud and still bounce! The breeze blew, and the cheerful laughter passed, and the sun gradually fell, and every household also produced smoke. In front of a log cabin, an old man stood quietly at the door of his house, looking into the distance. In the distance, a group of ducks swim in a large green pond, and they are constantly playing, while on the green hill on the other side, only a small half round of sunset still tries to exude his afterglow. The whole green countryside seemed to be sprinkled with a layer of red powder ... It was already late at night. The stars in the sky are so bright, twinkling, as if a child is blinking at you, the moon radiates a warm light, and it cascades over the peaceful countryside, and the whole village becomes dark green. I think: It seems that it has been a long time since I saw the stars and moons in the city. In the grass, a little starlight flashed in the forest, and countless fireflies flew and flew, bringing vitality and light to the silent night. I walked gently in front of every door of every house, some lights were still on; some lights had been turned off, but there were still children whispering softly. The night accompanied by the gentle worms fell asleep ... The perfect picture of green life gently opened to me, green was not only in front of my eyes. I found that I was disappearing, but I did not disappear. I am integrating into this green, and being integrated into this green life. Comment: This article shows the reader a quiet, harmonious, green atmosphere of rural life in chronological order. From the form point of view, the article is divided into 3 sub-headings, and the scenes of different periods are written in the form of scrolls, and the layers are progressive, with new ideas. The last part of writing the night connects people's affection and green, and writes not only the environmental green, but also the harmonious relationship between people, especially between parents and children. This is thC hearts.
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