Jeder kann sich anmelden ist sofort frei geschaltet

because be injected an anaesthetic

The Yan flies extrication six Ping pings and arrives him to jump to leave that hydroplane, just the anything that vanishes completed.That black dress woman just just responded come over, passenger compartment the inside lost Yan fly and the figure of six Ping pings.This is also to have something to do with hydroplane's being broken plane wing by the shot, appearing the vacillating circumstance of abnormality, otherwise with the terrible real strenght of the black dress woman, the Yan flies even if drew on her attention, six Ping pings a common run of people can not also flounce holding for ransom of black dress woman.Certainly, this also and six Ping pings can comprehend that the allusion flying Yan is relevant, 2 people friend of many years, has much of tacit understanding, unite to begin, incredibly turned over situation, thoroughly escaped from danger.
Six Ping pings are flown by the Yan to embrace in the bosom, the beginning freely falls body sport from Gao Kong Zuo, rapid landings plus nipping low temperature and strong breeze, she is frightenned shout loudly, the dead dead embraces Yan to fly, completely don't dare to see a nether circumstance.The Yan flies and six Ping pings just whereabouts 200 meters were high, the unmanned machine divided time and then again appeared under their body, the cockpit hatch opened, and the Yan flew to embrace to land Ping Ping to at the right moment drop to in the seat in the cockpit, then the cockpit hatch re- closed and isolated the extreme low temperature and wild Gang breeze of outside.
The Yan flies to embrace to land Ping Ping to sit in the unmanned machine cockpit and immediately lets go of heart.In the unmanned machine bridge house, Be not afraid of other people to rend away six Ping pings any further, six Ping pings thoroughly safety.But six Ping pings then because be injected an anaesthetic, wholesale Plantation shutters although just awake under the high empty strong incitement came over in ten thousand meters,passed by this a burst of toss about, again collapsed and fainted right away pass by.The Yan flies one breath of six Ping pings of exploring, discover that she breathes steady, just collapsed and fainted past, this just lets go of heart.
Although six Ping pings are in the obfuscation,be flown by the Yan to embrace in the bosom, immediately feel very safe.She embraces Yan to fly and seems to find out a safe place, original worry anxiously of the facial expression slowly become to fall calm.The Yan flies dead dead to also embrace six Ping pings, don't dare to release and fear her again be rent away.
The Yan flies a body top in one gun, with his real strenght, originally is can't the quilt play to shoot, but for the sake of attraction black dress woman attention, just intentionally hit by bullet, finally created for six Ping pings to flounce the opportunity of tie.And he also controled to hit by bullet part, so although he is shot by the big caliber bullet, under his skillful control, his body didn't be subjected to what serious injury.The muscle that sees him a burst of peristalsis, incredibly pushed for that bullet to come out, then the warhead fallen off in the cockpit.And bleed part under the function of the muscle, also quickly stop bleeding and expressed marvelous treatment level.
The Yan flies to attack this time, finally saves to return to six Ping pings and lets him thoroughly has no a worry.But the enemy hasn't finished exterminating, hence the unmanned machine quickly flies, very quick catch up an anterior hydroplane.Hydroplane want for part the plane wing , just in the rapid whereabouts, sooner or later will crash, in of the person Be a to also can not escape.But these assassins kidnap six Ping pings, is a Yan to fly the object that the deeply bad pain cuts off, the nature can't make them sink into naturally like this, hence machine head place god of fire the cannon turn and start attackstoning a hydroplane.
That black dress woman and moreover a pilot are just preparing to bail out, see behind a huge f 15 fight suddenly made track for to come up, then launched a sail cannon attack to their hydroplanes.They get a shock and jump up, left a hydroplane.But when they just jumped a hydroplane, hydroplane drive unmanned machine 30 millimeters of sail cannon beat soared to the skies an explosion. wooden shutters blinds

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