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mpare, that beating, hot heart belo

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She held me in her arms, warmed me with her body temperature, and soothed me with a rhythmic voice tied to her soles. I felt both peaceful and comfortable, and gradually fell asleep. In my sleep, I saw that I was wearing a pair of golden cloth shoes, passed through the snow-filled valley, swept across the ice-covered lake, and ran towards the place where the sun rises. , Quietly arranged on the cabinet, one person after another has touched them, walking through them. But no matter how beautiful they are, they are not my ideal shoes. Even if they are expensive, they are not as good as those "eighteen pairs of shoes". How many pairs of shoes do people wear in their lifetime? No one would calculate, but Grandpa Chen remembered it, it was "eighteen pairs of shoes": when I was a kid, my family was not rich, no beautiful clothes to wear, but only new shoes were worn every semester, that was the mother Made from a needle and a thread. When I went to school, every time I wore new shoes, my mother rushed out with the dim lights. In my junior high school, my mother was scolding me because I had to wear out those pair of shoes because I had to exercise. But I still loved my heart and made up the shoes. One winter, my grandfather was critically ill, and we were planning to go back by steamboat. In the process, I finally became sensible. Now, our mother has a little white hair on her head. What is it? It is the result of working for us: the young mother has a few wrinkles on her forehead. What is it? It is the result of worrying for us; in the eyes of a beautiful mother, a few bloodshots, what is that? It is the result of exhausting us day and night Marlboro Red. Do we really love our great mother? Hypocritical people will say "yes", but what they did for their mother, they just blindly asked their mother for money and things, but they did n��t understand it. It ��s all the hard work of their parents! And the money we used was sucking the blood and sweat of our parents Newport 100S, and finally we grew up and bear fruit. When you spend a hundred dollar bill to splurge, do you know that you are using your parents' blood and tears to make a deal. As a mother, what you want to see is nothing more than your children being able to live every day In a happy atmosphere. Every time the children buy things for us, they all dislike it, you know? How much mother's heart will be there. If you say such a hurtful word, the mother's heart will lose a few pieces of meat. For years, the mother's face will gradually lose weight, and the blood in his heart will be less and less! The mother ��s love in ��Eighteen Pairs of Shoes�� moved me. Those affectionate eyes and the kind face are the symbols of the mother. Eighteen pairs of shoes are so many for people! In each pair of shoes, the mother ��s infinite love for her child is sewn; in each pair of shoes, the mother ��s little blood for the child is sewn; in each pair of shoes, as a great mother ��s love Duties of children. Perhaps our mothers are not as great as in the article, but their love for us is no less than the mother in the article, and their love is just a little bit: a sunshine like a spring breeze; a greeting to warm the four seasons; A warm message like mother's love is everywhere. Even if she is gone, her heart is still there Newport Cigarettes, and her beloved one is still there. Mother's selfless love for us, even if we use this time, we can't pay it back. Perhaps this life is like this. Doing something for our mother is the only thing we can do. And in our mother's heart, no one can compare, that beating, hot heart belongs only to us. And the golden cloth shoes will pass through the snow-filled valley, across the ice-covered lake, and run towards the place where the mother is.
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