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Picking up "Traveling the Earth in Eighty Days", I was deeply attracted by this novel. The twists and turns of the plot made me think. In the novel, the vivid characters appear in my eyes, making the twists and turns of the story become vivid. This novel recounts the proposition that Mr. Fokker, with his determined will and wisdom, completed a bet that no one could have done before traveling around the earth within eighty days. But during these 80 days, he was unfortunately mistaken for a thief who stole the Bank of England and was wanted and hunted down Carton Of Cigarettes. Later, his servant Lulutong overcomes the difficulties and obstacles on the way. When he orbited the earth and returned to London, he was five minutes late. He thought he had failed, but actually unexpectedly won. From west to east, we successfully circled the earth for a week, and experienced the magnificence of the world and the customs and traditions of various nationalities. Using the time difference just saved a day! Fokker's wit, bravery and perseverance showed his gentlemanhood Finally, he returned to the United States with a beauty-he rescued a funeral prince's wife, Madam Ai Da, in India. Travel around the earth for 80 days in a week! I think: It's impossible to travel around the earth for a week now, let alone in the backward nineteenth century. Traveling around the earth was an incredible thing for people at the time. What's more, they still completed the tour within 80 days. I can imagine how many difficulties they encountered along the way! After reading this book, I still felt ashamed, as if they followed them around the earth. After walking for 80 days, what I admire most is that Mr. Fok is always calm. Even if he missed the postal ship to the United States and wasted more than a day, he still encountered millions of cattle on the train tracks and passed through the tracks for more than 3 hours. Mr. Fokke would remain calm. Calm down and get through one difficulty after another. His schedule was exactly the same as the plan on the book. When he reached a place, he took out a small book and wrote on it, where on a certain day, on a certain day. He is very planned. But there is no such thing as a sea in the world. The unfortunate destruction of Lulutong and Detective Ficks who are unfaithful and devoted to their troubles has always made their journeys less perfect than they expected. No matter how bad the situation is, Mr. Fokker is always able to break through the siege, and there is always a solution. Later, I pondered for a while: I knew the secret of why Mr. Fokker would win. The reason why Mr. Fokke will win is because he has the confidence that he will not be overwhelmed by difficulties and that he can certainly accomplish this. His firm but not decadent will make him do not stop halfway, persist in the end, the infinite hope for victory. In fact, in our daily life Marlboro Gold, we must do everything with confidence and strength like Fokker. As long as we sweat and work hard, even if we fail, we will feel that we are not bad. Feeling defeated. Everyone will encounter difficulties and frustrations. You must not be discouraged, be calm, keep a calm head, face him, and find a good way to solve it. In terms of study, it is not all smooth sailing, but we must also work hard Parliament Cigarettes, work hard, advance with difficulties, and find a good way. No matter when you are, every second counts, that is the key to Mr. Fokker's success, and so is everyone. For a few seconds, Fokker can lose his bet, and it can make people lose their house overnight! It is also a few seconds, which can make Fokker a respectable person! How precious time is, wasting time is a waste of life reading this book. I understand the truth that at any time, there will be many difficult things, but there is nothing difficult in the world. As long as you trust the ship and work hard to sail, you will be able to successfully reach the other side of success!
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