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be amazed that your fear will dissolve

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Understanding Addictive Behaviors Self Help Articles | June 12 Wholesale Joejuan Williams Jersey , 2010
There are many types of addiction behaviors. Some experts argue that addiction is a disease while others argue that it arises due to a combination of hereditary and environmental factors.

In "The Addictive Behaviors," author W.R. Miller tells us that people can become dependent on, addicted to or compulsively obsessed with any substance, object, activity or habit that gives them pleasure.

It has been noted that there are many similarities between a physical addiction to a substance like alcohol and a psychological dependence on a compulsive activity like gambling. The object of the addiction could be anything Wholesale N'Keal Harry Jersey , food, shopping, sex, alcohol, drugs Wholesale Stephon Gilmore Jersey , or gambling. Individuals often report that they experience a blackout of sorts while engaging in their addictive behaviors and they remember very little about what transpired.

Engaging in an addictive behaviors causes endorphins to be released in the brain and this create a false feeling of euphoria and well being that keeps people trapped in an addictive cycle. The addicted person loses the ability to control his habits and decisions. This causes him to continue the destructive habits even though they cause serious negative health or social consequences. The addiction may cause a loss of relationships or a job. An addict continues compulsively with the addictive behaviors even if he no longer derives pleasure from it.

When he tries to stop engaging in the addiction, he often suffers from physical consequences like craving, irritability and restlessness. In all likelihood, the addicted person denies that he has a problem and refuses to see that it is destroying his family or career. He may feel that he has a bad habit and he has control of it which is exactly the opposite of reality.

People that are addicted to substances or behaviors often suffer from depression as well. They usually have low self esteem and were raised in families that were physically or psychologically abusive. Currently, there is not a consensus among professionals as to the cause Wholesale Julian Edelman Jersey , prevention, or treatment of addiction. Some experts believe addiction is a disease while others think it arises due to a combination of heredity and environmental factors. They argue that addiction is not a disease because it does not have one definite cause and course of treatment.

This disagreement between mental health practitioners can cause problems when it comes to treatment of addiction and prevention management. No one approach works for all addicts. However, there are many forms of treatment that are effective; it is a matter of finding the right one for each addict.

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Are you procrastinating in your writing career?

I vowed to end my procrastination on the day I received an email message from an editor who's the boss of a magazine I write for. "Sorry. Wish you'd sent the query to me yesterday; I've just contracted someone else."

I *loved* that idea. It was a great idea, because it lent itself to a series of articles. And I'd had it lying on my desk for a couple of weeks. Why didn't I write a proposal for it and send it instead of procrastinating? It would have taken ten minutes, maximum Cheap Derek Rivers Jersey , and that was precisely the reason I left it. "Won't take a moment, I'll do it later," I thought.

Procrastination can cripple your career. If you're a creative small business owner --- and yes, writers are creative small business owners --- it can send you out of business.

I have a friend who's an excellent copywriter, but she's a hopeless business person. Rather than send out an invoice as soon as she's completed a project Cheap Malcom Brown Jersey , she lets them pile up. She lost several thousand dollars last year when a company suddenly folded with her latest invoices unpaid. (A couple were unsent.)

There are any number of reasons why people procrastinate. Most boil down to anxiety and perfectionism. Once you recognize these two demons for what they are, you can manage them with a few simple tools.

Let's see how.

=> One: Lighten up

I don't expect all my writing projects to be fun. In fact some of my copywriting work would be boring and frustrating if I allowed myself to feel that way. How interesting are industrial pumps, concrete reinforcing mesh, or dog worming products, after all?

Nevertheless Cheap Joe Thuney Jersey , it's possible to have fun with ALL your creative projects if you're determined that it will be fun for you.

How do you make it fun? Here's how:

* Develop a intense focus on your current work. Just focus on it, to the exclusion of everything else. Attention is the secret.

* Relax. Get up and stretch every half hour if you're sitting at the computer. While you're working, deliberately relax all areas of tension you find in your body. Tension builds up and causes stress.

=> Two: Accept creative anxiety

Creative work comes with built-in anxiety. However, it's possible to reframe it. What if you told yourself that you're not anxious, you're excited?

Take several deep breaths Cheap Deatrich Wise Jr. Jersey , close your eyes, and completely relax. That is, see where you are tense in your body, and let go of any muscular tension in those areas.

Smile. Not a big, fake grin --- aim for a small Cheap Devin McCourty Jersey , contented smile.

Now tell yourself that you'll just do today's work today. If you're working on a long project, like a novel, tell yourself that you can quit after five minutes, if you wish. You can put up with anything for five minutes.

You'll be amazed that your fear will dissolve. What's left is genuine excitement.

=> Three: Drop perfectionism

The truism: "If it's worth doing, it's worth doing well" Cheap Stephen Gostkowski Jersey , is nonsense. Who's the judge?

Just do your work. Be satisfied . Wholesale NCAA Jerseys Wholesale NBA Shirts Wholesale NBA Hoodies Wholesale Baseball Shirts Cheap NBA Shirts Cheap NCAA Hats Cheap Soccer Jerseys Cheap Baseball Jerseys Wholeasale NBA Jerseys Wholesale NFL Jerseys Free Shipping

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