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follow to visit right away the crowd

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Although saint Peter cathedral no longer Gao Da Dun, but its inner part is very great.The whole hall grows 186 meters, the total area is 15000 square meters, can accept 6 myriad people at the same time at in carry on saying the prayers.In have high big stone pillar and wall, arched palace crest and is the ectype of gorgeous color pattern, lifelike statue, elegant delicacy everywhere, the colorful marble spreads of the ground Be shining to shine on a person.
Saint Peter cathedral is a church of rectangular, the whole building presents structure of the cross, the shape is very traditional and sacred, this at the same time is also the whole world's biggest church currently.With its great rightness of should of BE, inner part in the church decorate gorgeous, pomp to make people in fear and uneasy, it make people suffocate.Is a Yan to fly into to go into this inside in the cathedral, there is 1 kind in the heart, too extremely depressive of felling, always feel this cathedral very remarkable, in seem to conceal very terrible thing, this makes him can succeed to produce a doubt to he the activity this time.
Then the Yan fly and then wake up with a start right away, through so for a long time whet after doing, his heart ambition already strong and tough like iron, as long as settle next target, always think the way carry out, always can'ting doubt can carry out this target.But why did oneself just thought of the possibility of failure?Because oneself body is in inner part in the cathedral, so does the heart living to be afraid?Still keep saying this cathedral in has what things, can influence own thinking?
The Yan flies to follow a visitor Peter cathedral at the saint in the tour, in his heart with one climax following another, to this cathedral deeply be afraid of, however outward appearance is jubilant, express and flank of the visitor has no dissimilarity.He at the mentality is after attaining a critical point and have already appeared new ability, best hunting knife that be in the certain time scope, can regard as own eyes to shoot to be like a head, database upload the thing appearance that oneself see to lend support to a Zhi brain, and keep, used to the data that acts this time.So after the Yan flies in the cathedral to run about 1 turn, all circumstances in the church were lent support to a Zhi brain record to keep down.
The Yan flew saint Peter cathedral after, follow to visit right away the crowd entered a behind of museum in Vatican.Museum in Vatican is also one of the famous buildings of Vatican, it has huge demonstration space, famous western church in the Si court therein, it is the art hall that Europe ranks the fourth.Museum total area in Vatican comes to a 55,000 square meters, its precursor is Pope's palace, mainly used for a collections and keep extremely rare cultural object and art delicacy.
Eyes that flies in the Yan shoot to be like a function under, the inside of museum in Vatican inside outside and outside also all is lent support to the Zhi brain record's in the official records.Wait until while flying to come out from museum in Vatican, Yan already till noon 2:00.However the Yan flies to fish for this time, already saint Peter cathedral and all of the circumstances of museum in Vatican fish for clear.Can say in addition to being located in an underground building, the important building circumstance of Vatican he if point Zhang.
In addition, the assistance Zhi brain passes a network intelligence report collections and pluses the valley song satellite map and have already distributed the whole geography of Vatican circumstance to find out clear.The Yan flies to want to loot Pope's crosier and wants to make geography geography to be clearly so naturally, otherwise one neglects meeting great problem.
The Yan after flying off open Vatican didn't around linger in Vatican, but rode a motorcycle, downtown in facing Rome but go.After the restaurant of downtown have a benefit dinner with foolish idea, he comes right away other tourist spot visits of Rome downtown, a complete other parts of country cicerone appearance.

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