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Grinding wheels are tools that are used as a part of grinding machines that perform different abrasive cuttings. Grinding abrasive wheels are circular in shape and made from a combination of different compressed coarse materials. Abrasive machines are used to cut materials like metal Artemi Panarin Russia Jersey , stainless steel, concrete, asphalt and pipeline applications.


Abrasive wheels have hundreds of practical applications. These devices are utilized to cut materials as well as give them proper finishing. In the market, you will find many types of grinding wheels that have different features. Since grinding abrasive wheels have specific applications Alexander Ovechkin Russia Jersey , only the proper one should be used for any given task.

Factor Considerations

It is necessary to consider a number of factors while selecting the right abrasive wheel so that the job can be done with confidence. Abrasive suppliers can usually help customers in selecting the right tool.

First of all, you need to determine the material that needs cutting. Once you know that, you can determine the right type of tool for the job. You can choose aluminum oxide abrasive wheels for grinding steels and ferrous metals. Non metallic materials and non ferrous metals along with cast iron are best served by a grinding wheel made of silicon carbide abrasives.

You have to consider the grinding wheel grade which will depend on how hard the material is. Grades are in the range between A to Z, with A being the softest grade. Softer materials require wheels of lower grade. Abrasive wheels usually wear out much faster when used to grind hard material.

The speed of the grinding wheel also needs to be taken into account. Lower speed indicates wastage of abrasive and lower productivity. Higher speeds are best for hard grinding actions. For example Vladislav Namestnikov Russia Jersey , shellac and rubber require more speed while grinding than crankshafts.

Besides these factors, you also need to look into the bondage agent, density, grit size and grain size.

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