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It usually involves that kid who was in a wheelchair on Degrassi or some hashtag I dont understand or something to do with Disne

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It usually involves that kid who was in a wheelchair on Degrassi or some hashtag I dont understand or something to do with Disney Jr. Cheap Spurs Jerseys . But the word "beard" drew me in, and on upon further investigation I discovered that "peak beard" was about contemporary popular cultures threshold for beard wearing, and the notion that the age of the beard may be over. This seemed sacrilegious to me, because here in late April we sit on the precipice of the climax of beard season: winter is slowly receding and the NHL playoffs bring with them the greatest sports tradition of all-time, the playoff beard. Peak beard in April? Pfft. Thats like writing of December that weve hit "peak Santa", or of AC/DC weve hit "peak guitar", or of a wedding weve hit "peak open bar". As we settle into the first round of the playoffs, beards among NHLers are about to take form. We are awash in the infancy of stubble. In two months whichever teams are left battling will look like theyre en route to Bonnaroo post-pucks. It should be noted that Ive worn a beard since puberty allowed it, and a razor has insulted my cheeks just once in the past twenty years. I revel in playoff beards. They make me feel at home. I wear a playoff beard in August. And as we got through the first weekend of the playoffs a few days ago, which was also Easter, Id be remiss if I didnt mention the best playoff beard ever: Jesus. Dude rocked his beard into the post-post season, and according to scripture will still be rocking the playoff beard when he comes back. The story of the playoff beard is well known: It started some thirty years ago during the New York Islanders dynasty of the 80s. (For our younger readers the Islanders were once a good hockey team, before fishermen logos, Charles Wang, and Alexei Yashin.) No one is quite sure of its specific genesis, however. Some attribute it to two Swedish Islanders who were trying to emulate tennis star Björn Borgs custom of not shaving during Wimbledon. Some say that Islanders defenceman Ken Morrows beard led the charge. Whatever the story, the playoff beard has come to symbolize team unity, a badge of honour, and the fact that youve made a deep enough run to sport a thick brush from which you can hang livestock. In my years as a hockey fan, a few playoff beards standout. Scott Niedermayers greying old man beard, Mike Commodores ginger madness, and Lanny McDonalds wild west stache accompaniment immediately come to mind. In recent years, rules concerning the playoff beard seem to have turned lax. Shaving after a loss in effort to change a teams luck is seemingly allowed. Goatees, the beards answer to the haiku, are tolerated. Professional trimming is apparent (Im looking at you, Sedin twins.) Back in the day, when men were men and the Oilers made the playoffs, the rules for the playoff beard were simple: 1. Stop shaving.2. Win Stanley Cup or get eliminated.3. Start shaving again. In todays NHL, a new challenge faces beard-growing players. In the salary cap era, inexpensive young talent on entry-level contracts are important to the balance of a competitive team. Eighteen, nineteen, and twenty year-olds are key parts of many playoff teams lineups. Early in the first round, all players beards are equal. Its like a grade 8 dance. But come rounds two and three, how will Nathan MacKinnon, Olli Maatta, and Ryan Murray look should their teams be fortunate enough to make it that deep? Of course, a teams playoff longevity doesnt necessarily guarantee a healthy bearded player. When Tomas Kaberle won a Cup with Boston in 2011, the former Leafs defencemen still looked like a pre-pubescent child despite two months without shaving. Blackhawks captain Jonathan Toews has won two Cups without any discernible upper lip growth, and Sidney Crosby still owns his "Sid the Kid" moniker with his patchy-coat-of an-electrocuted-dog fuzz. We cant all be Duck Dynasty-esque, but at 26 Crosbys beard is just plain sad. I have a better beard in my junior prom photos. Hell, my prom date has a better beard. And then theres the beards well never know. Can Dion Phaneuf even grow a beard? Can Phil Kessel? Can the Edmonton Oilers? We know they can schedule vacations for early April, play in the World Championships, and pick in the early first round of the draft, but theyll need to see past round one of the playoffs before we can judge their facial hair prowess. Sadly, methinks well never know. For now, I will rebel against notions peak beard, despite what Cosmo and The Daily Guardian are writing. The grand tradition of the playoff beard is just one of the many facets of the fight for the Stanley Cup that makes the NHLs postseason more compelling, more rich in narrative, and more entertaining than any other sport. So buy razor futures now, because the blades are sheathed for another two months, and may the best beard host the parade. Chimezie Metu Jersey . -- Navy football player Will McKamey, who has been hospitalized since collapsing at practice three days ago, has died while in a coma. Bruce Bowen Jersey . The Americans, skipped by John Shuster, seized the advantage in the eighth end by scoring five points for a 7-3 lead. The Czechs pulled two back in the ninth, but Shusters team of third Jeff Isaacson, second Jared Zezel and lead John Landsteiner ended with another point to secure the last Olympic berth on offer. . 1 goaltender tonight when they conclude a four-game road trip versus the Winnipeg Jets.Chelseas difficult season has been well documented, with the defending Premier League champions currently languishing in mid-table. After bowing out of the Champions League on Wednesday, Guus Hiddinks side are left with the FA Cup as their final chance to salvage silverware.The interim boss described the Blues as a team in transition after the defeat by Paris Saint-Germain, and with a change in manager expected at Stamford Bridge this summer, theres likely to be plenty of transfer activity too. So we asked Sky Sports Paul Merson which Chelsea players he would keep at the end of the season, and which he would move on ahead of next term... Guus Hiddink said Chelsea were a team with an uncertain future after their PSG defeat Who should stay and who should go? Paul Merson says... Stay Let go Wait and see Thibaut Courtois Eden Hazard Branislav Ivanovic Cesar Azpilicueta Oscar Gary Cahill Kenedy Pedro Kurt Zouma Loic Remy Cesc Fabregas John Obi Mikel Nemanja Matic Baba Rahman Willian Diego Costa Bertrand Traore I wouldnt necessarily say Chelsea are in transition, but they need to buy a lot of players. You look at McDonalds - they sell more cheeseburgers, more fries, and more soft drinks than any other fast-food chain in the world, but they still do adverts.Chelsea won the league last season, but they didnt invest to keep them on top, and we saw the same problem a couple of years ago with Man City. You have to keep kicking on, and sometimes you have to upset players by bringing in others who are better.Goalkeeper and defenceLooking at their squad, youd keep the goalkeeper no question. Thibaut Courtois is the undisputed number one.But I watched Baba Rahman the other week against Southampton and he was all over the place so Im not sure hes at the right level. I like Kenedy, hes a good young player and Id keep him at the club. Cesar Azpilicueta would be in-demand if Chelsea let him go, says Merson The way to look at it with Cesar Azpilicueta is, if Chelsea were to sell him, would top teams be in for him? They would be, so he should stay.Moving onto central defence, John Terry leaving still shocks me because hes the main defender at the club.Branislav Ivanovic has been poor this season and hes very fortunate to still be playing in the team. He was the best defender in the country last year but his confidence has dropped, and you see that happen to the best players.With him, Id wait and see how he plays over thee first three or four games of next season and then make a decision very quickly. DeMar DeRozan Jersey. If he comes back and hes playing at his top level again, theres still a place for him. But if not, hed have to go straight away for them to win trophies. Branislav Ivanovic has struggled to live up to his performances from last season Im not the biggest fan of Kurt Zouma in the world. Hes quick across the ground but hes a bit rash. Hes still learning the game but Chelsea dont have time for that, they need to win things. Youd still keep him, though.If theyre getting rid of Terry they have to buy a replacement in the summer, but whos about? You only have to look at Manchester Citys signing of Eliaquim Mangala. He was the best part of £30m and youre not getting a lot for your money.That is what worries me with Terry, because they can spend £20m or £30m but theyre not necessarily going to improve. With Gary Cahill and Zouma at the back, for me theyre not winning the Premier League next season.MidfieldIn midfield, Cesc Fabregas would get a club tomorrow morning. On his day hes brilliant, and since Jose Mourinho has gone hes decided to play. Against Southampton he was absolutely outstanding, and hes got that in his locker so keep him. Merse believes Fabregas is one that Chelsea should definitely look to keep But would John Obi Mikel get a football match if Hiddink wasnt the manager? And how many top teams would put him in their side? I know hes done well since hes come in, but if youre looking to win the league I dont think you do it with Mikel playing 35 or 36 games.Nemanja Matic is a strange one. He was one of the best holding midfielders in the world last season, but hes dipped, along with everybody else in the squad apart from Willian. Id keep him because of what he showed the previous year, but I think Mikel could be on his way. John Obi Mikel has come back into the starting XI on a regular basis under Guus Hiddink Then you get to Pedro, and it just shows you how good playing for Barcelona can make you look. Hes had one or two decent games since he joined Chelsea but if I could get money back for him I would.Willian has been the best player at the club by a million miles this season. Hes been very good and all day long he should stay. Hazard in a rut? Eden Hazard struggles while Diego Costa thrives under Hiddink But Id drop Eden Hazard off if I could get £60m for him. Hes had one good year and this season hes been bordering on atrocious. If you can get the money, youd take it all day long. You dont know if he will turn out to be a one-season wonder and you cant take that chance. Eden Hazard should be sold if Chelsea can get big money, says Merse It just shows you why Ryan Giggs is held in such high regard, because he was so good for so long. His whole career he was eight out of 10. It wasnt nine out of 10 one year and then down to five out of 10 the next. Willian has been one of Chelseas best players this campaign Oscar is in and out. One minute hes in the team and looks great, and then hes out of his depth and lightweight. Id get rid of him if you can get good money.Strikers Diego Costa has found his top form under Guus Hiddink Diego Costa has started to perform now and he looks a proper player. For 60 minutes against PSG he had them in his pocket. He looked the player we thought he would be, and he wasnt worried about beating people up. Strikers like that dont come around too often and you have to keep hold of them.Loic Remy should be gone, and youd keep Bertrand Traore because hes one for the future, but they would need to buy another forward in the summer because it cant just be Costa. Also See: Chelsea face transition Hazard stuck in a rut? Where would Zlatan fit in? Weekend football questions ' ' '

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